Where are Toyota Tacomas Made and Assembled? Discover the Production Locations

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When it comes to reliable and versatile trucks, the Toyota Tacoma is a popular choice among driving enthusiasts. You might be wondering where these trucks are actually manufactured.

The answer is that Toyota Tacomas are primarily made in two manufacturing centers – one in San Antonio, Texas, and the other in Tijuana, Mexico.

As a Toyota Tacoma fan, you can appreciate how these two production facilities work together to deliver the ruggedness and reliability the Tacoma is known for.

This truck has been capturing hearts since 1995, and its production history is quite interesting. Wanna know how / where all the best year Toyota Tundra models years are made? Come on right along…

Where are Toyota Tacomas Made and Assembled

Toyota Tacoma Production Overview

History of Tacoma Production

The Toyota Tacoma was introduced in the US in February 1995 as a replacement for the Toyota Pickup, which was the name used for the Hilux in the North American market.

It was engineered with a focus on ride quality, handling, comfort, and safety over ruggedness and payload capacity. Throughout its history, its production has undergone various changes in location.

Initially, Toyota produced the Tacoma in Fremont, California. However, in 2010, they discontinued the production at the Fremont facility

The Tacoma has also been manufactured in San Antonio, Texas, which eventually ended its production in 2021.

Tacoma Production by Generations

Starting from 2004, Toyota has been manufacturing Tacomas at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California facility in Tijuana, Mexico.

As of the last unit, all Tacoma production is now sourced from two plants in Mexico: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Guanajuato in Apaseo Grande, Guanajuato, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Baja California in Tijuana, Baja California.

For future models, the next-generation Tacoma (920B), which is due in 2024, will be solely sourced from these two Mexican plants starting in December 2023.

By diversifying the production locations, Toyota ensures an efficient manufacturing process to cater to the demand for this popular truck.

In the end, your Tacoma is made by combining Toyota’s experience in producing quality vehicles with the skilled labor of Mexican facilities to create a reliable and versatile truck perfect for your needs.

Toyota Manufacturing Plants

San Antonio, Texas Plant

At the San Antonio, Texas plant, Toyota produces the Tacoma, as well as the larger Tundra pickup truck.

This facility, known as Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas (TMMTX), is located in the southern United States and plays a significant role in the production of Toyota vehicles in North America.

This plant has been assembling Tacoma trucks since operations began at the site in 2004.

In this facility, you can expect a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that adheres to Toyota’s high-quality standards, ensuring that your Tacoma is built with precision and care.

Tijuana, Mexico Plant

The Tijuana, Mexico plant, or Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California (TMMBC), is the second location where the Toyota Tacoma is assembled.

This facility has been producing Tacomas since 2004 as well, contributing to the vehicle’s popularity in both the U.S and international markets.

At this plant, you can also expect the same commitment to quality control and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques as in the San Antonio plant.

The Tijuana facility works alongside the San Antonio plant to meet the high demand for Tacomas in North America and beyond.

These two facilities make up the backbone of Toyota Tacoma production, ensuring that every truck meets the company’s stringent quality requirements before making its way to dealerships and customers around the world.

Toyota takes pride in the craftsmanship and dedication found at both the San Antonio and Tijuana plants, resulting in durable, reliable, and versatile Tacoma trucks that are loved by drivers across various continents.

Vehicle Identification and Tracking

When trying to find out where your Toyota Tacoma is made, you can check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Locate the VIN at the lower-left corner of the windshield. The first digit or letter will tell you the country of origin of your Toyota.

If you’re interested in tracking your new Toyota vehicle, there’s a web tool called Toyota Tracker that helps you follow its status from allocation, freight, and delivery.

This makes it easy to stay updated on your Tacoma’s journey to you. Remember to always double-check information to ensure its accuracy, and enjoy your Toyota Tacoma journey!

Quality and Reliability

Your Toyota Tacoma is known for its ruggedness and dependable nature. Its historically good reliability ensures that you can count on it for various tasks.

However, the 2022 model experienced a drop in reliability rating, causing some concern in the segment.

Despite this setback, the Tacoma still holds impressive resale value and continues to receive positive reviews.

So, you can expect your Tacoma to be a solid choice for a long-lasting truck. Note that Tundra are extremely reliable, but there few Toyota Tundra to avoid due few hitches and issues.

Tacoma Production and Jobs

Toyota Tacomas are primarily manufactured in two countries: Mexico and the United States. The San Antonio, Texas plant is the only one in the USA still producing this popular truck.

