Mazda 2 vs Toyota Yaris: Which Compact Car Should I Buy in 2023?

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When you’re searching for the perfect small car, two popular options you might come across are the Mazda 2 and the Toyota Yaris.

Both of these vehicles have their own unique features and qualities that cater to different driving preferences and budgets.

In recent years, Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris have become strong contenders in the compact car market segment due to their performance, fuel efficiency, and stylish design.

As you explore these two cars, you’ll notice the differences, allowing you to make the best choice for your needs. We equally published comparison between Mazda 2 vs Mazda 3 compacts car!

Mazda 2 vs Toyota Yaris

Overview of Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris

History and Evolution

The Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris are two popular subcompact cars that have come a long way since their initial introductions. As a proud owner, it’s interesting to know the journey these cars have taken through the years.

Mazda introduced the Mazda 2 in 1996, initially known as the Mazda Demio. Over the years, it has gone through several generations, with the most recent one being introduced in 2014.

With each revision, the Mazda 2 improved in design, performance, and overall driving experience.

The 2022 Mazda2 Hybrid is a recent addition to the lineup, based on the Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

On the other hand, the Toyota Yaris made its debut in 1999 and has also undergone multiple updates throughout its history.

The most recent generation, introduced in 2019, comes with some bold design changes and a significant upgrade in technology, giving it a more modernistic feel.

Hatchback vs Sedan

When it comes to choosing between compact cars, it’s essential to consider whether you prefer a hatchback or a sedan.

Both the Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris offer hatchback versions, delivering style, practicality, and versatility in equal measure.

As you might know, the most significant difference between hatchbacks and sedans is in the trunk area.

Hatchbacks offer a larger rear door that opens horizontally, granting easy access to the trunk and an ample loading area.

This feature can prove valuable when it comes to hauling bigger or bulkier items. The Mazda 2 and Yaris hatchback versions provide similar cargo space.

Meanwhile, sedans typically have a separate trunk, offering a more controlled environment for your belongings. The Toyota Yaris also comes in a sedan version, providing you with another option to consider.

Performance and Engine Specifications

Power and Torque

When comparing the Mazda 2 with the Toyota Yaris, it’s essential to look at the power and torque of their engines.

The Mazda 2 boasts a slightly more powerful engine with 92 Hp at 5500 rpm, while the Yaris produces 106 horsepower.

In terms of torque, the Mazda 2 has an advantage, offering 120 Nm at 3600-4800 rpm, giving it a bit more pulling power.

Transmission Options

Both the Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris offer different transmission options.

The Mazda 2 has a 5-speed manual transmission, while the Toyota Yaris comes with a slightly more advanced 6-speed automatic transmission.

Both vehicles are front-wheel drive, providing similar performance characteristics.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is an essential factor in determining the long-term cost of owning a vehicle.

The Toyota Yaris has a slightly better fuel economy, as it’s rated to deliver an average of 33 miles per gallon, with a highway range of 411 miles.

On the other hand, the Mazda 2 is rated to deliver an average of 32 miles per gallon, with a highway range of 396 miles.

Both vehicles have gasoline engines, and neither requires a special fuel type. The engine displacement for the Mazda 2 is 1490 cc, while the Yaris has a slightly smaller engine.

These differences in power and fuel efficiency should be considered when choosing between the Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris.

Exterior Design and Dimensions

Style and Looks

Both the Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris flaunt distinctive styles. The Mazda 2 presents sleek lines and a contemporary design, while the Yaris showcases a more compact and sporty appearance.

Both vehicles offer various exterior colors to suit your tastes.

Wheels and Tires

You’ll find that both models come equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels. These larger wheels enhance the overall look, providing a touch of sophistication.

As a driver, you can appreciate the ideal mix of form and function via their wheels and tires components.

Regarding exterior dimensions, the Mazda 2 measures 155.5 inches in length, while the Toyota Yaris stands slightly longer at 161.6 inches.

This difference in size may affect your choice based on parking and maneuverability preferences.

Interior and Comfort

Seating and Passenger Space

In the Mazda 2, you’ll find comfortable seating for both front and rear passengers. The front seats offer good support, while the rear seats provide sufficient legroom for short trips.

The cabin is well-designed, offering a pleasant experience for everyone inside.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Equipped with an intuitive 7-inch touchscreen, the Mazda 2 boasts both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, ensuring seamless connectivity for your smartphone.

The Toyota Yaris also offers a similar infotainment system, making both cars a great choice for staying connected and entertained on the go.

Safety Features and Ratings

Airbags and Crash Test Ratings

Your Mazda 2 comes with front and side airbags as standard safety features. As for crash test ratings, both Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris have 4-star frontal barrier crash ratings.

Driver Assistance Technologies

In the Toyota Yaris, advanced safety technologies provide assistance for a safer drive. These include features like Pre-Collision System and Lane Departure Alert.

However, these features may not be available in all Mazda 2 models. Choose wisely to ensure the best protection on your journey!

Pricing and Trim Levels

When comparing the Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris, you’ll find that both are affordable options, offering value for your money.

The Mazda 2 has a starting price of $14,720, whereas the Toyota Yaris Hatchback starts at a slightly higher price.

In terms of trim levels, the Mazda 2 offers various trims to choose from, whereas the Toyota Yaris has different configurations based on different needs.

Keep in mind that as you explore higher trim levels, the cost may increase accordingly, so be sure to consider your budget when deciding on the best vehicle for you.

Vehicle Starting Price
Mazda 2 $14,720
Toyota Yaris Higher Price


Cargo Space and Capacity

When comparing the Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris, you’ll notice some differences in their cargo capacities.

The Mazda 2 offers a cargo volume of 13.3 cubic feet when the rear seats are up, while the Toyota Yaris provides a slightly larger cargo space of around 15.3 cubic feet.

If you need more room for your belongings, folding the rear seats down will increase the cargo capacity in both cars. This feature is especially useful for longer trips or when transporting larger items.

Remember to evaluate the cargo space and capacity that best suits your needs before making a decision between the Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which car has better fuel efficiency?

Mazda 2 offers better fuel efficiency than the Toyota Yaris. You’ll enjoy more miles per gallon with the Mazda 2, which means saving money on fuel costs in the long run.

How do safety features compare?

Both vehicles feature a variety of safety features, but the Mazda 2 comes with some additional advanced safety technology, giving you an extra feeling of security on the road.

Which has a more spacious interior?

While both vehicles have compact interiors, the Toyota Yaris offers slightly more cabin space than the Mazda 2, providing you and your passengers with added comfort during your journeys.

How do their prices compare?

The base model of the Mazda 2 generally comes with a lower price tag than the Toyota Yaris. However, prices vary depending on the chosen trim levels and additional features.

Which car has a better resale value?

Both the Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris are known for holding their value, but the Toyota Yaris typically retains its resale value slightly better than the Mazda 2.

What are the main differences in performance?

When it comes to performance, the Mazda 2 is often praised for its agile handling and responsive steering. The Toyota Yaris, while reliable, has a more conservative driving experience in comparison to the Mazda 2’s sporty feel.


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