Learn These Facts about Versa Lift Rentals

How much does a Versa Lift Cost?

What is Versa Lift?

A Versa-Lift is a special fork lift in the sense that its frame can extend to make it more powerful. It is also equipped with a hydraulic boom that can be removed if not needed.

The Versa-Lift was built as it is to make it perfect for moving heavy machinery and loads within short distances. Several models of the machine are available for sale. They are all made by Custom Mobile Equipment, INC in Baldwin City, Kansas.

In this post, you will discover all the Versa Lift forklifts currently available on the market. You will also discover where to rent them, and whether you should lease or buy one if you do not want to rent.

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How Much Does a Versa Lift Cost?

It depends on the model or how much it can carry. The more a Versa-Lift can carry the more expensive it will be.

For example, a used Versa-Lift that can carry around 5,000 pounds goes for around $15,000, while a used Versa-Lift that can carry around 60,000 pounds goes for around $100,000. When new, Versa-Lift forklifts cost even more.

How Much Weight Can the Versa Lift Hold?

The biggest or most powerful Versa Lift is the 100/140 model. It can effortlessly lift a 100,000 pounds load and with an extended base it can lift a 140,000 pounds load.

Knowing The Versa Lift Range

The Versa Lift Company has two types of forklifts – gas-powered and electric forklifts. Only two of its forklifts are electric models – the majority are gas-powered forklifts.

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  1. Model 17/25 forklift

This is a solid tire forklift with a 24” load centre and capable of lifting 25,000 pounds. It gives 12 feet of lift which is pretty impressive. Its boom can reach nearly 23 feet. The design of this truck ensures better driver visibility and control.

Key features and specs

  • Total weight – 30,000 pounds
  • GM 3L LP Gas engine
  • Smart control
  1. Model 25/35 forklift

This Versa Lift forklift is extremely easy to manoeuvre because it is relatively slim, compact, and agile. It can carry 35,000 pounds with its base extended.

This is 10,000 pounds more than what the Versa Lift 17/25 forklift can carry. When this forklift’s base is not extended, it can lift 25,000 pounds.

Key features and specs

  • Total weight – 34,500 pounds
  • Removable weight – 6,000 pounds
  • GM 3L LP Gas engine
  • Two-speed transmission
  • Forks/boom options.

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  1. Model 40/60 forklift

This is an even more powerful forklift than the model 25/35 above. This is because it can handle 60,000 pounds with its base extended and 40,000 pounds when the base is not extended.

Despite this forklift’s massive power, it was built with ease of use and flexibility in mind. It is extremely easy to use for those used to heavy duty machines.

Key features and specs

  • Total weight – 34,500 pounds
  • Removable weight – 16,000 pounds
  • GM 3L LP Gas engine
  • Two-speed transmission
  • Planetary drive axle
  • Forks/boom options
  1. Model 60/80 forklift

This is one of the most versatile heavy-duty forklifts in the USA. It can lift loads between 60,000 pounds and 80,000 pounds. It can only lift 80,000-pound loads when it is extended.

In fact, when it is extended 48 inches, it can lift a load as heavy as 100,000 pounds. Because of its massive power, this forklift is more expensive than the other models covered above.

Key features and specs

  • Total weight – 80,000 pounds
  • Removable weight – 30,000 pounds
  • GM 4.3L LP Gas engine
  • Two-speed transmission
  • Planetary drives
  • Forks/boom options.

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  1. Model 100/140

It is more powerful than all the above gas-powered forklifts. It is also more powerful than Versa Lift’s gas-powered forklifts. It is, without a doubt, the most powerful Versa Lift ever made.

It can quickly and safely lift a 100,000-pound load. When its base is extended, it can lift 140,000-pound loads. Because of this, it is very popular in industries where heavy machinery are manufactured.

Key features and specs

  • Total weight – 120,000 pounds
  • Removable weight – 42,300 pounds
  • GM 4.3L LP Gas engine
  • Two-speed transmission
  • Planetary drives
  • Forks/boom options
  1. Model 25/35E

This is one of the most powerful and at the same time one of the most environment-friendly forklifts in the world! It has hydrostatic drive, like other Versa Lift forklifts. Therefore, you should not find it difficult to control.

This electric model forklift comes with an on-board charger meaning it can be charged in the field.

