Winnebago Class A Motorhomes – Top Floor plans, Specs and Deals

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Winnebago Industries is one of the most popular companies that has been producing motorhomes since 1958.

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The company is popular for using thermo-panel walls to create strong, lightweight, and well-insulated units.

Some of their most popular models are the Class A and  Class C motorhomes.

In this article, we will review some of their top Class A motorhomes, their floor plans, models, and Specs.

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Top 6 Winnebago Class A Motorhomes

After a lot of research, we settled on the following top 6 options:

  • mobile home camperWinnebago Vista Review

The Winnebago Vista is a great motorhome as it boasts of a compact size and an ingenious interior.

It is built on a Ford F53 chassis and powered by a V10 gas engine, making it strong but lightweight.

The unit is made with special attention to the driver’s comfort and convenience as it features a combination of a rear-view/radio system and a 6.2 LCD touch screen.

Floor plans

Model Specs Length Sleep Capacity
27P 28’5” 5
29V 30” 5
31B 31’2” 7
32M 31’9” 5
35U 35” 5

The Vista boasts of a  power steering wheel, tilt steering wheel, map light, and power side mirrors that make driving it a pleasant experience.

Once you have set the cruise control, you can stay relaxed and let it roll with little effort.

On the exterior is steel cage construction that provides a strong and durable body.


  • Strong but lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Good use of space
  • Compact


  • A bit hard to maneuver

The Winnebago Vista is a great choice for RV owners who are searching for a compact motorhome at an affordable price.

Not only is it of good quality but it is one of the highest-rated units in the sector.

With five floor plans, as shown above, this is, without doubt, a unit that is worth considering.

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  • Winnebago Forza Review

The Forza is a motorhome that has been built to provide users with a luxurious living experience.

All details in the motor home are meticulously made from the high-end kitchen to the spacious bedroom.

If you love preparing delicious meals,  Winnebago Forza will enable you to do that as it comes with a spacious kitchen with a decorative backsplash, 3-burner range, a high-rise faucet on top of the sink, and a residential fridge.

Floor plans

Model Specs Length Sleep Capacity
34T 35’6” 5
36H 37.9” 6
38D 39’10” 7
38F 39’10” 6
38W 39’10” 8

The unit features a nightstand with a USB charging outlet and removable shelves where you can keep your items.

It has a spacious gathering space with a maximum of 3 slide rooms, an overhead bank, and an optional versa cab seat to provide users with more flexibility when sleeping.

The kitchen features all the amenities you need including the 3-burner range, a high-rise faucet on top of the sink, and a residential fridge


  • Spacious
  • Sturdily-made
  • Durable
  • Beautiful exterior
  • A breeze to drive


  • Issues of some amenities failing have been reported

The Forza features a super-strong structure made of interlocking joints, embedded steel, and laser tubing, making it among the most durable motor homes in the market.

The exterior of the RV has a clear coat finish and full-body paint options.

The unit allows you to enjoy the outdoors with an awning and exterior wash stations. The price of the unit starts from $286, 346.

  • Winnebago Adventurer Review

Recreational vehicle illustration

The Winnebago Adventurer features an 8100 Vortec engine that enables it to withstand the weight of the unit.

It also comes with an Allison transmission that is strong, efficient, and economical.

With 22.5-inch radial tires, the unit has a good ride quality with minimal rolling resistance.

Recreational vehicle illustration

The suspension of the unit minimizes side-to-side resistance in rough roads.

Floor plans

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the following floor plans.

Model Length(ft & inches) Sleep Capacity
27N 28’5” 3
29B 30’1” 5
30T 31’1” 4
33C 33’11” 5
36Z 36’11” 5

The motorhome features a driver and passenger seat that reclines, making them comfortable for TV watching.

It also comes with a foldaway tabletop. It is spacious enough with all models allowing a minimum of 3 adults to sit comfortably.

The unit features a lounge and dinette that are placed in the big forward slide-out. There is another slide-out at the back that creates another private living space.


