Audi S8 Problems, Common Issues, Many Recalls and Solutions Explained

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When considering a luxury vehicle like the Audi S8, it’s important to learn about any potential issues you might face as an owner.

Known for its performance and style, the S8 also has some reported problems that could affect your ownership experience.

By understanding the common issues, you can make a more informed decision and potentially address any concerns during your purchase process.

In the following article, we’ll explore the problems most often seen with Audi S8 models, helping you better evaluate this high-end vehicle.

Audi S8 Common Problems

Common Audi S8 Problems

Let’s discuss the common problems that Audi S8 owners have experienced. Do realize these reported issues do not affect all Audi S8 vehicles, so some do not have these concerns.

For a better understanding, we have divided the issues into three subsections: Engine Issues, Power Steering Problems, and Interior Concerns.

Engine Issues

One prevalent issue with Audi S8 vehicles is related to carbon buildup in the FSI and TFSI engines. This can result in various problems like intake valves, intake, runner flaps, and even cause P0300 series codes.

To prevent this from happening or to address it when it occurs, you should have your engine checked periodically by a professional.

Another engine concern among Audi S8 owners is overheating due to a failing thermostat. This can cause damage to the engine and other components.

To avoid this, have your thermostat inspected and replaced if necessary during routine maintenance.

Power Steering Problems

Audi S8 owners have reported issues with the start-stop technology affecting power steering. In some cases, this system might shut off power steering and brake systems at dangerous times while driving.

Ensure that your vehicle’s start-stop system is functioning correctly, and consult a mechanic if you notice any irregularities while driving.

Interior Concerns

While the Audi S8 is known for its luxurious and comfortable interior, some owners have reported premature wear in multi-link suspension components. This can cause noise and discomfort while driving.

When you take your Audi S8 for regular maintenance, ask your mechanic to inspect the CV boots and joints at each service to ensure the suspension components are in good condition.

You should now be aware of some of the common problems that Audi S8 owners might face. Keep these concerns in mind as you enjoy your Audi S8 and address issues promptly to maintain your vehicle’s performance and reliability.

Audi S8 Recalls

Turbocharger Recalls

Audi has recalled some S8 sedans from the 2013-2017 model years due to a turbocharger issue that may cause stalling.

This recall was initiated after a yearlong investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Affected vehicles may have faulty oil strainers, which could lead to inadequate lubrication of the turbocharger, resulting in engine stall.

Alignment and Suspension Recalls

As for alignment and suspension issues, Audi S8 has not faced any notable recalls recently. However, it’s essential to remain informed about any recall updates issued by the NHTSA to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

By staying abreast of any recalls released by the NHTSA, you can update your Audi S8 as needed, ensuring your car’s optimal performance and safety. Remember to check your VIN for any notifications regarding your specific vehicle.

Comparing Audi S8 with Other Audi Models

Audi S8 vs Audi S6

When comparing the Audi S8 to the Audi S6, you’ll notice that both cars offer impressive performance and luxurious interiors.

The S8, being a performance version of the A8, has a more powerful engine, generating 563 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, whereas the S6 produces 444 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. However, the S6 might suit your needs if you prefer a smaller car with a lower price point.

Audi S8 vs Audi S7

As for the Audi S7, it shares a similar luxury and performance blend as the S8 but avoid the listed Audi S7 problems and issues proven to curtail your sweet rides. Both models have stylish exteriors and upscale cabins.

While the S8 has a more powerful engine, the S7 offers a sleeker design with its sportback silhouette. It ultimately depends on your preference between a spacious sedan or a more stylish alternative.

Audi S8 vs Other Models

Audi offers a wide range of luxury vehicles to cater to different tastes. Models like the Q7, Q8, RS Q8, A4, S4, A6, A7, Q5, A4 Allroad, and A5 come with varying degrees of luxury, interior amenities, and performance.

When researching issues, CarComplaints is a helpful resource for potential problems with different Audi models.

Keep in mind that with any luxury car, recalls and issues may arise. Staying informed about your specific model’s history and potential problems can help you make the best decision for your vehicle choice.

What is the Most Reliable Year of Audi S8?

According to the PainRank system, the Audi S8 ranks 1st in overall reliability out of 19 Audi models.

With that said, it’s time to reveal the winner: the 2020 Audi S8 takes the cake as the most reliable year for this model.

Its performance and relatively lower number of issue reports make it a solid choice for you. So go ahead, enjoy the 2020 S8 with confidence in its reliability.

Audi S8 Competitors

When you’re comparing the Audi S8 to its competition, there are three rivals that stand out in the luxury car segment, each vehicle is unique in its own right, but you should note that the 2022 Audi S8 currently does not have any reported significant problems.

Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is another luxury performance car that you may want to consider. It’s known for its sporty handling and exceptional powertrains, whereas the Audi S8 impresses more with its smooth ride and comfortable interior.

While the S8 has no major complaints, Panamera hasn’t had any significant issues either, making it a worthy contender.

Cadillac CT6

Another competitor is the Cadillac CT6, offering an appealing blend of technology, luxury, and American style. Different from the S8, the CT6 has a distinct identity that’s more visually striking.

However, it may not provide the same level of performance and refinement found in the Audi S8. As for problems, the Cadillac CT6 reliability issues are few including transmission and turbo lag problems in prior model years, which you should be aware of when comparing the two cars.

BMW 7-Series

Lastly, you might look at the BMW 7-Series, which presents a direct challenge to the Audi S8 in terms of luxury and performance.

The 7-Series is best known for its innovative technology and driver assistance systems, as opposed to the S8’s more traditional approach.

While the S8 has a proven track record of reliability, the 7-Series has had issues with some of its electronic features.

As you evaluate your options, bear in mind the differences and similarities between these luxury vehicles to make the best choice for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Audi S8 vs A8 reliability?

Both the Audi S8 and A8 are luxury sedans, with the S8 being the sportier version. While both models share similar mechanics, the S8 has more powerful engines and unique suspension tuning.

However, the reliability of both models is quite similar, so you can expect a similar ownership experience, however be aware of the few Audi A8 problems and recalls.

S8 transmission problems?

The Audi S8 has experienced transmission issues in earlier generations, particularly with the first generation (D2, 1996-2003).

It is essential to keep up with regular transmission maintenance and address any concerns immediately to avoid more significant problems.

Audi S8 electrical issues?

Electrical issues have been reported in the second generation (D3, 2006-2010) and third generation (D4, 2012-2018) Audi S8 models.

This can include malfunctioning sensors, faulty wiring, or electrical component failures. Regular inspections and timely repair can help prevent these issues.

How long do Audi S8 last?

Audi S8 is built with high-quality components, and with proper care, it can last over 100,000 miles. Ensure you follow the recommended maintenance schedule and address any problems early to maximize your vehicle’s lifespan.


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