The second most amazing thing about this model is that it can lift a 35,000-pound load. The most amazing thing about this forklift is the fact that it is electric and, therefore, eco-friendly and perfect for those wanting to reduce the speed of climate change.

Key features and specs

  • Total weight – 34,000 pounds
  • Removable weight – 6,000 pounds
  • 80 Volt AC motor
  • Two-speed transmission
  • Poly tires.

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  1. Model 40/60E

This is the most powerful electric forklift built by Versa Lift. It is extremely powerful in the sense that it can lift 60,000-pound loads.

Because it is hydrostatic drive, it is easier to control. It is also available with remote controls. Like the above electric model, it comes with an 80 Volt AC motor that provides it with power. Power that matches the power of gas-powered lifts.

Because it is electric, this forklift is perfect for use in electronics and food industries. It is also perfect for use by environment-conscious individuals and businesses.

Key features and specs

  • Total weight – 58,000 pounds
  • Removable weight – 16,000 pounds
  • 80 Volt AC motor
  • Two-speed transmission
  • Planetary drive
  • Forks/boom options

Top Versa Lift Rental Services

There are a number of companies that rent Versa Lift forklifts across the USA. The very best ones include A&A Machinery, RentalYard.com, and Versa Lift Forklift Rental.

  1. A&A Machinery

This is one of the leading companies in the supply of machinery in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA. The company has a brilliant reputation across the nation.

This is because its machines are always top quality and properly inspected to ensure they are in good shape before handover.

The company rents different types of Versa Lift forklift models across the mid-Atlantic region and the West Coast of the United States.

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  1. Rental Yard

This is one of the leading machine rental companies in the United States. You can rent most types of commercial equipment and trucks from this company. It is essentially a marketplace which means independent sellers can rent their equipment on the site.

This is brilliant because it means sellers can largely determine their own prices and this usually results in competition and affordable rental fees on various rental items. Probably this is the best site for those looking for affordable Versa Lift rental rates.

  1. Versa Lift Forklift Rental

Versaliftforkliftrental.com is one of the leading Versa Lift rental companies across the US. The company is based in Chattanooga, a central-ish location from which it can quickly send forklifts to any location across the country.

If you want a very specific type of Versa Lift, you will most likely find it with this supplier because this supplier has all the modern Versa Lift forklifts in its inventory.

Versa Lift for Sale: To Buy Vs Leasing

You should consider leasing rather than buying a Versa Lift product. This is because Versa Lift forklifts are very very expensive. So buying one can really negatively affect your business.

Moreover, it is always better to lease rather than to buy a heavy-duty equipment because most leasing companies offer free service/repair. In contrast, no serious forklift company will provide free service or repair after you purchase or lease their forklift.

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Questions & Answer!

How much does a Versa Lift 40/60 weigh?

It weighs 58,000 pounds.

What are the features of Versa lift fork list 100/140?

The features include a GM 4.3L Gas Engine, a 2-speed transmission (hydrostatic), planetary drives, front & rear poly tires, 50 percent Grade empty, and 30 percent Grade loaded.

How do you install a Versa Lift?

There is an operating manual that comes with each Versa Lift forklift and teaches you how to do everything about it. There is also a video on YouTube that you can watch to learn everything important about your Versa Lift.

Versa lift 60/80 cost Vs Versa 25/35?

The Versa Lift 60/80 can lift between 60,000 and 80,000 pounds, while the 25/35 can lift between 25,000 and 35,000 pounds.

Because of this significant difference in the amount of weight that can be carried, the Versa Lift 60/80 is much more expensive than the Versa 25/35.

What type of Versa lift truck available?

The types of Versa Lift trucks available include the VANTEL-29-IH, the TEL-29-N, the VANTEL-29-N, and the VANTEL-29-EIH.

Which is the most popular Versa Lift forklift model?

The most popular Versa Lift forklift is the 40/60 model.

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Electric Versa lift vs manual model?

Both are powerful but many prefer the manual model believing it is more powerful and reliable compared to the electric model.

How big are the heavy duty forklifts from Versa?

They are very big. The 40/60 weighs 58,000 pounds. The 60/80 weighs 80,000 pounds. And the 100/140 weighs 120,000.

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Versa Lift is an American company that builds some of the best quality forklifts in North America. It builds Versa Lift trucks for various industries including telecommunications, electricity distribution, and forestry. You can rent a Versa Lift from Versa Lift Forklift Rental, Rental Yard, or A&A Machinery.