How Much is Sprinter Van Weight Vs Max Weight it Can Hold or Carry?

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Sprinter vans are the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and affordability, with spacious interior, heavy-duty build, and impressive performance. Now you might be wondering, what is sprinter van weight and how much weight it can carry, overall?

We know how important you desire to know the weight of this magnificent van bus, so in this guide, we not only reveals its max cargo weight and weight limits, but share details about how much weight can a sprinter van hold and much related tips.

What is sprinter van weight towing?

What is Sprinter Van Weight?

How much does a Sprinter van weigh?  A standard Mercedes sprinter van can weigh over 5000 LBS with some even having a gross weight of 8000 pounds.

Sprinter vans are used for hauling cargo, which means they have the capacity to hold weight that regular cars are incapable of carrying. That being said, vehicles that possess such a large carrying capacity should definitely weigh a lot as well.

A great example is the Mercedes Sprinter van models which has a gross weight of 8550 lbs. How much weight can the Sprinter carry? Well, it depends on what variant of this model you are talking about. There are three main variants/types – Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van. Sprinter 2500 Crew Van, and Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van.

How Much Weight Can A Sprinter Van Hold?

Sprinter vans typically can hold up to 5,000 lbs. of Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). This is the total amount that a vehicle and its load can weigh when loaded for transport. The payload capacity of a Sprinter van depends on the type and size of the model, as well as its configuration.

For instance, the 2500 sprinter van model is known to have a payload capacity of 3,318-4,442 lbs. At the same time, the 3500-sprinter van model can easily hold up cargo weighing between 4,058-5,00 lbs.

Since sprinter van weight limit capacity varies according to the van model, what is important here to remember is that you should always keep your vehicle within its stated GVWR. Doing so can put you and your passengers in danger and lead to hefty fines by law enforcement officials.

Moreover, adding a trailer hookup can increase your sprinter van weight capacity by 1,000 lbs or more. This extra space makes it easy to transport heavier items, such as furniture or large equipment, that would otherwise be difficult to move.

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What is Sprinter 2500 Weight?

So, how much does a mercedes sprinter 2500 weight? 2500 sprinter van comes in two sizes: a standard roof and a high roof. Both types have different pay load capacity and sprinter van weight limit specifications which are as follows:

2500 Sprinter Van with Standard Roof

  • Maximum payload capacity: 3,237 lbs
  • Maximum towing capacity: 5,000 lbs
  • GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating): 13,550 lbs
  • Cargo volume: 220.1 cu. ft.
  • Base curb weight: 5,313 lbs

2500 Sprinter Van with High Roof

  • Maximum sprinter 2500 payload capacity: 2,796 lbs
  • Maximum towing capacity: 5,000 lbs
  • GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating): 13,550 lbs
  • Cargo volume: 367.5 cu. ft.
  • Base curb weight: 5,754 lbs

How much weight can the Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van carry?

Now how much can a sprinter van carry? The payload of this Sprinter 2500 Sprinter is 3,441 pounds. Payload refers to sprinter 2500 weight that can be safely added to a vehicle as cargo. The amount of weight that can be added to this vehicle is pretty good considering this is a passenger van.

And while you might rightfully think that the 3,441 pounds payload is impressive, wait until you find out that this van has a seating capacity of 12. This means you can easily and safely transport a pretty big number of people and their heavy luggage or gear in this van.

This van is popular among car rental companies that rent it to individuals, groups, and organizations in need of a big and comfortable mode of transport.

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How much weight can the Sprinter 2500 Crew Van carry?

The payload of this vehicle is 2,983 pounds. In other words, the sprinter van max cargo weight it can carry is 2,983 pounds. This is great because this is essentially a crew van yet it can carry a solid quantity/weight. The seating capacity of this vehicle is 5.

The fact that you can carry five individuals in this van plus equipment, tools, materials, and/or cargo weighing virtually 3,000 pounds is pretty impressive. It is a great vehicle for small contractors, small companies, and companies involved in the delivery business.

How much weight can the three types of Sprinter 2500 tow?

The three types of vans can tow any vehicle under 5,000 pounds. They all have the same towing capacity. This is most likely because the engine is the same in all three vans.

The fact that these vans can tow a small vehicle, a toy trailer (e.g. an ATV trailer), and so on, makes it perfect for those who want to bring something with them for an adventure or emergency purposes.

However, remember that towing consumes plenty of gas/diesel. So before you hitch anything to a Sprinter 2500 van, think whether it is really necessary to do so especially if you want to go on a long trip.

What is Sprinter Roof Weight Capacity?

Sprinters are better able to hold weight with roof racks installed. Capacities for Sprinter van roofs vary from 330 lbs to 600 lbs. The maximum roof weight capacity is about 600 lbs, which you get with modular roof racks. 

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What are Sprinter Van Payload Capacity?

The maximum payload for a Mercedes Benz sprinter is about 7,400 lbs, which directs toward the weight that can be safely loaded into the vehicle. The payload capacity for a standard Sprinter van is between 2,500 and 4,400 lbs. Here are the different types of sprinter vans and their pay load capacity:

  • Sprinter Cargo Van: 3,373- 6,790 lbs.
  • Sprinter Crew Van: 2,954 – 6,415 lbs.
  • Sprinter Passenger Van: 2,954 – 6,415 lbs.
  • Sprinter Chassis Cab: 5,310 – 6,000 lbs.

It is important to note that the payload capacity of a Sprinter van can be changed based on the specific configuration, such as the addition of aftermarket equipment or modifications.

Therefore, always consult an expert when loading heavy items into your Sprinter van to ensure you do not exceed the vehicle’s capacity.

How Much Weight Can A Sprinter 3500 Carry?

What is Sprinter 3500 towing capacity? A 3500 Sprinter has a towing capacity of 7,000 lbs to 7,500 lbs. Compared to the 2500 models, the 3500 sprinter is stronger and able to deliver a higher maximum towing capacity. This means more room for bigger or heavier items.

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FAQ about Sprinter Van Weight!

How heavy is a sprinter van?

The Mercedes sprinter weight is typically weigh between 5,000 lbs and 6,000 lbs. The difference in curb weight depends on the specifications of the manufacturer, as each brand differs.

So, some vans may weigh less than 5,000 lbs. A good example is the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 413 which weighs about 4,600 lb in curb weight.

Do sprinter vans have to stop at weigh stations?

Whether a van stops at weigh stations is largely dependent on its weight rating. Most Sprinter vans, especially from the 2500 series, will not need to stop at weigh stations because their payload is less than 10,000 pounds.

Some models of the Sprinter 3500 Van have a weight rating of up to 10,000 pounds, so they will need to be checked at the respective station.

What is the widest van?

Dodge Ram ProMaster is currently the widest cargo van. It is 75.6 inches wide; extremely comfortable for tall persons. With respect to long cargo vans, the high roof 2500 Sprinter from Mercedes is the longest. Although you would have to get the 170 extended wheelbase for extra length.

Which Van has the highest payload?

If you’re looking for the van with the highest payload that matches up with high efficiency, then you could go for a 2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Some of its models can manage cargo of over 500 cubic feet.

Summary of Sprinter van weight!

And finally, we’d shared much more about sprinter van weight, maximum pay load capacity, towing power as well how much weight can a sprinter van hold.

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