Here are FIVE Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Toilets for Great Van Life!

5 Amazing Camper Vans With Bathroom (Toilets & Showers)

Campers are extremely popular because they are the perfect way to spend time out in the wild.

They offer more amenities and more protection from the elements. Camper vans are smaller than general campers but they are still much better alternative to tents.

Because of their small size, camper van manufacturers usually do not include a bathroom.

This means that if you want to pee you will either have to use a camping site restroom or have to do it in the open if you are camping off-grid.

Camping site restrooms are usually not the cleanest and there are many hazards to taking a dump outside in the open.

To make sure camping van owners do not have to leave their vans to pee, take a shit, or shower, camping van manufacturers started including a bathroom in their vans a few years ago.

Nowadays, many camper vans on the market have a bathroom. In this post, we are going to share with you the top five camper vans with a bathroom.

If you acquire any of these camper vans you will not need to use a public bathroom or to shower out in the open when you go camping.

Because you will have your own toilet to do your business privately whenever you need to. You will also have a shower to freshen up when necessary.

Lady sleeps in a home van

5 Best Camper Vans with Bathroom (Toilet & Shower)

In this section, you will discover the best camper vans that come with a bathroom. By bathroom we mean toilet plus shower.

Each of the vans is a high-quality camper that is feature-rich and has a real bathroom.

Let’s begin.

2022 Campervan Price for new unit Sleeping capacity
Jayco Redhawk 31 XL $85,000 Four
Thor Tellaro 20AT $93,000 Three
Winnebago Revel $186,000 Four
Fleetwood RV IROK FSL $96,000 Two
Chinook Bayside $150,000 Two


  1. The Jayco Redhawk 31 XL (New unit price: $85,000, Sleeps 4

Plan of a home van


This Jayco camper van is one of the most affordable yet luxurious camper vans on the market.

Similar camper vans typically cost more than $180,000, which is more than twice the cost of this van.

The best thing about this van is space – it is 32 feet long. This makes it is one of the longest and most spacious camper vans. You will never feel crowded when you are camping in this van with three or four other people.

You can think of this van as a motorhome because it is basically one. It is designed for full-time of-grid living but it can also be used for weekend camping.

There is nothing not to love about this Jayco van. It comes with everything you need for a great camping trip with your family.

Its sleeping area has a sofa, twin beds, and a queen size bed. Four to five people can sleep comfortably in this van.

The bathroom in this machine is a thing of beauty. It is spacious and it features a large, residential-style toilet.

The toilet is a composting toilet, which is much easier to empty than the cassette toilet that is common in modern RVs. Composting toilets also help save water for other uses when you are camping as they do not use water.

Of course, the bathroom in this Jayco Redhawk van also features a shower.

One very notable thing that is also worth mentioning about this van is that it is quite fuel-efficient despite its size.

Compared to a 32-feet long camper hauled by a truck, this 32-feet long van is very fuel efficient. It will allow you to spend less on fuel when going on long trips.


  • Very spacious camper van (32 feet long)
  • Sleeps four people very comfortably
  • Plenty of leg room and storage room
  • Full bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Massive freshwater tank
  • Relatively affordable


  • Challenging to maneuver initially

Summary: The Jayco Redhawk is a spacious, affordable, and luxurious camper van.

  1. The Thor Motor Coach Tellaro 20AT (Price: $93,000, Sleeps: 3

A black rising roof camper van

Thor Motor Coach is one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles. The company has been making RVs for quite a long time.

This particular van is one of the company’s latest RVs. It is a wonderful RV that is extremely feature-rich.

It is the type of vehicle people dream of living in with their significant other in the middle of nowhere. The moment you step inside this van, you will fall in love with it.

It is very well-made inside and looks posh and modern. It is also clearly very well-loaded in terms of features and furniture.

You will find a queen bed, a pop-up sky bunk, a stainless steel sink, a gas stove, a microwave, and a refrigerator inside this Thor Motor Coach van.

You will also find a dinette, swivel seats, and benches inside this exciting van. Like all the other vans in our list, this van comes with a full bathroom.

The bathroom has a cassette toilet (six gallons black water tank) and a shower (27 gallons freshwater tank).

