Discover These Five Smallest RV With Shower and Toilet?

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Why should you even consider small camper RVs, talk less of tiny RV models been touted as smallest camper with bathroom?

There are many reasons to consider these smaller boys with bath or shower amenities. They are not designed to hold everything a family may wish to go on a trip, but they are affordable, easier to tow, and require less maintenance and can contain between 2-5 people.

If you aren’t a full-time camper, the smallest RV with shower or bathrooms also offer the benefit of storage convenience, and there are plenty brands and models to choose from.

And More benefits…

You can easily tuck these amazing small camping trailers in your backyard without taking a lot of space. Another benefit of the small campers with bathroom is that they don’t require all that power to tow.

All tiny RV brands are usually built light. You can tow small travel trailers using a small lightweight truck or SUV as well fit in a smaller space.

Although small RV interior have space constraint, yet all these 5 small camper with shower and areas to bath (offers either wet bath or dry bath), will more then enough for you, and maybe 2-3 more people.

Top 5 Small Campers With Bathrooms and Cost

smallest camper with bathroom price
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To help you choose the best small campers with bathrooms options out there, we have created a list of the top 5 best smallest RV with shower or bathrooms and their cost.

Check all five smallest RV with shower and toilet and travel trailers, below to aid when you’re ready to order one or go for RV rentals:

Happier Camper

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If you are searching for an affordable RV and one of the smallest RV with shower and toilet, a fixed wet bath and kitchen, a 6’5” (196 cm) bed sleeping area, you may want to consider the Happier Camper RV.

Yes this RV model cannot afford you take along everything on outdoor, nevertheless, as one of the smallest RV with bathroom, plus it has rear hatch, rear living space that includes up to a full-sized bed, a wide entry area, and a beautiful fender design.

This camper is a 1,100 pounds dry weight, making it one of the easiest travel trailers to tow. While it can be towed by most vehicles, we recommend that you check the tow weight of your vehicle.

The modular floor of the Happier Camper with bathroom is made of honeycomb fiberglass with a thickness of 1.5 inches. The unit has leveling jacks that make it easy to set up camp.

This camper also comes with large windows with blinds, a beautiful fiberglass styling, and LED lights. It features the Adaptiv System that allows you to assemble the trailer easily.

This system also comes with attachable cubes that allow you to change the locations of certain areas such as bed or kitchenettes as a front stationed queen-sized bed. It’s the smallest trailer with bathroom worth considering.

For instance, if you invite four or five people for lunch in your camper, you can move the sleeping space to create a room for a kitchenette.

When sleep time comes, you can compress the kitchenette to add to the sleeping space. This feature isn’t common in most little travel trailers!


  • Compact even with bathroom
  • Lightweight small RV
  • Wide range of colors
  • A 6’5” bed
  • Super light at 1,100 lbs dry weight and less than 2,500 lbs fully loaded
  • Offers wet bath and kitchen
  • Flexible and customizable even with bath.


  • A bit expensive RV,
  • The bath space is quite small
  • Fewer options available
  • It current cost (Q4 2022) $34,950 for Starter Package, and $42,950 for Premium package.

Airstream Basecamp small campers

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The Airstream Basecamp RV is a good choice for beginner campers and qualified as one of the well known small RV with a dry bath – shower and toilet. It features a relatively small design that can fit two people.

A very small and lightweight RV at maximum 2635 lbs dry weight, making it possible to be pulled by midsized crossover and pickups.

With its compact size and relaxing bed, it’s a good choice for navigating through those tight spaces. Only few travel trailers offer this unique option!

If you are a cooking enthusiast, you will love the small and efficient kitchenette that allows you to make a great meal in this amazing small RV with bathroom.

The small RV unit comes with a solar-powered fridge that is big enough to store enough food for the whole weekend. While the burners are a bit small, they work well.

The RV comes with a shower, a toilet, and more. It features a wet bath room that is about the size of 14″, as well fully functional water heater tank.

Like other spaces in the camper, the small bathroom is accented with bamboo, adding to its taste, no wonder some reviewers claimed it’s the best small RV with bathroom.


