What To Look For When Buying A Used Box Truck?

What To Look For When Buying A Used Box Truck?

Box trucks have always been a great addition to improving your hauling fleet. And sometimes, it is not possible not to get a brand-new truck.

You can also use a used commercial box truck to run your business.

Are fairly used box trucks reliable?

But, you should always buy it by assessing the truck’s history from a reputable dealer. 

Buying a used vehicle is similar to buying a brand new vehicle. 

There are certain factors that you always need to keep in mind. It is pretty tricky! So, if you are up for the purchase, check out the tips below.

What To Look For When Buying A Used Box Truck?

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Box Truck

A used box truck will never be in flawless condition compared to a freshly purchased box truck.

But, if you do not have the required amount of finances to out-rightly purchase a brand new model, or even acquire via leasing programs, going with a used box truck will work just fine to give your business a head start. 

But, before you make the purchase, you will need to consider some of the factors such as these:

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Box Truck

#1 Determine What Type Of Loads You Will Be Carrying

Another important thing you have to consider is the type of load you wish to carry. You will have to determine the type of load, as the greater the load, the bigger the truck has to be. 

For instance, if you wish to carry things like toys and all, you will need a midsize or standard-sized truck.

And, if you wish to haul heavier loads such as vehicles, you will need a box truck with a greater GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), and also a CDL permit (Commercial Driver’s License).

Also, the type of loads will determine the type of doors, floor, and the type of chassis you will need in the box truck.

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#2 Check On Facilities

You will know that the truck you choose is a great pick when it offers more than just deliveries.

You must check on how well it functions when it comes to loading docks. So whichever truck you use should be efficient in the dock loading and unloading process. 

Consider doors, forklift package, and chassis wheel size, and pick the truck. This is to ensure that loading and unloading processes are safe and easy. 

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#3 Ask For A Detailed History Of The Vehicle 

When you purchase a vehicle, it is very important to check if it is in standard condition. 

Check the vehicle’s history – Certainly, a buyer needs to conduct a history check and understand the vehicle’s background.

You should see the truck’s records on accident history, maintenance, modifications, and oil changes. 

What Should A Good Mileage Of A Used Box Truck Be?

If you check these records, you will better understand the vehicles, which can help you save some bucks in the future. 

Reason for selling–After going through these documents mentioned above, you will need to understand the prime reason for selling. 

If you understand this, you will know if the truck will face some serious issues. If he wants to sell it just because he wishes to upgrade his fleet, you can be sure that the purchase will be worth it. 

Service records – once you are sure that the selling of the vehicle is not due to its problems, you should check its maintenance records, such as –

  • If the vehicle was the routinely tuned
  • If the truck has parts that were replaced or need replacement
  • If the engine or the transmission needs special care or needs to be upgraded

If you find out that some parts are already replaced, it would be a good decision to buy the truck. 

When you look at the truck’s maintenance records, it will help you determine if it’s a good call to buy the truck. 

Accident History – 

To better understand the truck’s usability, look at its accident history. Yes, you need to know if the truck has been in an accident. 

If it has been in an accident, you need to know how extensive the damage was. Cross-check if there are parts that need to be changed because of the accident. 

If you see that the truck has an accident history and understand it, you can prepare for possible damage in the future. 

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#4 Check The Engine’s Performance Or Track Record

Check on the engine of the truck you have chosen to purchase. Consider the make and model of the engine, as trucks with old engine models often come with minor problems. 

Again, some engines wear out or malfunction after serving a certain mileage. Research the engine models before you buy your box truck

best used box truck to buy

#5 Mileage

Mileage has often been a parameter to check to conclude the truck’s condition. If you wish to get a truck to cover large distances, you will have to invest in a truck with low mileage.

Checking these parameters can help you figure out the truck’s condition. 

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Secondary Specification to Check-In a Used Box Truck

Before buying or finance your old model truck, you need to perform another round of specifications.

It is common knowledge that used commercial box trucks often come with some major-minor problems, so it is very important to check it in the first place –

  • Engine coolant – check on the engine coolant, the radiator, the heater core, the engine surface, and the air filter under the hood
  • Tires – checking on the tire condition can help figure out the condition of the truck.
  • The layout of the axles – depending on the loads you will carry, check if the axle layout is right for you.
  • Type of transmission – trucks have two types of the transmission system; pick according to your preference.
  • Towing capacity and horsepower – the greater the weight, the more horsepower your truck will need, so you need to pick a truck according to the loads you will carry.
  • Engine oil – closely check the truck’s interior to find the traces of leaking brake fluid; if you find none, the box truck is in good condition and well maintained.
  • Lights – check the truck’s lights, such problems are often minor, but it will take less time to become a huge issue.
  • Doors and window seals – check on windows and doors, if the truck has faulty doors, you need to get them replaced soon enough, and poor seals can compromise your safety

FAQ About Financing Old Model Box Trucks!

How Long Can A Box Truck Last?

On average, box trucks have 7 to 10 years of usable life. And you can even extend it if you keep it well maintained. 

What Should A Good Mileage Of A Used Box Truck Be?

Good mileage for a box truck that runs on gas would be roughly around 100,000 miles, while a box truck that runs on diesel would be around 200,000 miles. 

What is best used box truck to buy?


Buying a used commercial truck is pretty tricky, as there is a chance for you to get a poorly maintained truck. But, buying a used truck has its benefits as well.

If you are looking for a used box truck to purchase, you can take help from the tips mentioned above! At least you will be confident with the truck you are buying.

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