Why Are BMW 6 Series So Cheap? Discover These 6 Reasons and How to Buy Used 6-Series

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You might have noticed that BMW 6 Series cars are surprisingly affordable in the used car market. One of the main reasons for their relatively low price is due to depreciation.

Just like many luxury vehicles, the costs for maintenance and repairs increase substantially once these cars have been driven for more than 50,000-60,000 miles.

Another factor contributing to their lower prices is the oversaturated market. With an abundance of BMWs available, buyers have plenty of options and sellers are more inclined to reduce prices to attract buyers.

In addition to few BMW 6 Series problems and common issues, the 6-Series also stopped production in 2019, which has an impact on the current supply and, therefore, the prices.

Why Are BMW 6 Series So Cheap

Reasons for Lower Prices in the BMW 6 Series


One of the main reasons you might find a BMW 6 Series at a lower price is depreciation. Like many luxury cars, BMW vehicles tend to depreciate faster than other brands.

This means that even a few years after purchase, the value of a 6 Series can drop significantly, making it more affordable for buyers in the used market.

For example, the average used BMW 3-series sedan sells for around $20,000, similar to the average price of a used Audi A4 or Lexus IS.

Market Oversaturation

Another factor contributing to the lower prices of the BMW 6 Series is market oversaturation. There is a high supply of BMWs on the market, with many people trading in their older models for newer ones.

This increased availability of used BMW 6 Series models makes them more competitively priced and easier to find at a lower price point.


The BMW 6 Series was discontinued in 2018. As a result, the demand for this specific series has likely decreased over time, leading to lower prices on the used market.

Furthermore, rumor has it that BMW might merge the 4 and 8 Series into a new 6 Series range in 2026, which could cause the prices of current 6 Series models to decline further.

Aging Models

Lastly, the age of the BMW 6 Series models can also contribute to their lower prices. As the vehicles get older, they may require more maintenance and repairs, making them less appealing to prospective buyers.

This leads to a reduced demand and ultimately lowers the price for older BMW 6 Series cars. For example, earlier 2004-2006 models can sell for around $10,000, depending on the mileage, age, and condition.

In summary, if you’re in the market for a reasonably priced luxury vehicle, the BMW 6 Series offers an attractive option due to factors such as depreciation, market oversaturation, discontinuation, and aging models.

Comparing the BMW 6 Series with Other BMW Models

3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is a popular entry-level luxury sedan. It offers great fuel efficiency, a sporty performance, and a lower price.

If you’re a fan of compact cars with agile handling, this very reliable 3-Series might be the right fit for you. Checkout this BMW 330i vs 530i models differences!

5 Series

Moving up the BMW ladder, the reliable 5 Series offers more space, comfort, and luxury than the 3 Series. Known for its performance and innovative technology, the 5 Series exudes class and sophistication.

The increased price point reflects the additional features and size, but read our researched materials to exclude the 5 Series worst model years to avoid..

7 Series

The 7 Series is BMW’s flagship luxury sedan and boasts a new level of comfort, convenience, and connectivity.

With even more features and an opulent interior, the 7 Series comes at a higher price but delivers the ultimate driving experience. However some BMW 7 Series suffered worst issues.

8 Series

BMW’s 8 Series is a high-end luxury coupe and convertible, offering a perfect blend of performance and opulence.

Combining power with sophistication, the 8 Series is the most exclusive BMW option, and its price reflects that exclusivity. However be informed and avoid the BMW 8 Series problems and many common concerns.

M Cars

Lastly, BMW’s M Cars take performance to the extreme. With specially-tuned engines and sport-oriented features, these vehicles cater to driving enthusiasts who value high-performance machines.

In comparison, the 6 Series offers a lower price point than its more luxurious siblings, making it an affordable choice within the BMW lineup.

The affordability, combined with its stylish design and solid performance, makes the 6 Series an attractive option for premium car buyers.