  • An RV with a sleek interior and dry bath
  • Compact and easy to maneuver
  • Easy to tow camper
  • Small, but has great features
  • A kitchen, a bathroom, and relaxing bed
  • 2635 lbs dry weight.


  • Unsuitable for long camping trips
  • It currently cost averagely $45,500 retail.

Scamp Trailer 13 Deluxe travel trailers

Scamp Trailer 13

The small scamp trailer RV is made of a fiberglass material that makes it strong and lightweight. A small campers with 1500 lbs dry weight. It can be pulled with an SUV, as well easily tow behind small cars and trucks.

This also ensures fuel efficiency as you don’t need the thirsty trucks to pull it. This tiny RV also features an aerodynamic design that increases fuel efficiency.

It is without doubt, among best small camping trailers with bathrooms on the market today. The Scamp Deluxe RV unit also comes with all the basic features of a home. You can choose to set it up with or without a toilet or shower, and comes with a 54″ wide big bed.

It has a rear dining space that can be turned into a double bed, providing an additional sleeping area.

When you combine this with the well-designed kitchenette that comes with a 1.9 cubic foot refrigerator and storage cabinets – you end up with a comfortable but small RV home.


  • Lightweight RV
  • Compact and easy to maneuver
  • A small, but durable RV
  • Designed with a 54″ wide bed
  • A 1500 lbs dry weight
  • You have either went or dry bath
  • Adaptable to the outside temperature.


  • Less storage space camper due to small size
  • Canvas walls offer less privacy.
  • It currently cost between $19000 – 23000 for premium package with more features

Winnebago Micro Minnie

dual axles trailer home

Winnebago Micro Minnie RV is another small camper with bathroom, that is 7 feet wide. It features ten open floor plans and comes with a queen size bed that can be converted into twins and definitely qualified to be among smallest RV with bathroom list!

Definitely, one of the smallest RV brands, can sleep three people and comes with RV bed with several standard features such as enclosed heated tanks, AV systems, and exterior speakers.

If you are the kind that loves making great meals, you will love the kitchen that comes with a refrigerator, stove, and microwave.

The RV trailer comes with a comfortable small camper shower, power bath vent, a bathroom skylight, and a toilet that is flashed with a foot pedal.


  • Lightweight RV
  • Small but comfortable RV
  • Durable camper
  • Many floor plans come with a queen bed, dinette, and bath
  • Small and really compact overall
  • Offers dry bath – toilet, shower and sink,
  • Between 3560 to 3705 dry weight trailer.


  • Compromises on some features
  • Currently cost on official site starts at: $38.200

Airstream Bambi camper trailers

Airstream aluminium camper
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The Airstream Bambi RV is one of our top small travel trailers with bathrooms, feet dry and a bed, has one axle and can sleep up to 4 people.

This small guy features four-floor plans with different specifications and dimensions. No matter the floor option you choose, you will get a lightweight trailer that easily maneuvers around different kinds of terrains.

A small RV with toilet and little bathroom, it can also be pulled by most SUVs and will fit in a campground spot for different sizes.

A camper trailer for small SUV and equipped with a freshwater tank with a capacity of 23 gallons. The 16RB model has 23-gallon fresh water tank.

If you would like to save on space, you can choose the wet bath. Other features of the unit include a handheld shower head that is removable and features a shut-off, a roof fan or event, toilet, bed for two, and retractable clotheslines.

The RV shower that comes with the camper is considerably big. You will not feel limited on space when showering inside it.

If you have a kid accompanying you for your camping trip, you can have them sit at the base of the shower to create a temporary bath. Overall, this is among the reliable small travel trailers with a shower.


  • Small but very comfortable
  • Stylish RV,
  • Bed for 2 and dinette for 2 more
  • Easy to maneuver around
  • Compact


  • Expensive camper
  • A bit narrow RV due to its small design
  • Current cost on official site average between $59,300 – $69,200

What is the average cost of small travel trailers with a bathroom?

So, how much does a small camper with bathroom cost? First you must bear in mind that certain features and styles will affect the prices of small RV with bathroom for sale in USA. However, the cost of small travel trailer with bathrooms lies between $15,000 and $60,000. 

RVs can range in price from $15,000 to $300,000, depending on the style and features.

