U Haul Canada Cross Border – Is Uhaul From US to Canada Officially Allowed?

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Are you planning to relocate to Canada? We all know that moving is particularly stressful, especially when moving abroad. But with Uhaul rentals, carrying tons of property is a lot easier.

And if you intend to move to Canada, you might be wondering if you can rent Uhaul trucks or trailers to help with your move. The answer is a big YES! The next section provides answers to all the other questions you may have.

Is There Uhaul Canada?

Yes, Uhaul is available in Canada. You can find Uhaul outlets in all 10 provinces in Canada. And how many U haul Canada stores? Canada has about 82 Uhaul stores in its 10 provinces. You can find U-Haul neighborhood dealers in almost all the provinces. There are up to 13 locations in Alberta, 20 in British Columbia, 1 in Manitoba, and 20 in Winnipeg. 

How Moving Uhaul From US to Canada Works?

While Uhaul is originally an American company, its services are available outside the US.  Therefore, you can rent a Uhaul US to Canada.

So, if you plan to relocate or simply visit for an extended period, moving your belongings through their rental vehicles is entirely possible.

But of course, moving property across borders is contingent on specific laws.  And to legally move with your properties to Canada via Uhaul, you must comply with these laws as well.  

So what are the legalities, fees, restrictions, and processes involved in moving your properties to Canada? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Is there uhaul canada?

Can You Take a Uhaul Across the Border? 

So, can you take a Uhaul to Canada or not? Yes, you can cross the US border with a Uhaul trailer. Uhaul has stores in the US and Canada which makes it possible for a Uhaul trailer to cross the borders of these countries. 

What is Uhaul Cross Border? 

Most moving trucks can cross borders. As long as the rental company operates on an international level, they would be allowed in countries they have divisions.

What You Should Know About Uhaul Policies

You might be wondering what policies and procedures are applicable to renting Uhaul vehicles to travel from the US to Canada. Here are all you need to know:


Before you can transport items with Uhaul vehicles to Canada, you must have the legal capacity and status to do so.

For instance, you must be a permanent or temporary resident or at least a citizen. But wait, there’s more. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, specific standards and rules have been added as part of precautions and measures against Covid-19.

This includes presenting documents such as proof of Covid-19 test, proof of Covid-19 vaccination, and the ArriveCAN receipt before crossing the border.

What does this mean? Without these documents, you can’t move your items from the US to Canada in a Uhaul vehicle. Furthermore, Canadian laws require that you fill a form called the Personal Effect Accounting Document.

In this form, you will have to state the particulars and detail of all the personal belongings to be transported to Canada.

U Haul moving vehicle rental


The rental cost depends on the distance you will cover. For hauling services across the border, Uhaul charges an average of $1.60/mile.

But sometimes, renters usually need additional days to move their properties.  So, if you need additional days, you will be charged about $0.40/mile to cover the additional cost.  

Also, you might have to pay a damage protection fee and an environmental fee. These fees also depend on the distance you will cover.

For instance, you may have to pay $56 for every 300 miles covered as damage protection fee. On the other hand, environmental fees are about $5 for every 300 miles covered.

UHaul Vehicles

Uhaul rents out the following vehicles for cross-border moves.

  • Pickup trucks
  • Cargo vans
  • Trailers
  • U-Box containers

These means of transportation usually bear the Uhaul logo on them. 

pickup fleet


Not everybody is allowed to move items past the Canadian borders. To transport personal property, you must at least be a permanent or temporary resident.

However, visitors can be allowed to move their items as long as they are moving items that would sustain them during their visit alone. But that is not all.

Although permanent and temporary residents are allowed to move their personal property, certain items have import restrictions.

Some of these include firearms, explosives, and ammunition.  You need a permit to transport any of these with your personal belongings. Besides, some items are outrightly banned.

These include items that portray child porn, hate propaganda , or any obscene material. To see other restricted items, please visit the CBSA website.

Also, if you intend to tow your personal car with a Uhaul truck across the Canadian border, your car must meet the Canadian standard.

FAQ about Canada Border Crossing!

Does U-Haul do international moves? 

Yes, U-Haul does international moves with U-Box storage containers to almost all ports worldwide.

pick up and van

Can I rent a U-Haul with an international license? 

Yes, you can rent a U-Haul with an international driver’s license. However, if you don’t have an international driver’s license, you rent a U-Haul truck with a valid local driver’s license.

Besides, an international driver’s license is only necessary when your local license is written in a foreign language other than English. This mostly applies while moving across borders.

Does Penske go to Canada? 

Penske operates within and outside Canada. So yes, you can rent vehicles from Penske to move from the U.S. to Canada. 

Summary of Uhaul Canada!

The bottom line is this: It is entirely possible to drive a Uhaul from the US to Canada. However, you must be a permanent or temporary resident.

One common mistake renters make is that they transport restricted items in a Uhaul vehicle with their personal belongings. Usually, these restricted items are seized.

For this reason, it is essential to confirm that your personal property does not contain any prohibited property. And if you are transporting a restricted item, adhere to the proper procedure to legally move these items to Canada. 


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