What is Lift Gate and How Does Liftgate Work for Your Need?

DIY Lift Gate Installation Vs Engaging Pro Installers

Trucks have been continuously used to transport freight across several locations. To ensure safety and adequate support during offloading on deliveries, the trucks used should be equipped appropriately.

If you want to depend on manpower alone, then you would find it challenging to offload any package that weighs more than 150 pounds. 

Such situations can lead to damaged packages or injuries for the people carrying out the offloading manually.  

A liftgate delivery service will come in handy for you If you’re not equipped with an appropriate offloading tool to get shipments freighted to your home, office, or site.

If you’re expecting a delivery that would likely warrant the use of a lift gate, then you need to know all about their functions, ease of use, and availability. This article goes deeper into all of that, so you don’t have anything to worry about.

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What is a Liftgate?

A liftgate or tail lift is a kind of hydraulic machinery that is attached to the back of the truck for lifting the shipment onto the tailgate or back to the ground.

Although the equipment is mostly designed to operate using pneumatic, mechanical, or hydraulic mechanisms, sometimes they are made to operate electrically.

The motion of the equipment is usually controlled using a relay switch.

While there are other tools for loading shipment on and off trucks, liftgates can act as a suitable replacement in the case of those tools being unavailable or inappropriate for delivery.

As most liftgates can support a weight of up to 5,000 pounds, they can serve as a bridge to facilitate the loading of cargo if the load platform is elevated. 

How does a Liftgate work for your needs?

The mechanism of the tail lift is launched with the gate folded and installed against the rear of a truck or just beneath it.

As the driver of the machinery, you will unfold it as it lowers to create a platform for lifting the cargo.

On the other hand, offloading will require the shipment to be placed on the tail lift so that it gets lowered to the desired height or ground level. 

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What ‘Liftgate at delivery’ means

Some cargoes are labeled to require a ‘liftgate at delivery’ which implies that there is no forklift or shipping dock to lift the shipments at the destination of the recipients. So it signifies to the sender that a liftgate service would be required for the delivery.

Liftgate on Moving Truck for Delivery

When will a Liftgate be necessary?

A liftgate will be useful when there’s no forklift at a destination or a facility lacks the capacity for loading cargo onto and from the truck or trailer. There are several other conditions when a liftgate will be necessary and here are a few of them;

  • At building sites

You’ll find that building sites typically lack an adequate shipping dock or do not even have one at all.

Notwithstanding, you have to ensure safe deliveries at the site since materials will continuously need to be transported from one part to another. 

  • Residential delivery

While a large number of homes receive deliveries, they cannot usually unload cargo from trucks effectively.

This is especially crucial when the shipment weighs more than the capacity of regular shipping services like FedEx or UPS. It’s recommended that you should consider hiring a service with liftgate at delivery at 

  • No accessible loading dock

It is not uncommon for deliveries to be made at facilities that have no forklift or loading dock that can be accessed easily for loading the trailer or truck.

As long as the cargo never weighs beyond 150 pounds, this kind of facility will not find it difficult to offload cargoes off trailers or load onto trucks. A liftgate or forklift will however become essential for deliveries at such destinations when the freight exceeds 150 pounds. 

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Advantages of using a Liftgate service

Using a liftgate service for your deliveries is highly advantageous and here are some reasons why;

  • Minimizes damage to shipment:

The average platforms in trucks are typically tall enough to incur damage on the cargo if it slips or falls during loading or unloading.

Such damages can lead to costs that would have been otherwise avoided if you had used a safe unloading tool like liftgates. This applies especially to deliveries of fragile cargo.

  • Reduce the risk of injury: 

Injuries on work sites are typically a result of heavy materials being loaded manually using the wrong lifting technique.

This can lead to lawsuits and inevitable waste of time. A liftgate delivery relieves people from lifting heavy loads onto or off a truck, hence reducing the risk of any injury.

  • Reduced dependence on manpower:

To limit disturbances on-site, you need to maximize your effort by utilizing liftgate delivery services. That way, you can avoid having to distract workers who are already occupied just to lift and transport heavy materials.

These distractions which can be prevented through the use of a tail lift can inhibit progress, especially with time-sensitive projects.

Liftgates only need to be operated by well trained driver so their use reduces your dependence on manpower for offloading. 

What does liftgate service mean?

In Closing

While the logistics of deliveries are affected by several factors, the prevention of freight from getting damaged is one of the important aspects.

Without proper handling and adequate offloading mechanisms, cargoes can suffer damages that would have been otherwise avoided.

If a forklift or loading dock is unavailable, then a liftgate can be the ideal tool to rely on for the safe and effective offloading of large-sized freight. Besides, tail lifts are considerably more affordable than forklifts if the delivery is a one-time service.

Construction sites usually lack a sufficient loading dock to lift shipments onto trailer beds and that’s where liftgates come in to be useful.

If you run a freight company, then you can hire a liftgate delivery service for a relatively small cost. These services will utilize a liftgate-fitted truck to load or unload your shipment so that it is not exposed to damages.