Do U Haul Car Trailers Come With Winch?

Uhaul Car Trailer With Winch?

A winch is a mechanical device that helps you pull in your vehicle on a car trailer before towing begins.

Common machines such as tow trucks, elevators, and steam shovels employ winches in their operation.

In this article, we will discuss the relationship between Uhaul car trailers and winches as well as answer some of the most common questions on the subject. 

Do U-Haul Car Trailers Have Winches?

U-Haul does not rent winches with their car trailer, but you can attach a mechanical winch to a U-Haul trailer.  

Alternatively, you can buy a winch from U-Haul to help you out.

A typical example of a winch available on U-Haul is the Bulldog Trailer DC electric winch. The price of this winch ranges from $422.95 – $518.95. 

The Bulldog electric winch is a compact and lightweight utility winch.

It comes with a remote and with a rope as well. This winch has circuit breakers that shut off to prevent the motor from overheating. 

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What to Know When Choosing a Winch 

You should know that the function of a winch is to pull your car onto the trailer.

Avoid using it for unloading your vehicle or for securing it to the trailer while towing. 

When purchasing a winch, you should keep in mind the purpose of use.

Also, consider the weight and frame strength of the vehicle you plan to mount the winch on before selecting one.

A Heavy-duty winch may not be necessary if your vehicle is small and does not require much force to move it. Heavy-duty winches should function on big-sized cars and trucks.

Furthermore, you should consider the type of cable, wire, or chain you want to use on it and if you want an automatic or manual winch.


A winch makes it easier to pull your broken-down vehicles into a trailer. It is a safe approach and requires no significant energy from your end.

The machine does all the work. In rough terrains or sticky grounds, a winch is an effective tool to get your car out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Uhaul auto transport trailer?

U-Haul auto transport trailer is the ideal truck you need to move your automobile.

A standard auto transport truck and trailer on U-Haul ranges from 60 to 80 feet in length and has a height of 13.5 feet. 

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How do you get a car on a trailer that doesn’t run?

Getting a car that does not run into a trailer can be a tedious task for anyone, especially if you are alone.

However, you can use a winch for hauling your car and save yourself the stress that comes from using the conventional laboring approach. 

Do U-Haul car trailers have brakes?

Yes! U-Haul car trailers have breaks. This feature is what gives U-Haul the edge over other rental companies.

The U-Haul patented auto transport trailer design has automatic brakes and an easy-access loading ramp with other features.

This trailer design also comes with tilt-out fenders making room for trouble-free door access.

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How Do You Winch A Car Trailer?

How do you winch a car trailer?

A winch plays a significant role when loading broken-down cars onto a car trailer.

It is a safe approach when carried out correctly. Let us take a quick look at how to winch a car trailer.

  • Firstly, connect the trailer to the towing vehicle before operating the winch. This connection will prevent the trailer from rolling away.
  • Vehicles must be loaded on and off a trailer on a flat and sealed surface. The towing vehicle should be in Park, and the handbrake should be engaged.
  • For added safety, you can chock the wheels of the towing vehicle.
  • You can now open the safety latch of the winch and lock it into the open position.
  • Gently pull the winch strap out towards the trailer ramps (Look out for a spinning handle).
  • Carefully inspect the winch strap and check for any possible wear or fraying.
  • Now, you can attach the winch strap to the approved and noticeable tow points on your automobile. 
  • As a safety rule, please do not stand behind your automobile when winching it onto a car trailer as the winch strap may fail.
  • You should remove the safety catch so you can hear the clicking sound it makes as you wind in the winch.
  • Make sure the vehicle sits in the center of the trailer. The winch strap should have a central position. 
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing when using a winch. It may get caught in the cogs and lead to injuries on your part.

Never use a winch to unload your vehicle or to secure it during transport. The function of a winch is to get your automobile on the trailer only. 

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Will a 2000 lbs winch pull a car onto a trailer?

A 2,000 Ibs (pounds) pull capacity winch will hardly move any car from its resting position. 

When selecting a winch to pull your car, we advise that you use a winch whose capacity is 1.5 times your vehicle weight.

To determine the ideal winch capacity you need, you can use the formula 1.5 X Vehicle Weight.

For example, let’s say you want to pull your automobile, which weighs 4,000 Ibs (pounds), to a car trailer.

All you have to do to know the exact winch capacity needed is, multiply 1.5 by 4,000 Ibs, to give you 6000 pounds. 

Therefore, you need a winch with at least 6,000 pounds capacity to haul your car onto the trailer. 

Do U-Haul auto transport trailers have brakes?

Yes, the U-Haul auto transport trailers design comes with automatic brakes. This automatic brake feature gives this trailer the edge over other rental trailers.

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Will a 4500 lbs winch pull a car onto a trailer?

Depending on the vehicle weight of your car, a 4,500 Ibs winch may pull your automobile.

To know the required winch capacity, you can multiply 1.5 by your vehicle weight.

The result of the multiplication is the ideal winch capacity to pull your automobile.

Therefore, if your car weighs 2,000 Ibs, 1.5 X 2,000 will give you 3000.

Therefore, a 4,500 pounds winch has enough pull capacity to haul your automobile onto the trailer bed. 

How big of a winch do I need to pull a car onto a trailer?

All you have to do is multiply your Vehicle weight by 1.5.

The result of the multiplication will give you the required winch capacity you need to pull your car.

The average vehicle weight of an automobile ranges between 2,600 Ibs – 4,400 Ibs. 

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How much can a 3000 lbs winch pull?

A 3,000 winch will be any automobile or object that weighs 2,000 pounds or less.

However, if your car has a vehicle weight of 2,000 pounds, a 3,000 pounds winch will pull it into the trailer.

The formula for knowing if a winch can pull your car is simply by multiplying 1.5 by your vehicle weight.

What can a 2500 lbs winch pull?

How Do You Get A Car On A Trailer That Doesn’t Run?A 2,500 pounds winch will pull objects and vehicles of about 1,600 pounds in weight. Any car that weighs more than 1,600 in Vehicle weight will be a massive struggle for a 2,500 Ibs winch.

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Just like the elevator, a winch attached to a car trailer makes movement more convenient.

While Uhaul does not rent winches with their car trailer, you can attach a mechanical winch or purchase one for about $500.