You will probably never experience water shortage when using this van if you plan for everything ahead.

If you are the type who likes traveling with extra clothes and emergency supplies, you will really love this van.

This is because it comes with multiple storage areas inside where you can pack everything you need.

This Thor van also comes with multiple charging stations and a vinyl floor that makes cleaning it very easy.

In terms of price, it is not much more expensive than the Jayco Redhawk above. Nevertheless, it is quite pricey.


  • Stylish and modern camper van
  • Multiple storage areas
  • Queen bed plus sky bunk
  • Hot water heater for hot showers
  • Solar power


  • Not very fuel efficient

Summary: The Thor Motor Coach Tellaro 20AT is a feature-rich camper van for three people. Winnebago Revel Camper Van (Price: $186,000, Sleeps: 4

Plan of a mini home van layout

This van is prefect for tiny living. This is because despite its small size, it comes with all the basics for tiny living.

Officially, this van is shorter than the Thor Motor Coach van. However, it is certainly does not feel smaller. It has plenty of space inside, multiple storage areas, and even a closet.

Its kitchen comes with a number of interesting features including a large counter.

If you are the kind of person who loves outdoor activities, you will find the rack on top of this van to be pretty useful. It is perfect for transporting kayaks, surfboards, or bikes.

This camper van comes with a bathroom. The bathroom space has a wet bath, a toilet, and a water heating system.

If you love relaxing outside when camping, you will really value this vehicle.

The reason why is that it comes with a powered patio awning that provides a nice shade for enjoying afternoons and sunsets outside. It also comes with an easy-to-access outdoor table.

Like most camper vans, this camper van comes with a power lift bed that is pretty clever because it saves space and ensures everyone has sufficient leg room.

Unlike the Thor and Jayco camper vans, this camper van costs more than $180,000. It is roughly double the price of a new Jayco Redhawk or Thor Motor Coach Tellaro.

However, the fact that it is made on a Mercedes Sprinter van chassis somewhat justifies its price tag.


  • Long and spacious camper van
  • Comes with a power-lift bed
  • Highly customizable
  • Perfect for those who like relaxing outdoors
  • Massive black water tank
  • Good interior height


  • Relatively expensive

Summary: The Winnebago Revel is a beautiful camper built on a new Sprinter chassis.

  1. Fleetwood RV IROK FSL (Price: $96,000, Sleeps: 2

Interior of a porch RV

This is one of the most exciting and eco-friendly camper vans currently available on the market.

It is exciting because it has a pretty modern and sleek design. It looks absolutely stunning both inside and outside.

The van has a sliding door that allows you to get in pretty easily.  It also has a screen door to keep bugs out.

Inside the screen door, you will find three sections – the kitchen area, the sitting/sleeping area, and the bathroom area.

The kitchen area includes a microwave, a refrigerator, a sink, and an induction stove. You can easily prepare many different types of meals inside this camper.

The sitting/sleeping area is basically a large couch that can be converted into a queen size bed. It is perfect for two people.

The bathroom area inside this van is made up of a cassette toilet and a wet bath. You can pee, poo, or shower privately and any time you want when using this van thanks to this bathroom.

The most amazing thing about this Fleetwood vehicle is the fact that it is eco-friendly. It comes with 100W solar capacity.

Buying this allows you to play a small role in minimizing energy use and emissions.

This campervan, however, has a gasoline solar heater, which is not very eco-friendly. Nevertheless, it works very brilliantly.

The only thing you may not like about this van is that it is not very tall. So if you are very tall you should not consider the camper van.


  • Eco-friendly with solar power
  • Queen size bed for two people
  • Well-equipped kitchen
  • Heater for heating the van


  • Its interior height is not very good

Summary: This is a stunning and eco-friendly camper van.

  1. Chinook Bayside Campervan (Price: $150,000, Sleeps: 2

A wine color mini van

If you are looking for a really luxurious campervan with bathroom, you should strongly consider this one. It is really luxurious, has a posh interior, a fantastic entertainment system, and a very comfy bed.

When you step into the interior of this vehicle, for a moment, you will forget you are in a van.

