Water Truck Rental Reviews: Cost to Rent a Water Truck and Popular Brands

Why Water Truck Rental?

A water truck is simply a truck that has been fitted with a large tank to transport water from one point to another.

Water trucks often have special inlets and outlets depending on where they fetch water from and what they are used for.

For example, most water tanker trucks used for farming have sprayers as outlets.

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know before you rent a water truck in USA or Canada!

Let’s begin.

The Uses of Water Truck Rental

Yes there are many uses for water trucks for hire across US and Canada. Let’s consider some reasons individuals and companies rent water truck, below:

  1. Mining and Construction

Construction water truck rental have been used for ages in large scale mining and construction projects.

This is mainly because such operations usually kick up dust making it difficult for workmen to work and machines to operate.

This is the reason why water trucks are used to spray water on the ground to prevent dust.

  1. Agriculture

Water trucks are commonly used in agricultural farms across the world during dry seasons. They are used to supply extra water to plants to prevent them from drying.

During the recent drought in California, farmers in the golden state extensively deployed water tanker truck rental to prevent their crops from drying.

  1. Firefighting

Water trucks are frequently used in rural areas to put off fires. This is because most rural areas do not have fire hydrants and more powerful fire-fighting trucks.

  1. Residential Use

In areas without piped water, water trucks are often used to supply treated water (potable water truck rental) for consumption, cooking, and other uses.

Water trucks are also used to fill bodies of water and swimming pools.

  1. Emergency Use

During emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods, water trucks are often used to supply water.

This is because such emergencies often damage water supply infrastructure or make water unsafe for use.

Types of Water Truck for Rent

There are three major types of water tank truck rental — potable water truck rentals, heavy duty water trucks, and medium duty water trucks.

  1. Medium duty Water Trucks

Medium-duty water trucks are standard water trucks.

They are used for transporting non-treated water between different locations. They are used for farming, for watering landscapes, for cleaning, and for filling pools.

  1. Heavy duty Water Trucks

Heavy-duty water trucks are massive and tough water trucks. They are built to work well in off-grid and off-road environments.

And they are used for mining and construction. Their work is to wet the ground to prevent dust and dust fumes.

  1. Potable Water Trucks

Potable water trucks are special in the sense that they are designed to carry potable freshwater.

Freshwater can be transported in them for long distances without the water becoming unfit for human consumption.

Rent Water Truck of Popular Local USA Brands?

Looking to rent water truck of well known brands locally in United of America only? Let’s consider some below:

  • Ground Force –

This is one of the most renowned water truck manufacturing companies in the United States.

The company is primarily a mining equipment manufacturer and one of the things they make are massive heavy duty water trucks.

The company’s water trucks are available in over sixty countries worldwide. There are several designs of water trucks that the company makes.

water truck rentalThe biggest one is a rigid frame truck with a capacity of 60,000 gallons.

This is the biggest water truck in the world.

  • Knapheide –

This is also an American brand.

According to the company’s official website, it is the most famous manufacturer of truck beds and truck bodies in the United States!

The company makes two standard water trucks. The smallest one is a 2,000-gallon water truck and the biggest one has double the capacity – 4000 gallon tank.

The company’s water trucks are frequently deployed for the delivery of water, in dust control, and in military operations.

  • Niece Equipment

This firm manufactures some of the biggest heavy-duty water trucks in the United States. Its vehicles are normally used for fire prevention, soil compaction, dust control, and so on.

Niece Equipment makes water trucks to the highest possible standards. So if you want water trucks that do not easily break down, you should get Niece Equipment.

Global Companies to Rent a Water Truck From?

The biggest water truck rental companies include United Rentals, Big Rentz, Rental Yard, and Herc Rentals.

  • United Rentals Water Truck

United Rentals, Inc is the largest company in the equipment rental business.

It has the largest number of rental equipment worth billions of dollars and operates virtually everywhere in the United States and Canada.

The company’s rental fleet includes homeowner equipment, compressors, earthmovers, reach forklifts, counterbalance forklifts, aerial work platforms, and specialized trucks.

The most popular United Rentals water truck capacity is the small 2,000 to 2,999 –gallon water truck.

This truck has a powerful engine and torque.

  • Big Rentz

Big Rentz is a California based equipment rentals business. Unlike many renowned equipment rental businesses, Big Rentz started relatively recently in 2012.

The company primarily operates online. You can easily find and review the details of any equipment you want to rent online before renting it.

Big Rentz has two types of water trucks available. The first is a 4,000-4,999-gallon water truck and the second is a 2,000-2,999-gallon water truck.

  • Rental Yard

Rental Yard is a massive marketplace where you can easily rent all types of construction equipment for use anywhere in the country.

The types of water trucks you can rent from Rental Yard include both small and massive water trucks from Ford, Peterbilt, and International Durastar.

How Much to Rent a Water Truck?

Price depends on tank capacity (gallons) and trip distance. For example, a 4000 gallon water truck rental is basically costlier than a 2000 gallon water truck.  Average daily price is $310 – $340.

Where is Water Truck Rental Popular in United States?

Water truck rental is popular in Los Angeles, Fresno (Ca), Austin Tx, Denver, Sacramento, Las Vegas (Nv), Kansas City Utah, Colorado, Houston TX, Southern California, Ohio, and Florida.


A water truck is a truck designed to carry water for residential, construction, and farming uses.

They are also used during emergencies. Popular water truck rental companies in the United States include BigRentz and United Rentals.

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