What is Uhaul Car Trailer Width and Length?

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In a world of ever-increasing varieties of car trailers, it is safe to say that the Uhaul Car Trailer has carved a name for itself.

A typical U Haul car trailer has deck dimensions of 148” x 79.25” x 19” (Length x Width x Height).  This car trailer has a 77.5” long ramp where you can load your automobile.

Uhaul patented its auto transport trailer design, making it an outstanding competitor in the game and arguably the best around.

The auto transport trailer design has more than just a unique design to offer. This trailer comes with automatic brakes, an easy-access loading ramp as well as tilt-out fenders that allow for trouble-free door access.

U Haul truck trailer carries jeep

Why Uhaul Car Trailer Width?

Furthermore, U-haul auto transport rentals are available for both in-town and one way moves. These moves can happen with this rental attached behind your vehicle or behind Uhaul moving trucks.

If you decide to tow with your automobile, you will need a 1 7/8” or 2” hitch ball, an appropriately rated hitch system, as well as external mirrors, and fully functional lighting. 

The good thing about the reservation process is you will be provided with the exact recommendation to fit your particular car.

Without wasting any time at all, get on board with this stress-free rental today. View Uhaul Hitch Installation here!

Uhaul Car Trailer Rental Prices

Renting a U-Haul trailer is an affordable solution for your moving needs.

With cargo and utility trailers starting at $14.95,  you can find a low cost option for a move of any size. Unlimited miles are included on all trailer rentals, always.

The width of a car trailer is indicative of the trailer’s weight limit and its capacities. U-Haul has four categories of car trailers available. The smallest is a 4’x8’ cargo trailer while the largest is a 6’x12’ cargo trailer.

The loading capacity of these loading trailers are between 1,600 pounds (for a 4’x8’ cargo trailer) and 2,500 pounds (for a 6’x12’ cargo trailer).  

Therefore, the width of a loading trailer gives you an insight on how much load it can move sufficiently.

blue car trailer

Dimensions of Uhaul Car Trailer

  • Deck Width 79.25″
  • Deck Length 148″
  • Deck Minimum Width 41″
  • Fender Height Off of Deck 12″
  • Between Ramp 44.25″
  • Outside of Ramp 76.25″
  • Ramp Length 77.5″”
  • Deck Height 19″.

How to Load a Car On a Trailer Like a Pro

Most have low ground clearance so loading one on a Uhaul trailer is different. How to load a Corvette on a Uhaul Trailer is detailed below:

Step 1: Attach the Towed Vehicle to the Trailer

Park the towing vehicle and the U-haul trailer in line with each other, and attach the trailer’s coupler and chains to the towing vehicle.

Ensure it is securely attached before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Prepare the Trailer using Special Techniques

Unleash the tire straps and free the ramp by releasing the latches and then pulling the ramps out. Extend the ramp to raise your Vette’s clearance by placing a 2×8 plank at the end of the original ramp.

You may also need to increase clearance at the front of your vehicle by placing an 18″ 2×8 plank on the trailer deck.

car transporter

Step 3: Load the Corvette on the Trailer

Drive slowly up the ramp and have a spotter give directions from the sideline. Ensure the car is centered so the wheels run directly on the ramps.

Keep driving till the tires reach the stops on the trailer, and then put the vehicle in park.

Avoid using a car cover because it will likely scratch the paint off your car due to the unavoidable flapping during transit.

Guidelines for Hauling a Car on a UHaul Trailer

We’ll be honest, towing a car whether for a cross-country move or repairs is not a child’s play.

As simple as it may look, there are guidelines to follow when using a UHaul auto transport trailer to ensure a safe and risk-free towing.

The guidelines for hauling a car on a Uhaul trailer are listed below.

  • Stick to the towing vehicle and the vehicle to be towed you confirmed at the UHaul center, and avoid any last minute changes. A change in the towing combination can pose a risk to you and other drivers on the road.
  • Confirm your towing vehicle’s hitch system rating.
  • Consult your car owner’s manual to be sure this method of towing is suitable for your car.
  • Don’t load your vehicle backwards to avoid swaying during transit.
  • Ensure the towed vehicle is empty and no cargo should be added to prevent unplanned weight distribution that can pose a risk.
  • Ensure your towing vehicle is in park and that the trailer is attached before loading the car.

uhaul auto transporter

Is loading car on trailer possible for every brands?