This is because the interior looks like that of a first class compartment in world leading airlines such as United Airlines and the British Airways.

The van has high gloss wood siding, leather seating, a modern entertainment system, and a state of the art entertainment system.

Probably its state of the art security system is the most unique thing about it. It includes four cameras for monitoring the perimeter of the vehicle.

The lighting inside this vehicle is deluxe and it also comes with two televisions, a large two-door fridge, and a surround system. You will love watching TV or movies in this vehicle.

Like all the other campervans in this article, this one too comes with a bathroom. The bathroom features a cassette toilet and a wet bath. It is a high-quality bathroom.

This camper van is pretty expensive but this is understandable as it is also built on a Sprinter van chassis.


  • It is very luxurious
  • It has a superb interior look
  • Perfect entertainment system
  • Technologically advanced


  • Expensive camper van

Summary: This Chinook campervan is a luxurious and feature-rich camper.

Man drives a camper van with an open roof

To Buy or To Rent a Campervan?

Camper vans with bathroom are very expensive. The money you need to buy a good luxury campervan is sufficient to use to buy not one but two luxury sedans.

This shows just how expensive the vans are. And it is the reason why you should rent rather than buy a camper van.

Renting allows you to enjoy camping or spending time in a campervan without spending a fortune.

It costs between $300 and $800 to rent a camper van for a weekend. In contrast, the cheapest camper van costs around $90,000. So to save money, you should rent rather than buy a camper van.

However, if you have the money to spend on a campervan, go ahead and buy it. There is no need to rent a campervan for many months if you can buy one and use it as you please.


Dos and don’ts of used van campers for sale by owners

When buying a used campervan from its owner, you should drive it to see how it drives, check it for leaks, inspect the inside, open and check everything, and inspect the equipment and systems inside it thoroughly.

The only thing you should not do is assume or believe everything the owner is telling you without inspecting it.

Are there camper van with bathroom and kitchen?

There are many campervans on the market that have a bathroom and kitchen. All the camper vans reviewed in this article have a bathroom and kitchen.

Perhaps the one with the biggest kitchen is the Jayco Redhawk.  Other campervans with bathroom and kitchen include the Airstream Interstate 19 and the American Patriot MD2.

How good is Mercedes camper van with bathroom?

Mercedes camper vans are also known as Sprinter camper vans. They are some of the most luxurious and functional camper vans on the market.

This is because the Mercedes Sprinter van is one of the most spacious vans on the market so it has plenty of space for manufacturers to build everything important inside them.

What is most affordable campervans with toilets and showers?

Campervans are generally very expensive. One of the most affordable campervans with bathroom is the Jayco Redhawk 31 XL.

It cost less than $90,000 despite being massive in size and having a roomy bathroom and a composting toilet. Similar campervans to this one cost around $180,000.

A mini white camper van

Any benefits of camper van with pop up roof?

The number one benefit of owning a campervan with a pop up roof is that the van can be expanded when parked. This provides extra living space during the day.

In some vans, when the roof is popped up, a bunk bed appears. This bed can be used for sleeping at night if you are traveling with kids.

How reliable are camper van with slide out brands?

Camper vans with slide outs are very reliable. They may not be common and they may not be the most popular campervans but they are very reliable.

Of course, when you are buying a used camper van with a slide out, you have to get someone to inspect it before you buy it. This is because used vans are used and, therefore, they normally do not work like brand new vans.

Which is the smallest camper van with bathroom?

The Airstream Interstate is known as the smallest camper with bathroom. Its bathroom has a fully functional toilet and a shower.

This is despite this camper being so small since it is built on a Sprinter 2500 chassis. Nevertheless, it is a pretty cool tiny home camper.

How are 4×4 camper vans different?

4X4 campervans are the most reliable campervans. They are powerful and they are meant for off-grid living.

The thing that makes them perfect for living off-grid away from tarmac roads and civilization is the fact that they are 4×4 vehicles capable of handling unpaved roads and pathways in the wilderness.


Campervans are vans that have been modified for use as campers. The best ones have a sitting area, a sleeping area, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

In other words, the best ones are basically tiny homes. Buy one of the five campervans with bathroom reviewed above to get to experience true luxury when camping.