  • Spacious
  • Wide range of amenities
  • Beautiful exterior
  • Easy to drive and maneuver around


  • The bedroom is a bit small

The dressing area features a bathroom with a toilet, corner shower, and rounded sink.

Whether you need an RV with additional living space, more storage options, or more luxury, the Adventurer will be a good unit that will fit your need. With five floor options, it has something for everyone.

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  • Winnebago Intent Review

Winnebago Intent is one of the safest and classiest motorhomes.

It features a new design with amazing features that adds to its comfort and safety. The exterior of the RV is very beautiful as it has premium high-gloss sidewalls that also add to its durability.

At the entrance door are electric steps that ensure you don’t bend each time you are setting up or removing the stairs.

Floor plans

Model Length(ft & inches) Sleep Capacity
28Y 28’11” 5
29L 30’0” 6
30L 30’10” 6
31P 31’ 8

The unit comes with a powered patio awning with LED lighting. On the exterior is an extra package, making the unit to be very spacious.

The interior is also superbly designed, and features monitor panels, tinted windows, pleated blinds, vinyl flooring, and bunk with a mattress.


  • Beautifully styled
  • Very functional
  • Affordable
  • Safe and comfortable


  • Poor finishing
  • Some items easily break down

You can choose from the four-floor plans to determine one that meets your needs.

While some users complain of certain parts such as the door latch breaking down, overall, the Winnebago intent is a great unit for the money.

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  • Winnebago Journey Review

The Winnebago Journey is a 35-footer that motorhome that comes with three slideouts that open the interior.

Two of these slideouts are installed opposite one another behind the cab. This configuration helps to open up the living room.

This offers you the perfect space for hosting cocktail parties and other forms of entertainment.

Floor plans

Model Length(ft & inches)
34N 35’6”
36K 37’9”
40P 41’4”

The living module of the Journey features 6 deep cycle batteries an inverter/charger with a capacity of 3000 watts and an auto-start  Onan generator.

The unit comes with a heat pump and an air conditioner. Other features include a Wi-Fi router, an AT & T Sim card, and a central vacuum system.


  • God storage capacity
  • Comfortable
  • Wide range of features
  • Solidly built
  • Plenty of torque


  • Doesn’t have a pantry

If you don’t want to watch the TV, you can lower it away so that you can focus on the view at the window.

There is a pair of chottommans that acts as the footrest. Therefore, this is a great unit that is worth considering.

  • Winnebago Sunstar Review 

recreation vehicle illustration

The Winnebago Sunstar is a well-built unit that is user-friendly and comfortable.

It features five slide-out floor plans offering a great gathering place for your family.

It comes with a spacious lounge that can be converted into a sleeping space.

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Credit: Winnebago

The motorhome features seats that are covered in leather, providing a good place for dining, gaming, and other hobbies.

Floor plans

Model Length(ft & inches) Sleep Capacity
27P 28’5” 5
29V 30’0” 5
31B 31’2” 7
32M 31’9” 5
35U 35’0” 5

The motorhome comes with USB ports that are placed strategically in the dining space, and the driver and passenger seat.

To add to your comfort, it has 13,500 BTUs that use a programmable thermostat. At the rooftop are an aftermarket solar panel and a battery charger, producing a power output of 450 watts.


  • Lots of storage space
  • Very comfortable cabin
  • Powerful engine
  • Ample sleeping space


  • Inefficient gas usage
  • Issues of missing parts have been reported

The sleeping area has a big king-sized bed.  To create more sleeping space, you can turn the couch and dinette into a bed.

The bathroom comes with a large shower and has a lot of space that includes a medicine cabinet at the corner. To make it easy to prepare your meals, the motorhome comes with an oven, microwave, and large fridge.

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New Class A Winnebago for Sale

If you are searching for a new Class A Winnebago for Sale, here are some of the latest models and their starting prices. You can get these floor plans on the Winnebago website.

