What Is Average Flatbed Width for Dually and Pickup?

How Wide Is A Flatbed Truck? Some of flatbed Pickup trucks’ most essential dimension is their width, weight / hauling, length and height.

The width dictates the cargo size you can fit in your pickup, and it is the major determinant of your truck’s ideal liftgate and vice versa.

In choosing the perfect liftgate for your Pickup, you might also have to consider other factors such as the vehicle’s:

  1. Year
  2. Model
  3. Make/Brand
  4. Compatibility
  5. Lifting capacity.

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How Would You Know This?

Flatbed Pickups’ year, model, and brand are easy-enough tags to know but, its cargo lifting capacity and width, not so much.

Even if you were to measure them somehow, except you are an expert, you still would not know the models compatible and suited to that specific Pickup truck.

So what do you do?

Use a standard Pickup Liftgate application chart to determine that. The different models and brands of Flatbed Pickup trucks have their specific widths.

Since one of the most important applications of the width of a flatbed pickup truck is liftgate installation, this article will be enumerating the width of different Pickup truck’s brands and models and some of the liftgates suitable for installing.

Flatbed Pickup trucks width and their optimal liftgate

Width Brand and Model Liftgate
60’ Ford Pickup (pre-1996 model) Pickup or service body types of liftgate e.g. TT-12E 6026 and TT-12EPB
53’ 1997 F150/250 LD TT-12E 562
56’ 1999 F250/350 TT-12EPB
60’ Dodge Pickup (pre-1993 model) TT-12EPB
53’ GMC/Chevrolet Pickup (1987 +) TT-15RMET
30’ Chevrolet/GMC 2007-2010
50.6’ 2021 Ford F-150

Please note that the maximum width allowed for generally bigger flat-bed is 8 ft 5 inches wide. Any other flatbed having a width wider than this would have to be issued a special permit.

Why is a flatbed pickup truck important to your business?

A Flatbed truck normally has no barriers and is just a wide and open bed to place your cargo on,and this serves as important for rental purposes.

This is important to your business because it makes it very easy to load and access whatever cargo is in it whenever it arrives at its destination.

Flatbeds are usually used to transport goods that might sometimes not be able to fit into traditional covered and walled containers and might need to hang out from the edges of the truck, like large pipes and lumber (oversized cargo).

Other reasons to use a flatbed pickup, which has adequate width are:

  • A Flatbed usually has the high horsepower, which is important in transporting heavy cargo.
  • The absence of walls or barriers on the flatbed sides makes it easier to load and unload cargo.
  • They are suitable for oddly sized loads and freight which might not fit in enclosed containers.

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FAQ – How Wide Is A Flatbed Truck

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding flatbeds and their width:

How wide is a 53 feet flatbed?

Flatbeds length can range from about 45 to 53 feet, and while their width might, in rare cases, be different, generally 53 feet flatbeds are 8.6 feet wide. Any wider than that, and you would have to possess a permit.

What is the average width of a truck bed?

The average width of flatbed truck bed is 8.5 feet.

It might increase slightly based on some factors and the ability to acquire the required permits for it.

What is the point of a flatbed truck?

Flatbed trucks are helpful in scenarios where you need to transport many heavy materials or objects from one point to another, and they cannot seem to fit into an enclosed container.

It also is useful when you consider the flatbed truck’s loading and unloading method, as it is easier to load and load from a flatbed truck than from other trucks.

How do you turn a truck into a flatbed?

In a situation where you’re short on money to buy a new flatbed or for the fun of it, you want to turn your current truck into a flatbed:

You first need to remove the old bed and the bed liner. While removing it, lift the bed out gradually and carefully to prevent damage.

After removing the bed, place a frame under the new flatbed and line them up close with the holes, then lower it onto the truck frame.

After attaching the bed, then make sure to add a platform, as well as waterproofing it to reduce water damage.

How wide is a 48 ft flatbed trailer?

The average width, as well as the maximum width allowed for a 48 ft flatbed trailer, is 8 ft 6 inches.

How wide is a typical truck bed?

The width of a typical truck bed is about 8ft 5 inches, give or take. Very few really go over these measurements.

How wide are most flatbed trailers?

Most, if not all, flatbed trailers have a maximum width of 8ft 6 inches, with special permits and permissions having to be sought by those who possess flatbeds whose measurements exceed that.

How wide is a 48 ft flatbed trailer?

A 48 ft flatbed’s trailer has a width of 8 ft 6 inches.

How wide is a pickup box?

The average width of a pickup box is between 61 to 66 inches wide.

How do I know my truck bed size?

Every truck manufacturer usually tags its bed size to it, but the best and easiest way to know for sure is to measure it by hand with the use of a measuring tape for accurate measurement.

Are all pickup trucks the same width?

No, not all pickup trucks have the same width; some may have a higher or lower width based on the size of the truck itself.

How wide is a Ford pickup truck?

The width of Ford pickup trucks can range from 60 inches to about 65 inches, depending on the model of the truck.


Knowing the weight of your flatbed can help you determine the type of cargo it can optimally carry. And how the cargo will be transported from one place to the other.