Yes, it is possible to load all brands of cars on a trailer. There are different sizes of trailers that can hold different sizes of cars.

Can you tow a Corvette with a car dolly?

Yes, you can tow a Corvette with a car dolly, but it is not recommended especially for long-distance towing.

Since a car dolly will have the rear tires of the Corvette on the ground, it can cause damage and unnecessary wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How wide is a car trailer?

The overall width of a typical car trailer is 102”, its overall length is 53 feet, and its overall height is 13ft 6 inches. The interior of semi-trailers is 47′ 6″ long, 98.5″ wide, and 108 inches high.

The rear door opening is 94″ in width and 102″ in height. 53 ft. semi-trailers have a capacity of 3,489 cubic feet, and it weighs 13, 500 lbs. (pounds).

Will my car fit on a Uhaul trailer?

Yes, you can easily tow your car like Corvette on a Uhaul trailer, and it can serve many purposes such as transporting a project car, moving your car across states, or any towing needs your automobile requires.

The U Haul rental process makes sure your reservation is the best combination you need for towing your car. Please do not change the car you intend to tow or your tow vehicle without cross checking with the reservation team.

You can also look out for possible towing combinations online before completing the process. In addition, you have to know your towing vehicles’ hitch system rating.

Corvette car

How heavy is the U Haul car trailer?

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the U Haul car trailer is about 7,500 pounds.  It has a maximum load capacity of 5,290 pounds and an Empty weight of 2,210 pounds. 

Furthermore, it has an external length of 20 ft., an external width of 8 ft. 5 in. at the fenders, an internal height of 6 ft. at the center, and an interior width of 8 ft.—81 in. between the wheel boxes.

What is the max wheelbase for a Uhaul car trailer?

The maximum wheelbase of Uhaul is 133 inches. For outside tire width over 75”, you must use a late-model U Haul Auto Transport.

You can recognize this model by its silver galvanized color.  The maximum wheelbase is the distance from the front axle to the rear axle. You will often find it posted on the driver’s side door jamb.

Will an F250 fit on the Uhaul trailer?

The ability for a Ford f250 to fit on a Uhaul trailer depends on the truck’s weight.

Truck weight for an F250 depends on the year of manufacture, cab style, length, and if it has a four or two-wheel drive. 

The average weight of a ford f250 is 6586 pounds (curb weight). However, curb weight differs from model to model.

Therefore, you can check with the Uhaul site while making your reservation to verify if your Ford F250 will fit on the Uhaul trailer. 

car carrier enclosed

What size car trailer do I need to haul a truck?

If you need a car trailer to haul your truck, the 16 ft. car trailer will be too small. You can use a 20 ft. car trailer, but it will get stuffed in there, and the tongue weight will be a little higher.

However, you can choose to go for a 21 ft. flatbed tow truck for this move. 

Can you haul a full-size truck on a U-Haul trailer?

Yes, a full-size truck will fit into the Uhaul trailer. The Uhaul Auto Transport Trailer is a four-wheel trailer on which you can tow your entire vehicle on top of the trailer.

This trailer is a go-to option when towing most sedans, coupes, and compact cars.

You can also use this trailer to carry heavier and larger vehicles from one location to another.

The maximum capacity of U Haul auto transport is 5,290 pounds.

Will a dually truck fit on a car trailer?

A dually truck will fit on a proper car transport carrier. However, the longer and bigger dually trucks may not fit into a car trailer.

Dually pickup trucks, or dually pickups, are large pickup trucks and heavy-duty trucks. A dually truck, unlike most trucks, has four rear tires (other pickup trucks have two rear tires).

How big is a car trailer?

Most car trailers are between 14-24 feet, usually separated in two-foot increments. The ideal trailer for transporting most cars is the 16-foot trailer because it is not unwieldy to tow.

However, enclosed trucks are often much longer than the said range of 14-24 feet trailers range we know.

Final Words

It is safe to say that the U-Haul auto transport car trailers are the best in this trade for your long-distance moves. A U Haul car trailer provides a maximum load towing capacity of 5,290 pounds.

This car trailer is the go-to gear for towing most sedans, coupes, compact cars, and trucks. You can attach this car trailer to your vehicle or a moving truck.

Detached 4-wheel trailer


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