How Does Weekly Moving Truck Vs Pickup Rental Works Today?

Weekly Truck Rental: Moving Pickup, Van Rentals

Moving your things from one city to another is often a tedious task to embark on today.

Using private cars for this move is not advisable as it would consume more fuel, and waste your time and money.

The smart move is to employ the services of a truck rental company. This is especially true if your movement is weekly or biweekly.

Fortunately, several truck rental companies can come in handy when you need weekly truck rentals, and in this article, we will discuss 5 of them.

Truck Rentals

Renting a truck saves you from a lot of stress as you have more room to haul bigger furniture, bed, and boxes comfortably.

Using your private vehicle will mean a lot of squeezing to make your items fit and multiple trips as well cause you may hardly do it in one swipe. 

Rental companies have great moving rates for you as you move from one place to another.

In addition to these rates, all truck rental companies have different truck sizes to fit your move.

These trucks range from pickup trucks to cargo vans and box trucks of up to 26 feet in length. 

The dimensions of these trucks are unique for every truck rental company, and you will have to study them individually to make sure the car you fancy is the best fit for you. 

You also have to keep your eyes open for the best rates for the truck rental size you need.

Some truck rental companies offer better rates than others depending on the type of move, the distance, the truck size, and the duration of your move, among other factors. 

Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the best weekly truck rentals available for you. 

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Top 5 Truck Rental Companies

We have limited this list to the best five truck rental companies you can rely on for top notch services and rates today. They are:

  1. U-haul
  2. Budget Truck rental
  3. The Home Depot Truck Rental 
  4. Enterprise Truck Rental
  5. Penske Truck Rent

All these truck rental companies can be relied on and trusted. However, there are some scenarios where one truck rental company stands well above the rest. 

For example, U-haul is considered the overall best truck rental company, but if you are running on a budget and not at liberty to spend much, you might have to opt for Budget truck rental. 

Furthermore, for hourly rentals, you may want to employ the services of The Home Depot Truck Rental because they have successfully edged other rentals out on this front. 

For local moves, the services of an Enterprise Truck rental will come in handy as they are the best for these kinds of moves.

Lastly, Penske Truck Rental is the ideal company for a long-distance move. 

With the essential function of these top 5 rentals established, let’s look further into what these companies offer in terms of best rates, types, and numbers of trucks, and the pros and cons of these rental companies.

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U-Haul is considered the overall best for many reasons ranging from its decent rates and built-in features on its moving trucks, such as the loading ramp to its year round availability.

Hence, if you need to engage a weekly truck rental across seasons, U-Haul is a good place to start.

This rental company has different truck sizes, and they are very competitive, seeking to improve daily.

U-haul also makes it easy for customers to make reservations from the comfort of their smartphone with just a few clicks.

The smallest u-haul moving rental has about 10-foot of interior cargo space, while the largest truck is the 26-foot truck.

Rentals at U-Haul for the 10-foot truck start at $19.95 for in-town moves, while the 26-foot truck rental starts at $39.95. 

The cost per mile on U-Haul ranges between 59-79 cents per mile; the variance depends on the truck size you pick. 

For example, a one-way move on a 10-foot truck will cost you $806 for five days and about 1,206 miles.

Sadly, the per-mile cost can add up, and most customers frown, and this, maybe this is responsible for the low rating U-haul gets from customers’ reviews.

The prices are affected by other factors such as add-ons from using dollies, tie-downs, moving supplies, and insurance.

Do well to study how these costs accumulate over time before making your decision.

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Budget Truck Rental

Like its name, Budget Truck rental is the ideal rental company for you when you are moving on a budget.

This rental company offers low costs on one-way rentals and is present in almost every state within the continental USA, and you can make your reservations online from their website.

Budget rental offers customers three types of moving truck sizes for personal moves. These trucks are the 12-foot, 16-foot, and 26 foot moving trucks.

They also come with an inbuilt loading ramp on the two largest-sized trucks on its platform.

The starting price for the 12-foot and 16-foot moving truck is $29.99 per day, while the 26-foot pricing starts at $39.99 per day, plus 59-87 cents a mile. 

