Discover U-haul Pickup Truck Rental Price Cost Per Day?

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Do you need to move a few items to your small apartment, or personal belongings within town or did you just purchase an appliance that’s too large to fit into your vehicle?

You’re right to think about u-haul pickup truck rental price, as this 8′ smaller mover maybe readily available and there’s no special driving skill needed.

It’s also easy to load in your belongings, and perfect for DIY-ers. So, now you desire full information about U-haul pickup truck price and other cost for one day or more? Read along to discover this and much including small truck with liftgate rental guide!

What Are U-haul Pickup Truck Rental Price Rates?

So, how much does it cost to rent a Uhaul pickup truck for one day? Uhaul pickup trucks rental price starts at $19.95 and can be reserved online upfront using any acceptable major payment cards.

U-haul rentals will give you a quote based on your location, destination, and date of pick up. You also get to find out if a pickup truck would be available for you to rent and every other details like fee, truck insurance, environmental fee, tax, and mileage.

All U haul pickup truck rental cost will be calculated and agreed upfront. You need to be up to 18 years and have a valid driver’s license to rent and drive the truck.

Rental Company

Rental Fees Flat Rate (per day)

Rental Fees Flat Rate (per week)

Uhaul $19.25 – $124.95 $264.95
Penske $130 $720
Home Depot $129 $903
Budget $29.99-$100 $240-$500
Enterprise $250 $900-$1000
Avis $45-$125 $350-$700

Are There Options for U-haul Pickup Truck Price Payment?

To reserve a pickup truck from U-haul, you need to present a credit card. It must be a valid credit card and the cardholder should be the renter. 

At pick up, you are free to pay Uhaul pickup truck rental price with a debit card, cash, or a credit card. You will be charged the rental base price and the price of estimated mileage. RELATED: Discover how much does it cost to fill up a 26ft box truck before you commit to purchase or rental!

How Much Is A Uhaul Pickup Rates for Week?

The daily rate for a Uhaul pickup truck is $19.95 excluding the mileage fee. The final cost will be based on your mileage and additional fees like the environmental fee of $1 and the optional insurance fee starting at $10.

u-haul pickup truck rental price

How much does a Uhaul truck cost per mile?

It can cost as little as $0.59, but the price varies depending on the city, the day of the week, and the rental agreement. Renting is less expensive from Sunday through Thursday.

A typical Uhaul pickup truck costs between $0.85 and $1.00 per mile, depending on the distance traveled. For local moves, Uhaul charges $0.99 per mile.

The mileage rate is calculated and added to the total price after you return the moving truck. Uhaul estimates how many miles you’ll need to drive for long-distance moves and charges for them upfront.

But can you get a discount? Of course, the probability still exists! Here are three sure-shot ways to save money on a Uhaul Pickup:

  • Take Advantage of Special Offers & Promotions: Uhaul is always running some form of discounts or special offers. Keep a tab on the website for information about their current promotions, and use them to your advantage!
  • Gather Quotes: Don’t settle for the first price offered; instead, contact multiple Uhaul dealerships in your area and gather quotes from them to get the best possible deal.

u-haul pickup truck price

What is Uhaul Pickup Truck Towing Capacity?

As far as a Uhaul pickup truck is concerned, the maximum capacity of this one is 6,000 lbs, making it an ideal choice for hauling heavy items like furniture, recreational vehicles, boats, etc., which can make your move a lot easier and stress-free.

If you want to know more about the different types for Uhaul trucks and their capacity, check out our other articles.

Is There Uhaul Pickup Truck Unlimited Miles?

Do Uhaul offer pickup truck unlimited mile and one-way move? Yes, U haul pickup truck rental prices per day may include unlimited mile and one-way moves for both pickup trucks and trailer rentals.

Uhaul has over 20,000 rental locations spread across the United States and Canada to ensure that customers can find the one closest to them to rent a truck, trailer, or moving container.

From a uhaul pickup truck price for local delivery to the biggest 26′ moving with bigger weight designed for 5 bedroom move, they provides their customers with the convenience of unlimited mile, long distance moves, and one way moves to save time.

Happy couple sitting back of pickup

People Also Asked!

Are there long distance pickup truck rental?

Do U haul prices per day covers long distance move? No, Uhaul rents pickups mostly for local and one way moves only. However, there are some Uhaul rentals that are available for long distance moves.

Uhaul pickup only offers short moves on three or four axles and custom truck boxes. Uhaul pickups are of low cost and provide a cheaper alternative to house-moving services that hire truck drivers.