Additionally, two Toyota facilities in Mexico – one in Guanajuato and one in Tijuana, Baja California – contribute to Tacoma production.

As a result of this distribution, you’ll find various job opportunities tied to Tacoma manufacturing. Investment in these facilities supports the local economy, providing valuable manufacturing jobs and ensuring a strong workforce.

The Japanese automaker has a keen eye on balancing global production while maintaining labor and skill requirements to uphold their high-quality standards.

Remember, supporting the Tacoma means contributing to thousands of employees’ livelihoods both in the United States and Mexico.

Other Toyota Models Production

Besides the Tacoma, Toyota produces various other models in different locations.

Your friendly Tundra is manufactured in San Antonio, Texas, while the Corolla, a popular compact sedan, is produced in Mississippi and Canada.

The versatile Highlander and Sienna are built in Indiana, where they also make engines and transmissions.

For off-road enthusiasts, most Toyota SUVs, such as the RAV4 and 4Runner, come from Japan and Canada.

As for technology and sales, Toyota continuously invests in innovations to stay competitive and improve customer experiences.

So, as you explore Toyota’s diverse lineup, remember that your vehicle’s components and assembly come from factories worldwide, showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Expansion and Future Prospects

Great news! Toyota Tacomas are made in North America. In fact, they’re specifically produced in factories located in Mexico, including Tijuana and Guanajuato.

This makes it convenient for both the US and Canadian markets to benefit from these popular trucks.

As you may know, Toyota is continuously investing in its production facilities. So, you can expect more exciting improvements and expansions in the future. Stay tuned and keep an eye on Toyota’s updates for their Tacoma lineup!

Toyota Manufacturing in Other States

While Toyota Tacomas are primarily made in Texas and Mexico, Toyota has manufacturing plants in several other states.

In West Virginia, they produce engines and transmissions, while Kentucky is home to their largest North American manufacturing site, producing vehicles like the Camry and the RAV4.

If you’re in Huntsville, Alabama, you’ll find a Toyota engine manufacturing facility, alongside plants in Indiana and Mississippi also producing various Toyota models.

These diverse locations ensure that your favorite Toyota vehicles are not only efficient but also conveniently made close to home!

Toyota Manufacturing Globally

Toyota Tacomas are primarily made in Japan and North America, including facilities in the United States and Mexico. In fact, over 70 percent of Toyota cars sold in the US are assembled here.

For the Tacoma specifically, it’s produced at the Toyota plant in San Antonio, Texas, and in Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato, Mexico.

However, Toyota operates multiple factories across the globe, including 16 in its home country, Japan.

Detailed Tacoma Specifications

Your Toyota Tacoma offers a variety of features for a comfortable and efficient driving experience. With a double cab option, you’ll enjoy a spacious interior for both passengers and cargo.

Under the hood, the Tacoma impresses with its performance capabilities, delivering power where you need it most. Keep an eye on your vehicle’s fuel economy, ensuring you get the most out of every mile.

Remember, it’s essential to stay informed on your Tacoma’s specifications and enjoy the friendly driving experience offered by this reliable truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Toyota Tacoma factory located?

The Toyota Tacoma factory is located in two main facilities: Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas (TMMTX) in San Antonio, Texas, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Baja California (TMMBC) in Baja California, Mexico.

Are Tacomas produced in the USA?

Yes, Tacomas are produced in the USA at the San Antonio factory in Texas. Before 2010, Toyota Tacomas were also produced in Fremont, California.

Do Toyota Tacomas originate from Japan?

While Toyota is a Japanese company, the Toyota Tacomas intended for the U.S. market are not produced in Japan. They are manufactured in the United States and Mexico.

Which parts of the Toyota Tacoma are made in America?

Various parts of the Toyota Tacoma are produced in the United States. However, specific details about which parts are made in America might differ between models and production years. You may need to check with your local dealership or refer to your vehicle’s documentation for more information.

Is the 2023 Toyota Tacoma assembled in Mexico?

Yes, the 2023 Toyota Tacoma is assembled in Mexico, specifically at two facilities: one in Guanajuato and one in Tijuana, Baja California.

Where are Toyota Tundras and Tacomas manufactured?

Toyota Tundras and Tacomas are manufactured at various facilities around the world. Tacomas, as mentioned earlier, are manufactured in San Antonio, Texas, and Baja California, Mexico.

On the other hand, the Toyota Tundra is primarily produced at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing facility in San Antonio, Texas.


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