Van Hire Peterborough

Van Hire Peterborough

Peterborough less than two hours away from London. It is located in Cambridgeshire and it is one of the most important cities in East Anglia and along the railway between London and Scotland.

While the city is not touristy and isn’t visited by tens of millions every year, it is a beautiful city with many great things to see and to. Things to see include its archeological sites, its historical buildings, and its interesting museums.

A couple of decades ago, the city was an important manufacturing hub. Nowadays it is a less industrial city but many businesses are operating in it that keeping it going.

Whether you want a van to tour this beautiful city or for business, this is the article you need to read. Because in it you will discover the best van rentals in Peterborough.

Van Hire Peterborough – 5 Companies to Consider 

  1. Hertz (Van Hire Peterborough)

Hertz is one of the leading vehicle hire companies in the world. The company has a presence all over the UK and in many countries around the globe including the United States.

In Peterborough, the company is located along Maskew Avenue B&Q. This location is just a few minutes away from the center of the city making it easy to access for quick services.

Van hire with Hertz is easy and convenient because the company has a very easy-to-use website.

The types of vans you can hire from Hertz include small, medium, and large vans.

  1. Enterprise Rent a Car in Peterborough

Enterprise is widely regarded as the leading car, van and truck hire business in the world. It has thousands of locations in the UK, Europe, Canada, the United States, and many other places around the world.

In Peterborough, this company has a branch in the heart of the city. You can easily access this branch on foot and by various other means to hire a van from Enterprise.

The best thing about Enterprise in this COVID-19 era is the fact that its vehicles are all thoroughly cleaned and sanitized when they are returned. This makes them very safe for use.

Enterprise has a massive fleet of vans and other vehicles. The types of vans you can rent from them include small, medium, and large vans.

  1. Thrifty Car and Van Rental 

This is one of the most prominent car and van rental agencies in the United Kingdom. The company is best known for its cheap van rental deals that allow frequent users to save.

Thrifty’s Peterborough branch is located along Padholme Road in Astore House.

The types of vehicles you can rent from the company include compact vans such as the Ford Transit Connect, long-wheelbase vans such as the Ford Transit 350, box vans such as the Citroen Relay, and so on.

Thrifty has consistently been voted as one of the best van hire agencies in the UK because of its cheap van rental rates. Visit them today to find out the cheap cost of their services.

  1. Practical Car and Van Rental

Van Hire PeterboroughPractical is a decent van rental agency. While it certainly does not have a profile as big as that of Hertz or Enterprise, it provides quality van rental services in Peterborough.

The firm’s location in Peterborough is in Mancetter Square. So it is smack in the middle of town.

Examples of vans you can rent from Peterborough include small vans, medium vans, and large vans.

Among the large vans this firm has for rent is the Luton Tail Lift, which is very convenient for carrying heavy goods.

The price per day of renting a Practical van starts from 50 pounds for small vans to 105 for special large vans.

  1. Global Self-Drive 

This firm is located on Saville Road Industrial Estate. This location is just outside the heart of Peterborough and it is, therefore, very easy to access.

The best thing about this firm is that its price per day for van hire is quite competitive.

The company’s fleet includes the Ford Transit, the Vito, and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.


The best van hire companies in Peterborough include Enterprise, Hertz, Practical, Global Self-Drive, and Thrifty.