Lexus RC F Problems, Common Complaints and Best RCF to Buy

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The Lexus RC F is a luxury sports car that offers a thrilling driving experience.

However, like any vehicle, it may have its share of problems. In this article, we’ll explore some known issues and discuss potential solutions.

So, buckle up and join us as we delve into the world of Lexus RC F problems.

Lexus RC F issues

Common Lexus NX 300 Problems

Interior Issues

You might experience some interior issues with your Lexus RC F, such as rattling noises or problems with the infotainment system.

To keep your car in top condition, regularly check for any signs of wear and tear, and address them as soon as possible.

Fuel Pump Problems

Occasionally, fuel pump issues can arise, which may lead to poor performance or starting difficulties. To avoid these problems, make sure your car’s fuel system is well-maintained and that the fuel pump is checked regularly.

Transmission Issues

The Lexus RC F might face some transmission issues, such as rough shifting or delayed gear changes.

To prevent this, ensure your car’s transmission fluid is at the correct level and that it is changed as recommended by the manufacturer.

Regularly inspect the transmission for any signs of wear or damage, and have any necessary repairs completed.

Brake Problems

Brake problems are a concern for any vehicle, and the Lexus RC F is no exception. To ensure your car’s braking system is functioning at its best, regularly inspect the brake pads, rotors, and lines.

Address any issues immediately, and be sure to have your braking system serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

By being aware of these potential problem areas and keeping up with regular maintenance, you can keep your Lexus RC F in excellent condition and enjoy its thrilling performance for years to come.

Performance and Handling

Acceleration and Speed

The Lexus RC F boasts a powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine, giving you an exciting and exhilarating driving experience.

With its impressive torque and quick response, you can easily reach 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.

Steering Response

As you drive, you’ll notice the responsive and precise handling of this car. It provides a well-mannered steering response, making cornering and maneuvering much easier for you.

Suspension and Weight

However, the RC F’s heavier weight might affect its performance. At 4017 pounds, it is around 400 pounds heavier than its competitor, the BMW M4.

This excess weight can hinder the suspension system and overall handling. Nevertheless, you’ll still enjoy a comfortable ride, thanks to the carefully-tuned suspension.

Design and Features

Exterior Design

The Lexus RC F is a stylish luxury coupe with impressive looks. With its distinctive spindle grille and sleek body lines, it’s sure to turn heads as you drive by. However, some feel that the design may be a bit polarizing.

Infotainment System

The RC F’s infotainment system might feel a bit outdated, as reported by Road and Track.

Despite its high-quality materials and polished aesthetics, the system’s user interface may not be as responsive as you’d hope. Make sure you test it out to ensure it meets your expectations.

Seating Comfort

When it comes to seating comfort, you can expect a luxurious experience. The leather seats are soft and supportive, offering excellent comfort during long drives.

However, keep in mind that the RC F is a coupe, so the rear seats may not offer ample legroom for taller passengers.

Notable Lexus RC F Recalls

High Pressure Fuel Pump

There was a recall impacting certain Lexus RC F models, where the high-pressure fuel pump might cause a fuel leak and pose potential safety risks.

Be aware of any potential fuel odor or leakage around your vehicle.

Pulsation Damper

Another recall to keep in mind concerns the pulsation damper. This part, connected to the fuel system, may fail and lead to engine stalling. Don’t ignore signs of decreased engine performance or stalling issues.

Fuel Tank Issue

Lastly, there have been recalls related to the fuel tank itself. Some Lexus RC F models experienced potential fuel tank deformation, causing fuel to leak and pose a fire hazard.

Regularly inspect your fuel tank for any signs of damage or leakage.

Competitors Comparison


The BMW M4 is lighter compared to the Lexus RC F, with 400 pounds less weight. This difference in weight can have an impact on the overall handling and performance.

In terms of power, the M4 also doesn’t lag behind the RC F. However such benefits may be curtailed with the worst M4 model years shown here.