A modestly equipped camper trailer towed behind a truck could cost up to $20,000. A fifth wheel RV can cost up to $40,000 on average. Most motorhome prices begin around $100,000.

As you can see, RV prices vary based on the type of vehicle you’re looking for. First, specify the type of RV. Then think about the manufacturer and if you want a new or secondhand.

When you find small outdoor trailers with restrooms for sale, these criteria will once again play a role in the final amount you’ll spend.

Here is the price list of the new small outdoor trailers with bathrooms for sale between 2020 – 2021 and these represent some of the cheapest prices on the market that comes bathrooms designed.



Airstream Bambi 22FB2020 $51,400
Winnebago Micro Minnie 2020 $ 22,172
Scamp Trailer 13” Deluxe 2020 $18,795
Airstream Basecamp RV 2021 $39,100
Happier Camper RV 2020 $29,950

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider used small campers for sale. Here are all average prices.


2013 Scamp Trailer 13” $11,095
2017 Airstream Bambi   22FB $44,500
2017 Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB $15,995
2017  Airstream Basecamp $39,950
2014 H. Camper $17500

What is the smallest RV with shower and toilet?

The Airstream Interstate RV is a small campervans with toilet and shower. It is built on a compact Sprinter chassis (Sprinter 2500) with a diesel engine.

Most lovers of tiny campers consider it the smallest van with bathroom as well little toilet, plus can fit into any standard parking spot.

The best thing about this beautiful travel trailer is that it can be washed down with water without getting damaged. This makes it a breeze to clean.

FAQ about small travel trailers!

Still have some questions about these smallest RV with shower and toilet? Check below for answers to frequently asked queries for all related smaller trailers.

What is the smallest Airstream with bathrooms?

The Airstream Basecamp 20X is regarded as the best small travel trailer with bathroom.

This is because it has a wet bath, a smart functional kitchen, and a dinette/seating area/sleeping area. It is also pretty lightweight and streamlined making it perfect for traveling.

What is Icamp Elite small camper price and who makes it?

national park during summer
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The iCamp Elite is manufactured by URV (United Recreational Vehicles). A fully laminated small camper trailer, with body reinforced with aluminum tubing frames. Used models price is between $9700 – $14500.

A simple floor plan and layout, and comes in both orange and blue colors. The company makes iCamp Lite, a unique tent trailer for camping outdoor lovers. iCamp Lite is a light weight finish in fiberglass and aerodynamic.

Can Teardrop camper with restroom be used by Family of one or two

Yes, it can. Most teardrop campers are designed for use by two people. Therefore, even the teardrop trailer with bathroom models, usually have enough space for two people to co-exist and interact without the camper feeling crowded.

Are there smallest camper with toilets for sale at $15000?

Yes, you can find some models of smallest campers for sale at $15,000. However, these mini campers may be preowned/used (depending on the features) and reasonably small. These tiny campers for sale will have fewer features than the more luxurious campers.

Nonetheless, you may find small campers with bathrooms for sale at $15,000, but the ideal price for such campers begins at $18,000. These cheap campers are often preowned, but they will get the job done regardless. 

What is VW camper trailer and price?

couple and girl camping
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VW Camper trailers are the most cost-effective and easy to haul. As the name implies, they are essentially a tent on a trailer.

This RV offers a wide choice of add-on rooms and conveniences, it can comfortably accommodate anywhere from two adults to a complete family.

The first important thing to understand about camping trailers is their limited functions. You can find a VW camper trailer for sale between $10,000 to $20,000.

What are list of pop up RV with bathrooms?

Yes, there are many pop up campers with bathrooms and shower on the market. The list include:

  • 2020 Aliner LXE A-Frame Camper,
  • Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up camper,
  • Forest River Rockwood HW296,
  • 2020 Somerset Utah Pop-up camper
  • Jayco Jay Sport 12SC camping trailer.
Summary of options of small camping trailers!
old model RV
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The smallest rv with shower and toilet, are without a doubt a great choice that is worth considering despite not able to contain everything you may hope for.

They are small but present all time big options that come with lots of great features including bed, as well affordable cost of small RV with bathroom for new models.


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