Ownership Costs and Reliability Issues

Maintenance and Repair Costs

Owning a BMW 6 Series may come with higher maintenance costs compared to other luxury car brands. As you may know, this is partly due to its complex engine structure, requiring specialized mechanics which can be expensive.

Common Issues and Concerns

You should be aware that some BMW 6 Series are known for their reliability issues and higher oil consumption.

Moreover, due to their design, it is not uncommon for these vehicles to experience rust in some parts, leading to additional repair costs. Be mindful that these factors contribute to the depreciation and low prices of used BMW 6 Series cars in the market.

Buying a Used BMW 6 Series

Pros and Cons of Buying Used

When you consider buying a used BMW 6 Series, you’re getting a luxury car for a cheap price. Prices of used 6 Series models are driven down due to factors like maintenance costs and change in company direction.

However, be aware that maintenance and repair costs can be high, averaging $1,000-$1,700. It’s worth weighing these factors to make the best decision for your situation.

Certified Pre-Owned Options

Opting for a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) BMW 6 Series is another route to ensure quality.

CPO vehicles undergo thorough inspections and come with some degree of manufacturer-backed warranty, providing a sense of security to your purchase. Keep your budget, preferences, and needs in mind when exploring these options.

Best BMW 6 Series Year?

When considering the best year of the BMW 6 Series, the 2005 model stands out as a top choice.

This year marked the relaunch of the 6 Series after a long hiatus, and it came with a fresh design and updated technology, offering you a desirable combination of style and performance.

The 2005 BMW 6 Series is equipped with an impressive engine and offers a comfortable ride for up to four passengers.

As an added bonus, you’ll find that the maintenance costs and reliability issues commonly associated with the BMW 6 Series have been generally resolved for this particular year, making it a more affordable and reliable option to own.

Performance and Features in the BMW 6 Series

Engine and Transmission Options

In your BMW 6 Series, you’ll find various powerful engine options. The 640i models feature a turbocharged inline-six engine capable of producing 315 horsepower. For the 650i models, you’ll experience a robust 445 horsepower V8 engine.

If you want a high-performance model, the M6 comes with a turbo V8 engine, delivering an astonishing 560 hp. Regarding transmission, options include a smooth manual or the responsive SMG.

Handling and Suspension

The BMW 6 Series offers a sport suspension that enhances your driving experience by providing precise handling and a comfortable ride.

Whether you’re cruising in a 645Ci, 650i, or the high-performance M6, the 6 Series ensures top-notch handling and control, perfect for drivers who appreciate agility and responsiveness in their vehicles.

Design and Amenities of the BMW 6 Series

Exterior Styling and Dimensions

The BMW 6 Series features a distinctive exterior design often compared to the S-Class. Its adaptive LED headlights and wide stance contribute to its aggressive yet elegant appearance, making you proud to own one.

Interior Features and Comfort

As for the interior, you are greeted with luxurious amenities like leather upholstery, providing you with a high level of comfort.

Additionally, the 6 Series offers an advanced aerodynamics system, helping you experience a smooth, enjoyable ride. Keep in mind, the styling and elegant features of the BMW 6 Series contribute to its affordability in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Future classic potential?

The BMW 6 Series may have potential to become a future classic due to its sleek design and powerful engines. However, it’s important to keep in mind that market trends and tastes can change, making it challenging to predict whether any car will become a sought-after classic.

6 Series GT issues?

The 6 Series GT might experience a higher depreciation rate than other models which is a result of several factors, one being that future buyers might be hesitant due to rising fuel costs. It’s important to do your research and be aware of potential issues before purchasing.

6 Series reliability?

BMW 6 Series cars can have some reliability concerns, as users on Reddit have mentioned that repairs for these models can be expensive. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that all 6 Series cars will be unreliable. Proper maintenance and care can improve their reliability.

2005 BMW 6 Series reliability

The 2005 BMW 6 Series can still be an enjoyable car to drive, but it’s important to remember that as cars age, reliability may decrease.

It’s essential to perform regular maintenance checks and address any potential issues to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Be prepared for the possibility of higher repair costs compared to newer models.


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