Mercedes Sports Coupe

The Mercedes Sports Coupe offers aesthetic appeal and smooth performance. With its prestigious brand name and responsive handling, it’s an interesting alternative for you to consider while researching on luxury sports models.

Lexus RC 350

The Lexus RC 350 is a less powerful but more affordable option within the Lexus family. Though it lacks the aggressive performance of the RC F, it retains the luxurious style and excellent interior that Lexus is known for.

Lexus LC 500

Lastly, there’s the Lexus LC 500, a whole different beast in the Lexus lineup. With more power than the RC F and an even bolder design, the LC 500 presents itself as a great option for those who are looking for a high-performance sports coupe while maintaining Lexus’ comfort and luxury.

Reliability and Value

The Lexus RC F is known for its reliability and value. According to Consumer Reports, its models, including the 2020 version, received high marks in these areas.

You can expect a smooth, comfortable driving experience with your RC F.

The vehicle is available with a 472-hp, 5.0-liter V8 engine in its high-performance versions, as mentioned on Consumer Reports. Plus, its coupe design is stylish and eye-catching.

In summary, if you’re considering a Lexus RC F, you’ll likely find it to be a reliable and valuable addition to your driving options. Enjoy the ride!

Considerations When Purchasing

When looking into purchasing a Lexus RC F, it’s essential to check the VIN to ensure the vehicle’s history and avoid any potential issues.

Research thoroughly and explore various auto sources to gather accurate information on the model’s pros and cons before making your decision.

Remember to enjoy the friendly car buying experience and prioritize your needs and preferences to find the perfect Lexus RC F for you.

Lexus RC F Best Year Models

When you’re considering a Lexus RC F, it’s important to know the best years based on performance, design, and reliability. The following years stand out as some of the best options for you:


The 2015 RC F marked the introduction of the model, featuring sporty styling, a striking Mark Levinson audio system, comfortable seats, a roaring exhaust, and Lexus dependability.

This year represents a great opportunity to pick up an originally $80,000 car for less than half of its original price.


Although there were no notable updates in the 2016 RC F, it retained the same features that made the 2015 model appealing. If you can find one in good condition, it remains an excellent choice.


The 2019 RC F received a few updates that further refined the driving experience. Some of these tweaks include a revised suspension system and new aerodynamic enhancements for improved handling.

As you explore these options, remember to pay attention to the features that matter most to you.

Each of these years offers a unique blend of what makes the Lexus RC F an attractive, high-performing vehicle. Choose the one that aligns best with your preferences, and you’ll be thrilled with your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Lexus RC F hold up in terms of reliability?

The Lexus RC F is generally known for its reliability. Lexus, as a brand, has a good reputation for producing reliable vehicles, and the RC F is no exception.

That said, it’s always important to maintain your car properly and address any issues promptly. If you’re experiencing a problem with your RC F, you can find solutions and answers at RepairPal.

What is the average lifespan of a Lexus RC F?

While it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact lifespan for any vehicle, as it depends on factors such as maintenance, driving habits, and conditions, Lexus vehicles are known for their longevity.

With proper care, you can expect your Lexus RC F to last for many years and cover a significant number of miles.

Are there any long-term problems with the Lexus RC F?

Generally, long-term problems with the Lexus RC F are uncommon. However, it’s essential to be aware of any potential issues and address them as needed.

Common repairs and services for the RC F can be found on Kelley Blue Book, including battery replacement, brake repair, and oil change, among others.

How does the Lexus RC F fuel efficiency compare to other models?

The Lexus RC F may not excel in fuel efficiency compared to other Lexus models or competitors in its class, but it delivers a thrilling driving experience and impressive performance.

Keep in mind that fuel efficiency can be influenced by factors such as driving style and maintaining your vehicle in good condition. Remember that the RC F is designed for enthusiastic driving, so it might not be your best choice if fuel efficiency is your top priority.


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