Van Rental Chicago

In this article, I will share with you all you need to know about van rental Chicago.

You will learn important things such as the best van rentals in the city, the vans frequently rented, and the average daily costs in the city.

About Chicago

Chicago is the biggest city in the Midwest. It is known for its exciting and attractive architecture, its city waterways, its food, and for being the headquarters of many renowned corporations.

People frequently travel from the Chicago O’Hare International Airport to their homes and Airbnbs in different parts of the city such as Lincoln Park, Old Town, West Loop, Logan Square, Pilsen, and Wicker Park using van rentals.

People also tour the city’s iconic tourist sites using van rentals.

Popular Types of Van Rentals Chicago

Below are four of the most popular van rentals in Chicago.

  1. Passenger Van Rental Chicago

Passenger van rentals are very popular here.

People rent different size passenger vans to carry their family members or groups from one point to the next.

Examples of passenger van rentals in Chicago include 9-passenger, 15 passenger van, and 18 passenger and 12 passenger van rental Chicago.

Most passenger van rentals are Ford, GMC, and Chevrolet vans.

  1. Moving Van Rental Chicago

People moving house regularly use vans to carry their stuff.

This is because most people do not have too many things to move. Only those who have too many things hire big trucks to carry their furniture and belongings.

Examples of moving van rentals in Chicago include Penske van rental, Enterprise van rental, Home Depot van rental, and Budget van rental.

  1. Sprinter Van Rental Chicago

Several companies do sprinter van rentals in Chicago.

Sprinter vans are luxury Mercedes Benz vans with ergonomic seats, max legroom, and high-roofs.

Rented sprinter vans often have tinted windows for privacy, air conditioners, and complimentary drinks.

They are also chauffeur-driven.

Sprinter van rental businesses in Chicago include Chicago Van Rental, Paragon Car & Van Rentals and well placed Airport – AVR van rental Chicago.

  1. Conversion Van Rental Chicago

Conversion vans are vans that have been modified into RVs.

Many conversion van rentals exist in Chicago.

These vans are perfect for couples or friends who want to tour the Chicago metro area, small rural towns in Illinois, or the iconic national parks across the Midwest.

What are the Best Van Rentals in Chicago City?

Below are the four best van rentals in Chicago.

  1. Chicago Van Rentals

This is one of the most highly-rated van rental businesses in the Chicago metro area.

Its vehicles are some of the cleanest and most reliable ones in the whole of the Midwest according to Google reviews.

So if you are looking for a company offering clean and reliable passenger vans in Chicago, it is the rental business to consider.

The company rents Sprinter vans and high-roof Ford vans for rent.

  1. Budget

Budget is a renowned nationwide van and truck rental business.

It has a massive fleet of vans and trucks and thousands of employees to serve Americans in all major cities across the country.

The company is renowned for offering low and affordable van rentals.

It is also known for its “deals” webpage that offers great discounts for weekly and monthly renters.

  1. Chicagoland Truck Rental

This business is best known for renting trucks and other construction equipment in the Chicago area.

What most people do not know is that it also rents vans.

It has probably the cheapest prices among the major Chicago van rental businesses. It has three classes of vans – economy, standard, and luxury.

The cheapest to hire vans are the economy class vans that are quite basic.

To get a quote from them you simply need to call them.

  1. Outdoorsy

If you need to rent conversion vans in Chicago, you need to visit the Outdoorsy website.

The business is a marketplace where anybody can rent their RVs to anybody else. Because of this, you can literally find some of the most unique conversion vans for rent on the website.

And because van owners are allowed to charge their own rates, you can also find some of the cheapest van rental prices on the site.


Van rental is popular in Chicago.

You can rent passenger, moving, conversion, or luxury vans from many different van rental businesses in the city.

The best van rental businesses in the city include Budget van rental, Bucket Trucks for Rent or Lease and Chicagoland Truck Rental.