Winnebago Model Starting Price
Vista $156,786
Forza 2021 $286,346
Adventurer 2021 $178,991
Intent 2020 $85,000
Journey 2020 $387,295
Sunstar 2020 $156,786

Used Floor Plans / Models for Sale – Best Places to Get Cheap Deals

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider going for the used Winnebago models.

You can find these on sites such as eBay, RVtraders, Autohomes, and rvUSA.

You can also inquire from individual owners in your area. Here are the average prices you should expect to pay for the used Winnebago Class A motorhomes.

Winnebago Model Average Price
2016 Vista $67700
Forza 2021 $219,221
2011 Adventurer 32H $72000
Intent 2018 $79000
Journey 2012 $115,000
2016 Sunstar &74,000

Where to Rent Winnebago Class A Rental

If you are still unable to buy a new or used Winnebago class motor, you may want to consider renting.

Some of the big rental companies include RVShare, Outdoorsy, Cruise America, and Escape Campervans, etc. Here are some of the average rental prices.

Winnebago Model Renting Price(per night)
Vista $275
Forza 2020 $265
Adventurer $250
Intent $175
Journey $215
Sunstar $230

FAQ on Winnebago Super A

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on Winnebago Class A motorhomes.

What are the benefits of Winnebago class A diesel?

The biggest benefit is that like most Class A diesel motorhomes, the Winnebago Class A is big, sturdy, and spacious.

It is the type of motorhome that will easily accommodate a big family with everything they bring onboard. Moreover, because its engine is a diesel engine, it is powerful and reliable.

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What are the benefits of Winnebago Class A gas?

The biggest benefit of the Winnebago Class A gasoline motorhome is its powerful engine. Because the engine is a gasoline engine, it means it has more power and torque than an equivalent diesel engine.

This makes Winnebago Class A gasoline motorhomes better towing vehicles than similar class A diesel motorhomes.

Which Winnebago Class A floor plan is good for a family of 4?

If you are searching for a good Winnebago floor plan that will fit a family of four, we would recommend Adventure 30T. This has a floor length of 31 feet and 1 inch and is rated for a capacity of four.

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What is the best Class A gas motorhome?

The best Class A gas motorhome in 2022 is the Winnebago Vista. This vehicle costs about $180,000 and it is a big and luxurious RV.

It has a decent gas mileage because it is not as big as most Class A RVs. Its compact design means it fits in most parking spaces. It has all the interior features you would expect from a Class A motorhome.

How to organize your Winnebago class A

If you have a Winnebago Motorhome, you understand that no matter how much you try, you will always seem to be limited on space.  Here are tips to organize your Winnebago motorhome.

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Make use of the walls

You can save a lot of space on the counters by hanging items. Consider areas that may have dead spaces such as the slide-outs, and above the doors, and cabinets.

You can then store your cutting boards, kitchen utensils, and other lightweight items in such spaces.

Nest & stack

If you can get a collapsible colander, it can help in a motorhome. Ensure that you carry items that stack, nest, or collapse to keep your Winnebago motorhome organized.

burn fire close to RV

Get rid of unnecessary packaging

When doing grocery shopping, choose items that have minimal packaging.

Alternatively, when you get to your motorhome, get rid of the packaging, to ensure a better fit.

Reorganize grocery items such as rice and pasta. Instead of putting them in the shopping boxes, put them in small and airtight containers.

young family outdoor camping

Store your towel on a shelf

You can install a wire basket shelf above the toilet so that it holds the toilet paper as well as an extra towel.


Winnebago Motorhomes are high-quality units that are durable and are made with a lot of attention to detail.

The company is also known for its customer-friendly support.

Therefore, you will hardly go wrong with their motorhomes. With one of the above options, you can find a floor plan that meets your needs.

luxury RV interior


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Winnebago Class A Motorhomes – Top Floor plans, Specs and Deals

Winnebago Industries is one of the most popular companies that has been producing motorhomes since 1958. The company is popular for using thermo-panel walls to create strong, lightweight, and well-insulated units. Some of their most
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