How Does Uhaul Truck Ramp Rental Works?

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Along with a few other rental companies, U-Haul is at the forefront of DIY moving across the United States as well offering you a myriad of assistance and savings such as not paying for truck ramp rental as part of your moving expenses.

Yes you are wondering how much to cost for Uhaul ramp rental to load your goods, as a separate cost, the good news is that Uhaul do not charge extra for loading ramps.

This guide will discuss above moving ramp rental facts and many related, but ideas and expert tips!

What are Truck Ramp Rental Prices?

The rental price of a truck ramp can vary depending on the size and type of ramp you need and the quality. Prices can range anywhere from $20 – $300 for a day-long rental. Here is a quick breakdown of the rental price according to truck ramp sizes:

Sizes of Truck Ramp (feet)

Rental Price (per week) Rental Price (per month)
2 $20 $60
3 $25 $80
4 $25 $80
5 $30 $100
6 $30 $100
7 $35 $120
8 $40 $140
10 $65 $220
12 $85 $300

If you want to move a heavier load, even something as big as a car, renting a truck ramp for a one-time deed can be the ideal choice.

How Do Uhaul Ramp Rental Works?

Do I need pay for moving ramp rental from Uhaul? You can’t rent a loading ramp separately from U-Haul. All loading ramps come affixed to the rental trucks so that it’s impossible to rent them separately without also renting the truck they come with. 

Therefore, the price you pay for each truck rental automatically covers all including loading ramps without extra fees attached. Be informed that 10 foot truck do not have a ramp.

Loaded moving box truck

Moving Trucks With Uhaul Ramp

As stated above, every U-Haul truck, starting from the 15-foot ones, comes equipped with an E-Z loading ramp. They are as follows: 

15-foot truck

The the 15-foot truck is a 764 cubic feet of cargo space, big enough to easily move a one-bedroom home or a two-bedroom apartment. The 3-seater truck comes equipped with a loading ramp that is 2 feet and 2 inches wide.

17-foot truck

This 17-foot truck also sits 3 people as well as comes with a loading ramp that’s 2 feet and 2 inches wide. Its 865 cubic feet of floor space is perfect for moving a 3-room house. 

20-foot truck

Built with 1,016 cubic feet of cargo space, the 20-foot U-Haul truck features a ramp that’s also 2 feet and 2 inches wide. 

26-foot truck 

This is the biggest available truck at U-Haul and it has a cargo space of 1,684. It also has the widest loading ramp measuring 2 feet and 7 inches.

To Rent a Ramp for Moving – Uhaul Vs Home Depot?

A moving ramp rental can be a great way to save time and money. And when it comes to the companies that offer these services, Uhaul and Home Depot are two of the biggest options.

Below, we will discuss some pros and cons moving ramps for rent for each company. 

  • U-haul’s Ramp Prices

Uhaul is typically more affordable than Home Depot and offers a wide range of ramp sizes and styles. They have ramps that can handle up to 3,500 pounds and can be rented for as little as a day up to several weeks. The company also offers delivery and pick-up services for an additional fee, making getting the ramp you need even easier and well-suited to your budget. 

Small truck ramp

  •  Home Depot Ramp Prices

Home Depot is usually more expensive than Uhaul. They have ramps that can handle up to 5,000 pounds and can also be rented for varying lengths.

We would recommend you visit the website for detailed prices and to get exact rental quotes based on your requirements. Is there home depot truck rental lift gate prices?

How Does Van Ramp Rental Works?

A van ramp is a metal ramp attached to the back or side of a van that allows users to roll a wheelchair, scooter easily, or another heavier item into the vehicle. Fortunately, some companies offer van ramp rental services for people who need them without breaking the bank.

But how does van ramp rental work? Generally, a van ramp rental company will allow you to rent a van ramp on daily ($21-$100 or more) or weekly ($60-$600 or more) terms. In most cases, the rental fee includes delivery and installation of the ramp, but the policies may vary according to the company you go for.

Once installed, the rental company may offer additional services, such as training and maintenance. This can help ensure the ramp is installed properly and maintained to reduce safety concerns. Some companies even offer 24-hour customer service and repair services if something goes wrong.

