What is Propane Refill Cost at U Haul?

How Much Is U Haul Propane Price and Refill Cost?

Over the years, propane gas tanks have served multiple purposes for indoor and outdoor events and usage.

U-Haul stands out as one of the finest dealers for propane gas tanks today.

U-haul rates are $3-$4 for each gallon of propane you refill and $5-$6 per gallon for an exchange. 

The use of propane gas tanks is quite extensive, and the need increases daily.

However, most people are often puzzled about acquiring and replacing this gas tank in a more cost-efficient manner.

This article will give an insight into the best refill and exchange strategies you should implement for your next visit. 

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Propane Tank Refill vs. Exchange

The debate about the best approach to acquire propane has become quite a topic.

Some people believe that exchanging theirs for a new one instead of a refill is the best option.

However, the different studies and observations differ on choosing tank exchange over a refill.

The mainstay of this argument is the simple fact that a refill is cheaper and more accurate than an exchange. 

A refill will cost you between the range of $3-$4 per gallon, while an exchange will cost you at least $5 per gallon of propane gas.

Furthermore, when you opt for an exchange, if you have some gas left in your old tank, you will be unable to recover it. A fresh tank will be given to you, and your old tank with the gas in it goes away.

With a refill, the reverse is often the case. You will only pay for the added gas to whatever amount you have left.

This means you get to retain your old gas and not pay extra for what you already have. 

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How much money will I save from a refill?

Depending on the rate the refill station offers per gallon of propane gas, you stand to save approximately $1.7 per gallon.

The amount of money you can save by choosing a refill will make a lot of sense to you on your next visit because you have some extra cash to cushion your next bill.

Practically speaking, if you pull up at a U-Haul refill station to top up your 20pounds gas tank, the rate will swing between $3-$4.

Let’s say the rate lies at 3.5 per gallon. A 20 pounds gas tank needs about 4.7 gallons to get filled.

Therefore, to get the price of purchase, you will multiply 3.5 by 4.7 = $16.45.

This calculation stands in a situation where your tank is empty.

On the flip side, an exchange may be for $5.5 per gallon at that same station, which means you will multiply 5.5 by 4.7 = $25.85.

Now the difference is crystal clear. From this calculation, you stand a chance of saving $9.4 by simply choosing to refill.

Imagine how much you can save if your gas tank weighs up to 100pounds.

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Advantages of Refill over Exchange of Propane

The most potent of this lot comes in the area of excess gas in your tanks.

We observed over time that almost everyone goes for a refill or an exchange before their tanks get empty.

The sad part about this can be seen when you opt for an exchange instead of a refill, you pay more money per gallon with an exchange, and you lose whatever gas you have left.

But that’s not all the tragedy you have in store. You will also realize that most companies do not give you full gas when you opt for an exchange.

For example, when an individual goes with his 20 pounds tank to a gas station or convenience store for an exchange, the gas tank he gets in return only has 15 pounds of propane gas in it instead of 20 pounds. 

Now that’s a sad situation and something you will easily avoid by a refill.

A refill does not just assure you of saving money but also getting the total worth of your cash. 

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Propane Tanks Refill at U-Haul

U-Haul refill stations are arguably the best in the game. They give you the best rates and make your refill process seamless.

U-Haul has the finest and best-trained attendant to attend to your refill need and get you back on the road in no time.

To get a refill at U-Haul, all you have to do is pull up at a refill station close to you and ring the bell to call the attention of an attendant.

In a matter of seconds, you will have someone attend to you. 

Unlike other refill stations, you may have to search for an attendant and make payment will the complex.

But with your U-Haul, you barely need to move a finger.

You can either pay with your card or cash, depending on your preference. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does propane tank refill cost varies in different locations?

Yes, the cost of refilling a propane tank varies between $3-$4 per gallon at most U-Haul refill stations.

However, refilling your tank is always more cost-effective than exchanging it. You get to keep about $1.76 per gallon in savings.

Where will I find the cheapest U-Haul propane refill?

The cheapest you find per gallon for a propane refill is $3 in any U-Haul station. However, these rates vary with time. 

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Do Uhaul do Exchange Of Propane Tanks?

What does Propane truck capacity entail?

You will find a regular size propane truck capacity to be approximately 11,000 gallons. The Bobtail is usually 5,000 gallons.

How much does a 20Ibs propane tank cost?

Any 20 pounds propane gas tank should be between $14 to $20, depending on the rate per gallon at the station.

A 20 pounds propane tank houses 4.7 gallons of gas. Therefore, to get the exact price, you must multiply the price per gallon at the station by 4.7.

How much is a 100-pounds propane tank?

Refilling a 100Ibs propane tank should range between $70.5 to $94. This propane tank contains about 23,5 gallons of gas.

The average refill rate at U-Haul varies between $3-$4. Whatever the rate is at the station you visit, you can multiply it by 23.5 to get your bill. 

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Is it cheaper to run a truck on propane?

The cost of maintenance for vehicles that run on propane is cheaper than with alternative fuels. However, with the decrease in gasoline prices, engines that use gasoline might have the advantage. 

Where can I refill my propane gas tank?

You can refill your propane gas tank at most convenience stores, gas stations, and U-Haul refill stations.

Companies like Forklift propane exchange and Propane Taxi can deliver this gas to you directly.

How do you refill a 20 pounds propane tank?

Refilling a propane tank requires you to pull up at a gas station, convenience store, or U-Haul refill station. 

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Refilling a propane tank is a smarter way to spend your money than exchanging it.

U-Haul refill stations offer fantastic rates ($3-$4) per gallon of gas refill.

The refill process at U-Haul is seamless. An exchange lies between $5-$6 per gallon. 

During a propane tank exchange, most companies do not give you the exact amount you ask for. A 20 pounds propane tank will have 15pounds of gas in it after an exchange.