Where Can I Park My Box Truck Overnight in Best Truck Parking Lot for Trucks?

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A recent survey has revealed that the most frustrating task for box truckers is finding safe and comfortable truck parking areas.

Many young drivers in far regions do send us mails like where can I park my truck overnight and safely?

No doubt, truck pull up for free or paid versions isn’t as easy as it sounds because you want to avoid backlash and even, legal issues that may affect your career. Now, we have your back.

We have listed seven of the best places ideal for parking without getting a ticket. Doing this will also cut the cost of traveling and paying for overnight tickets.

Scroll down to know the seven best areas to where to park uhaul overnight for a truck driver, without getting a ticket.

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Where Can A Truck Driver Park Box Truck Overnight?

If you are asking, where can I find trucks parked location without getting a ticket, a big space will be in front of the grocery store, fast food outlet, parking-lots, or shopping mall, truck shops with enough people within the space.

In addition, if you are driving in suburban, you can also sleep in your truck while it’s parked because overnight pull up there is safe and convenient.

The well-lit surroundings of shopping malls, lots, truck stops, and grocery stores make their popular overnight spaces.

Also, the area has security guards and cameras, which makes them even safer. But you need to remember that overnight at these places is not legal.

Thus, you might be asked to remove your truck even at night. Now look below to few good spots to legally station truck safely and securely!

  1. Casinos
  2. Truck station at Walmart
  3. Overnight at Rest Stops
  4. Truck Stops
  5. BLM Land
  6. City Street
  7. Gass stations
  8. Shopping malls
  9. Restaurants
  • Casinos 

If you do not have Walmart’s store nearby, you can also save yourself from paying for charges by leaving your U haul truck at the casino.

You will feel secure because casinos operate throughout the night. Moreover, officers patrol all night, and there are several security cameras in the overnight truck stops.

Casinos are open 24 hours so that you can get any help. If you are parking your vehicle at a casino at night for around eight hours, no one will notice you.

That’s because people who play at casinos spend a lot of time. If the staff does not find your stopping suspicious, you are safe.

The best thing is to access bathroom facilities, coffee, tea, and food. Most of the casinos charge a reasonable amount for the food. But you must avoid parking at casinos if gambling is not legal in your area.

Casino Parking Lots

  • Truck Parking at Walmart 

Another best location where you can park your truck without the risk of getting it stolen is Walmart. You can park for free at any of their location without worrying about getting a ticket.

Overnight at Wal-Mart location is completely legal, and because of this several u haul truck-drivers park their vehicles.

Several truck drivers take advantage of this and stay during the day and night. What’s better? Well, Wal-Mart‘s location can be found easily as they are located all across the country.

You will not be asked to remove your vehicle at night, and your box truck will get the best security at night. Many Wal-Mart stores also give access to bathrooms and Wi-Fi facilities.

  • Overnight at Rest Stops 

One of the best location to park your truck at night is rest stops. Most drivers choose to stay at rest stops if they are still on their way.

Interestingly, you don’t have to pay any parking charges or money. Also, you will find many rests stops on your way. It is even legal to stay at rest stops. So, you can stay there and relax.

Most rest stops also come with a 24-hour bathroom facility and sometimes offer tea or coffee. But this does not mean that you should park your truck at any rest stop. A survey has revealed that some rest stops are not safe and must be avoided.

Therefore, you must gather enough information before you station, so you do not land into any trouble.

  • Truck Stops at Welcome Information Centers 

If you are crossing a state line, say California into Oregon, you can park your vehicle at welcome information centers.

These centers have spacious truck stops where you can pull up without worrying about getting a ticket. Not to mention, you can even sleep in your truck.

If you park your vehicle at welcome information centers, you can sometimes get all the space. Not many truck pilots choose to park their vehicles at the welcome information center.

You can also get free maps and gather information about the state at such centers. This way you will have an idea of things you can do in the morning. But you might not be able to use the bathroom as it is only available when the center opens.

box truck parking at midday

  • BLM Land 

You can also stay overnight for free at BLM Land, i.e., the Bureau of Land Management. BLM Land lets the car camp for free without getting a parking ticket.

If you carry a tent, you can freely park your vehicle anywhere. Did you know that some BLM Land offers car camping or camping for up to 30 days without asking for any charges?

That’s right! All you need to do is make sure you do not leave any trace by picking up all of your trash. BLM Land parking is legal, and you can spend a considerable amount of time sleeping inside your truck. You can also pull up at gas stations.

  • City Street and Road Parking

Lastly, you can enjoy the city street parking facility for free. Indeed, finding the right place on the street or road to park and sleep inside may be difficult.

But you can find some streets that are considered pretty safe for free parking. However, sleeping inside a vehicle parked on the city streets is not legal.

How Do Parking Lot Works?

When a truck enters a lot, the system identifies and classifies it as a commercial or a passenger vehicle. Once done, the management checks for free space and guides the truck to the space.

But before you choose a parking lot for your box truck, consider the following factors:

  • Is the lot enough for your truck to fit perfectly?
  • Is it well-lit and has CCTV cameras for security?
  • Does the management allow you to sleep in the box truck? What is the fee for renting the space for a night or long hours?