Your Popular Questions & Answers!

The following are answers to some frequently asked questions renters ask. 

What Is A Loading Ramp Rental from U-Haul? 

A loading ramp is a gadget that aids the loading and unloading of items. There are typically two types of U haul ramp rental. The first one is mobile and functions as its own entity for transporting, loading, and unloading considerably heavy items.

The second one comes attached to trucks, where it performs the same function. Truck loading ramps are designed to simplify your move. And as expected, not all trucks come with a loading ramp.

U-Haul trucks that come with loading ramps feature the E-Z Load Ramps. Their advantage over competitors’ trucks is that they are shorter, broader, and more rigid. All of which work together to make it really easy to use.

What ramp is better

What is walk ramp rental?

Walk ramp rental is a service that provides disabled people with access to ramps for mobility. This service allows those who are physically challenged and have trouble walking up steps or platforms to navigate these areas safely without spending extra bucks on buying one.

What is Uhaul EZ load ramp?

The U haul EZ load ramp is the type of loading ramp that U-Haul trucks are equipped with. It facilitates the seamless, safe loading and unloading of items. 

 The lightweight, aluminum-made ramp is designed to fit most wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters, allowing easy installation and removal. The ramp can be used on docks, patios, or any other elevated area that a wheelchair user would otherwise have difficulty accessing, providing maximum stability and support to the user.

Does U-haul offer trailer ramp rental?

Yes, U-haul does offer trailer ramp rental. They provide a variety of ramps that are designed to fit different sizes and types of trailers that can be used for loading/unloading motorcycles, furniture, or any other type of cargo that needs to be loaded onto a trailer.

Are U haul ramp for sale?

No, they are not. First, U-haul is a rental company, they don’t sell stuff.  And even if they did, they won’t be able to sell ramps because U-Haul’s loading ramps come attached to the rental trucks that bear them, so it’s impossible to sell them without selling the trucks along with it. 

How wide is the U-Haul loading ramp?

The 15-foot, 17-foot, and 20-foot trucks feature the 2 feet and 2 inches loading ramp, while the 26-foot one comes with 2 feet and 2 inches loading ramp. 

Do Uhaul trucks come with ramps?

Not all U-Haul trucks come equipped with loading ramps. Only the 15-foot and higher feature the wide, rigid loading ramps. They function primarily to make loading and unloading easier and safer. 

How to Use a U-Haul Truck Ramp and Roll-up Door

U-Haul uses a truck loading ramp and operating it is a lot bit more complex than your usual mobile loading ramp.  To even release the U-Haul truck loading ramp, you first have to pull up the roll-up door of the rental truck. 

Opening the roll-up door 

Here’s how to go about it: 

  • Use the lever located underneath the door to unfasten the roll-up door.
  • Now, slowly use the strap to pull up the door, it should be the easiest part. You can climb the bumper for support if you have to. 
  • Ensure the roll-up door of the rental truck is entirely open so that by the time the door is opened, only the pull-up strap should be dangling from the apex of the opening.  View what to do when door stuck!

Deploying the loading ramp

Now that the door is up, it’s time to deploy the loading ramp. To do that easily, stick to this three-step process:

  • Use the handles to pull out the loading ramp, while you step down on the ramp latch. 
  • Keep pulling out the loading ramp until it stops, in which case you should gently place the end closer to you on the ground. 
  • Then, step up to the top of the loading ramp and drag it up until both small hooks make contact with corresponding holes situated in the door sill. This will make for more balance.

Stowing the loading ramp

When stowing the loading ramp, you must follow the same steps as though you were deploying it, but in reverse. Pay particular attention when sliding the ramp back in place.

Ensure it is secured appropriately with the loading ramp latch. Failure to do so will hinder the rental truck from closing properly.  Don’t forget to pull down the toll-up door and lock the door latch. 

Summary of truck ramp rental!

It is important to repeat that truck ramp rental or loading ramps feature on the list of the important tools to get when doing a DIY move. Good new is that in reality, there is no Uhaul ramp rental cost because they come with most U-Haul trucks. This article covers everything you need to know.


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