Compared to other short-distance truck movers, Uhaul pickup is a popular and cost-effective option due to its low rates and efficient local moving arrangements.

Complete u haul 8′ pickup truck dimensions

Uhaul 8’ pickup truck has features that include AM/FM radio, Gentle-Ride suspension, 3 adult seats, air bags, air conditioning, and automatic transmission.

Uhaul pickup trucks come in one size—8’. These are the estimated specifications of 8′ pick-up truck from U-haul truck rental fleet:

Interior Length: 7’10” 

Interior Width: 5’2″

Interior Height: 1’9″

Deck Height from Ground: 3’

Empty Weight: 4,703 lbs.

Volume: 76 cu. ft.

Gross Vehicle Weight: 6,600 lbs.

Maximum Load: 1,897 lbs.

Gas Tank Capacity: 34 gallons

Fuel economy: 19 MPG

Towing Capacity: 6,000 lbs.

Renting a small 8 foot pick up Vs Cargo Van

Getting stuck on whether to rent a cargo van or a pickup truck is never fun. One obvious distinction is that a cargo van is enclosed while a pickup truck is not.

This means that a cargo van would be better for fragile cargo compared to a pickup truck. Still not enough for you to make a decision? Check out this comparison table.

Feature Cargo Van Pickup Truck
Interior Dimension 9’6″L x 5’7″W x 4’8″H 7’10″L x 5’2″W x 1’9″H
Maximum Load 3880 lbs. 1897 lbs.
Towing Capacity Cannot tow Up to 6000 lbs.
Seats 2 seats 3 seats
Cruise Control Yes No
MPG 18 19
Volume 245 cu. ft. NIL
Uses Studio apartment move Small load, home improvement materials, and lawn and garden equipment

Uhaul pickup truck bed size?

The Uhaul pickup truck has an interior bed dimension of 7’10″L x 5’2″W x 1’9″H. It is large enough to fit a full-size bed laying flat or a queen-size bed slightly edged.

Can you tow with a Uhaul pickup truck?

Yes, you can tow with a Uhaul pickup truck. It is typically equipped with a hitch installed and can be connected to a car dolly, auto transport trailer, or motorcycle trailer.

Uhaul pickups can tow up to 10,000 lbs (with the required width and wheelbase) for a smooth trip and less stress on the tow vehicle. You can also use a Uhaul pickup truck to tow your boat or other off-road items. 

 Do pickup trucks have a hitch or ramp?

The Uhaul pickup truck comes with a hitch but no ramp. The hitch can be connected to a car dolly, auto transport trailer, or motorcycle trailer.

These towing equipment and accessories can be rented alongside your Uhaul pickup truck and delivered directly to your rental location.

All Uhaul pickups, from the 15′ to the largest 26′ truck, include a loading hitch to make offloading and loading heavy items easier.

Does Uhaul requires a deposit to hire pickup?

No, a deposit is not required to rent a pickup truck from Uhaul, but reservations must be made with a major credit card. The credit card used must bear the renter’s name.

If you pay with cash, at least $100 or the estimated rental charges are due when you pick up the vehicle or drop it off at a Uhaul facility.

Towing with Uhaul pickup

What is U haul cost per mile out of state?

Now, how much does u-haul charge per mile out of state? The company charges you an average of $1.60 per mile out of state, which may vary according to your chosen truck model.

Do you need a credit card to rent a Uhaul?

Yes, you need to present a valid credit card to rent a Uhaul pickup truck. The name of the renter must correspond to the name on the credit card. Payment is due at pick up and can be made using cash, debit card, or credit card.

How big is the Uhaul pickup truck bed?

The Uhaul pickup truck bed has an interior dimension of length 7’10″, width  5’2″, and height 1’9″. A queen-size mattress fits comfortably in the bed of a Uhaul truck.

When you angle the mattress, a Uhaul pickup truck will give you the perfect space to move a queen-size mattress.

Summary of U-haul pickup truck rental price

Having prior knowledge of U-haul pickup truck rental price is a smart move as much getting this small, but strong truck remain a good choice if you don’t have a lot of items to move. It is perfect for self-deliveries and DIY move projects.

With its low base rental price, if you don’t plan to cover a lot of miles, your final cost won’t be much compared to the other options. Plus you can take advantage of Uhaul reservation guarantee.

If you want to know more about Uhaul, check out our other articles.


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