Remember, you cannot park your truck everywhere. Find a legal spot for it, so you don’t get into a difficult situation.

Parking lot with cctv

Can You Park a Box Truck on the Street?

In the United States, whether or not you can park a truck on the street varies depending on the specific laws and regulations of the city where the vehicle is parked.

In residential locale, leaving a truck on the road is typically allowed, but there may be certain restrictions in place.

For example, some cities may have a maximum vehicle size limit or weight limit for vehicles parked on the street, which could prohibit larger box trucks from being parked.

Additionally, some cities may have specific regulations in place during certain hours, such as overnight bans, that would prohibit parking on the street during those times.

Parking on the street may be more restricted or prohibited altogether in commercial spots. It’s more common to find designated locations, such as truck stops or commercial lots where trucks can park.

It’s always best to check with the local authorities for specific regulations in the area where you want to park your box truck.

Where Do Owner Operators Pull-up Their Trucks?

Since after driving all day long, the owner-operators need their rest; they try to park in safe and legal lots. The parking law differs from city to city and varies from one neighborhood to another.

So, before you find a space, make sure it is legal to park there. Here are some places where owner-operators can pull up their trucks:

  • At Home: The most convenient place for owner-operators to park their truck is in their driveway. This goes well for operators living in rural regions with huge, free lots in front of their houses that can easily accommodate bigger vehicles.
  • Truck Stops: A truck stop is one of the safest, most convenient, and legal places to park your box truck. 
  • Wal-Mart: They have huge setting with 24×7 access to the store and bathroom, making it an ideal parking spot for most owner-operators. 

Your box-trucks are probably one of your most significant investments, so when parking them for a break, choose a place that is well-lit and safe for you to stay in.

Parking overnight

Where to Station Food Truck Overnight?

Here are some of the places where you can park your food truck overnight:

  • Warehouses (Indoor-Parking): Warehouses are packed with security. These facilities have guarded gates and are huge, giving you ample space to park your food truck safely. But renting a space here can be quite expensive.
  • Covered Outdoor Parking: Covered parking spots are dedicated to the safe parking of all types of trucks, including food trucks. These outdoor spots are covered with canopies that protect your food truck from surrounding elements and are much cheaper to rent.
  • Uncovered Outdoor Space: If you are not concerned about the food truck being uncovered while you relax, open outdoor parking lots offer an ideal spot for parking your food truck. These are huge and cheap to rent for a night or more.

The parking place you choose will depend on what you are looking for in terms of safety, facilities, and affordability.

Are There Daily Parking for Free?

Here are some locations where daily parking for free is possible:

  • Rest-Areas: Many states have rest area along major highways where commercial vehicles are allowed to park overnight for free. However, availability can be limited and some rest site may have restrictions on the type of vehicles that are allowed to park.
  • Wal-Mart: Some Wal-Mart stores allow overnight staying for commercial vehicles. It’s best to check with the store directly and make sure that it’s allowed before you station your truck.
  • Truck Stops: Some truck stops offer free overnight parking for commercial vehicles, but availability can be limited and some truck stops may have restrictions on the type of vehicles that are allowed to park.
  • Industrial Parks: Some industrial parks or business parks allow overnight station for commercial vehicles in their lots. It’s best to check with the park or business directly and make sure that it’s allowed before parking your box truck.
  • Private Parking Lots: Some private lots may allow overnight stay for commercial vehicles. However, it’s important to check with the owner of the parking lot and make sure you have their permission to stay there overnight.
  • Park and Rides: Some cities and municipalities have park-and-ride lots that are intended for commuters and may be available for overnight stay.

When choosing a lot for free parking, ensure the place is well-lit and has guards and CCTV cameras for security.

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FAQ About Box Truck Safe Parking Areas!

Best places to station my 26 ft box truck?

The best locations to legally park your 26 ft box truck, free of cost, and safely include Wal-Mart, truck stops, BLM land, industrial parks or business parks that allow overnight for commercial vehicles, and casinos.

Most of these locations  have a security camera and do not charge you for parking.

However, it’s important to check with local authorities for specific parking regulations in the area before stationing overnight.

Can you sleep in a box truck overnight?

Yes, you can if you parked safely and the trucking company allows it. Establishments like Wal-Mart, truck stops, and casinos let you sleep in your box truck and use their facilities mostly without charging you anything for the spot.

How to avoid overnight theft when parked?

There are cases of vehicles getting stolen overnight while they were parked. If you do not want such a thing to happen, consider installing a CCTV camera. It will protect your truck and save you from facing a huge loss.

Summary of where to pull up my box truck!

We are happy to help clear your doubt and point you to best regions to park your box trucks, either for free or paid lots.

No more wondering, where to pull up my truck on the road during truck driving! But remember, it’s your responsibility to park your truck properly. But finding free and safe station is not easy. Many times, you might get a parking ticket even at area low spots.

However, if you park at any of the spots recommended in this post, you don’t have to get scared. You can also sleep in your vehicle while it’s parked.

But remember that sleeping inside the vehicle is not legal in some recommended sites and gas stations. Another fine suggestion is to work with companies such as Travel Center that assist travelers organize safe spots.

where can i park my box truck


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