Van Rental Atlanta

In this post, you will learn everything important about van rental Atlanta.

Specifically, you will find out the popular types of vans rented in Atlanta, the best van rentals in the city, and the average daily costs.

About Atlanta  

Atlanta is one of the most diverse and most populous cities in the South.

The city is best known for its delectable barbecues, burgers, fried chicken, and fried pies.

The city is also known for its world-famous Georgia Aquarium, the stunning Atlanta Botanical Garden, and the Coca Cola Museum.

Many important national and international corporations including Coca Cola, CNN, Delta Air Lines, Newell Rubbermaid, and the UPS are headquartered in the city.

Americans and foreigners regularly use van rentals in Atlanta to travel from one point of the city to the next.

Van rentals are particularly frequently used by tourists, large families, religious groups, small sports teams, and business delegations to move around the city.

Popular Types of Van Rental Atlanta

  1. Passenger Van Rental Atlanta

Most of the van rental companies in Atlanta offer passenger van rentals.

The types of van rentals they offer include 8 passenger van rentals, 9-passenger van rentals, 10-passenger van rentals, 18-passenger van rentals, and 25-passenger rentals.

The daily rental price for passenger van rentals is between $150 and $300 depending on various factors including van type and mileage.

The passenger rentals are usually Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, or Sprinter models.

  1. Luxury Van Rental Atlanta

Several businesses in Atlanta offer luxury van rentals.

The luxury vans are usually either Sprinter, VW, or Ford vans that have been modified for maximum comfort, space, and luxury.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter van is the most popular luxury van rental. This is because it has a high-roof, a powerful AC, a spacious interior, and it maneuvers very easily.

People who rent luxury vans in Atlanta include basketball stars, social media stars, celebrities, business delegations, and politicians.

  1. Conversion Van Rental Atlanta

Conversion vans are vehicles that have been modified for use as recreational vehicles. So they are essentially RVs.

There are many RV van rental businesses in Atlanta.

They are perfect for touring the wonderful RV parks in coastal Georgia and the state’s many untouched and undisturbed parks.

  1. Moving Van Rental Atlanta

Moving vans are very popular in Atlanta just like they are in other populous cities in the country. This is because there are always people moving houses in Atlanta just like they do in many other cities.

Moving van rental businesses in Atlanta include Home Depot, U-Haul, and Penske.

Best Van Rental Businesses in Atlanta

Below are the four best van rental companies in Atlanta.

  1. Atlanta Sprinters

Atlanta SprintersThis is the number one company for Sprinter van rental Atlanta.

They offers some of the newest and best luxury Mercedes Benz Sprinters in Georgia.

All its Sprinters are spacious, private (tinted windows), comfy, and have complimentary amenities.

They are perfect for celebrities and CEOs.

They are also perfect for prom, birthday parties, cross-country tours, executive transportation, and Georgia wine country tours.

This company also offers 15 passenger van rental in Atlanta GA.

  1. Bandago

This business started in 2003 to offer stress-free van rentals. You can easily rent their 15 or 12 passenger van rental Atlanta using the company’s website and they will take care of everything else.

Bandago also offers Sprinter van rentals in Atlanta (GA).

  1. Home Depot

Home Depot has a tool and van rental center in midtown Georgia.

This is essentially a cargo van rental Atlanta service that allows you to carry cargo from Home Depot or any other places for transport to your home, your business, or a client’s location.

Home Depot cargo vans are relatively cheap.

  1. Atlanta’s Best Van Rental

This business has some of the best van rental daily rates in the whole of Georgia. The company offers 12 and 15-passenger van rentals and has discounts for long term rentals.


Van rental is popular in Atlanta. You can rent passenger, moving, conversion, or luxury vans from different van rentals in the city.

The best van rental companies in Atlanta include Atlanta Sprinters, Bandago, Home Depot, and Atlanta’s Best Van Rental.