Several add-ons such as dollies, moving assistance, multiple protection plans, and furniture pads are available on Budget. 

For a weekly truck rental or, as it is, a five-day rental, you can get the 12-foot moving truck for less than $620 on Budget with unlimited mileage.

Furthermore, AARP members, students, and US military members get to save up to 20% of the original cost when renting from Budget.

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Home Depot offers the best rate for hourly rentals

Home Depot 

Home Depot offers the best rate for hourly rentals, and they have a unique offer called “Load ‘N Go Rentals.”

Home depot rentals start at $19, but this runs for only the first 75 minutes of your rental. This rate applies exclusively to the pickup trucks and cargo vans on this platform. 

The moving box trucks have a starting price of $29 for the first 75 minutes, and it comes with unlimited miles.

After the first 75 minutes, you will be charged every 15 minutes. Renting a Box truck for a day at Home Depot will cost you $139.

Although the availability status of trucks at Home Depot is fair, the company has a limited truck size range. When it comes to larger trucks, they often run to Penske to seek partnership. 

Online reservations are also not available for the trucks on Home Depot and all reservations are made at local stores.

Home Depot does not support a one-way move, and it is safe to say this rental company exists primarily for short moves or easy local pickup and drop-off.

If you aren’t packing much and will only need the truck for a few hours every week, then Home Depot might be the perfect weekly truck rental for you.

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Enterprise Truck Rental

The Enterprise truck rental is arguably the ideal truck rental company for a local move.

You have an outraging number of 14 rental truck types to choose from for your move. These trucks are backed up with 24-hour roadside assistance.  

This rental company offers different truck sizes for personal moves, such as its 15-foot, 16-foot, 24-foot, and 26-foot moving trucks.

The 15-foot parcel van costs $85.99 per day plus 69 cents per mile. While the 16-foot cabover truck and 24-foot and 26-foot moving box trucks go for $130 per day plus 99 cents per mile

Factors like the date and availability of moving trucks affect the rental price.

Availability of trucks depends on your location, and Enterprise also demands that you return the rented trucks to the same site of rental.

As a result, we advise that you get an online quote to prevent these price fluctuations if you go with this weekly truck rental.

Online reservations are available on the Enterprise website, and it is an easy process. 

The loading and unloading process among Enterprise moving trucks is seamless due to the tuck-under liftgate.

Sadly, this truck rental has a high per-mile rate and starting rate, and it does not offer a one-way rental. 

Hence, if your trips don’t involve one-way moves and don’t require you to travel for long distances, Enterprise is a good option for a weekly truck rental.

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Penske Truck Rental

Penske stands out as a big dog in the truck rental game as well leasing / financing Penske programs, and should by no means be ill-treated.

If you are looking for the best truck for your long-distance move in the truck rental industry, you need to look no further as this truck is for you!

While only a handful of people and purposes will engage a weekly truck rental for long distance trips, it’s crucial to know that they have a variety of functions.

Five different moving truck sizes are available on Penske’s platform. These sizes include a cargo van, 12-foot truck, 16-foot truck, 22-foot truck, and a 26-foot moving truck.

You can find these Penske trucks scattered everywhere in the continental USA. If you opt for the rental option of drop-off at the exact location, the cost is approximately $100 per day plus 99 cents per mile. 

While for a one-way rental, the price depends on your pickup and drop-off location. Therefore, you will need a quote for this offer. 

Unlimited mileage offers are also available on Penske truck rental for one-way rentals. Furthermore, discounts also apply to AAA, College students, and military personnel.

The 16-foot, 22-foot, and 26-foot trucks have a built-in loading ramp.

All Penske trucks have 24-hour roadside assistance, and Penske has an active partnership with SmartWay Transport. Sadly, the starting rates and per-mile rates are not pocket-friendly. 

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How much Budget charges for one-way rentalsWhether you opt for a moving pickup or van rental from any of the above weekly truck rentals, the decision on which company and truck size to go with should depend on the purpose of use.

Factors like your Budget and easy reservations also play a significant role in your rental company for your move. 

To achieve this, consider the size of your move and the truck size that fits your move.

Furthermore, find out the number of miles you will travel for this move and determine whether you will use the one-way option or in-town rental.