Learn These Facts about Versa Lift Rentals

What is Versa Lift?

A Versa-Lift is a special fork lift in the sense that its frame can extend to make it more powerful. It is also equipped with a hydraulic boom that can be removed if not needed.

The Versa-Lift was built as it is to make it perfect for moving heavy machinery and loads within short distances.

Several models of the machine are available for sale. They are all made by Custom Mobile Equipment, INC in Baldwin City, Kansas.

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How much does a Versa Lift Cost?

It depends on the model or how much it can carry. The more a Versa-Lift can carry the more expensive it will be.

For example, a used Versa-Lift that can carry around 5,000 pounds goes for around $15,000, while a used Versa-Lift that can carry around 60,000 pounds goes for around $100,000. When new, Versa-Lift forklifts cost even more.

How much weight can the Versa Lift Hold?

The biggest or most powerful Versa Lift is the 100/140 model. It can effortlessly lift a 100,000 pounds load and with an extended base it can lift a 140,000 pounds load.

Which is the most popular Versa Lift forklift model?

The most popular Versa Lift forklift is the 40/60 model.

How much does a Versa Lift Cost?
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How much does a Versa Lift 40/60 weigh?

It weighs 58,000 pounds.

What are the features of Versa lift fork list 100/140?

The features include a GM 4.3L Gas Engine, a 2-speed transmission (hydrostatic), planetary drives, front & rear poly tires, 50 percent Grade empty, and 30 percent Grade loaded.

How do you install a Versa Lift?

There is an operating manual that comes with each Versa Lift forklift and teaches you how to do everything about it. There is also a video on YouTube that you can watch to learn everything important about your Versa Lift.

Versa lift 60/80 cost Vs Versa 25/35?

The Versa Lift 60/80 can lift between 60,000 and 80,000 pounds, while the 25/35 can lift between 25,000 and 35,000 pounds.

Because of this significant difference in the amount of weight that can be carried, the Versa Lift 60/80 is much more expensive than the Versa 25/35.

What type of Versa lift truck available?

The types of Versa Lift trucks available include the VANTEL-29-IH, the TEL-29-N, the VANTEL-29-N, and the VANTEL-29-EIH.

Electric Versa lift vs manual model?

Both are powerful but many prefer the manual model believing it is more powerful and reliable compared to the electric model.

How big are the heavy duty forklifts from Versa?

They are very big. The 40/60 weighs 58,000 pounds. The 60/80 weighs 80,000 pounds. And the 100/140 weighs 120,000.

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