Are Black Cars Harder to Sell? Here Are The Complete Facts

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If you’re considering purchasing a black car, you may wonder if resale might be a challenge later.

Black cars are known for their sleek and stylish appearance, but does this also impact their demand when it comes time to sell them?

The topic of car color and resale value is influenced by several factors, such as the vehicle’s condition, features, and the popularity of black cars among potential buyers.

Black cars are usually in high demand due to their classic and timeless appeal. However, their perceived resale value is not based solely on color.

Factors such as the type of vehicle, overall condition, and even safety features play a part in the final decisions of both buyers and sellers.

Keeping a black car clean can be more challenging than lighter colors, which might impact the resale process.

Key Takeaways

  • Black cars are popular and in high demand, which affects their resale value.
  • Resale value is influenced by a variety of factors, not just color.
  • Physical aspects and maintenance of black cars can impact the selling process.

Are Black Cars Harder to Sell?

Black Cars vs. Other Colors

White, Silver, and Grey

Many people opt for white, silver, or grey cars because they are the most common colors.

These vehicles tend to show dirt less and can be easier to maintain. Regarding resale, they hold their value well due to their popularity.

Red and Blue

Red and blue cars are also popular and often considered sporty or stylish. In terms of resale value, these colors perform decently.

However, they may attract more attention from potential buyers, making it easier to sell your vehicle.

Brown, Beige, and Gold

Brown, beige, and gold cars are considered relatively neutral and can be easy on the eyes. However, they may have lower resale values, with gold having the worst depreciation, according to Motor1.

Green, Orange, and Purple

Green, orange, and purple cars are less common so they can stand out in the market. While their resale values may vary, they are less popular than other colors, which could make them harder to sell.

Yellow and Other Colors

Interestingly, yellow cars have above-average value retention, making them a good choice for resale purposes. Depending on the potential buyer’s preference, other colors like pink or teal may have niche appeal, affecting their resale values positively or negatively.

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The Impact of Color on Resale Value

Depreciation Rates for Different Colors

Car colors can significantly influence a vehicle’s depreciation rate. For example, orange and yellow vehicles depreciate the least, at around 21.6% and 22% in the first three years of ownership. So consider these colors if you’re considering a car’s resale value.

Importance of Supply and Demand

The supply and demand balance also affects a car’s color’s resale value. Popular colors like black, white, and silver usually have higher demand, which can result in better resale values.

However, the truth is the appeal of color is subjective and can change over time, so keep an eye on trends when choosing your car color.

Physical Factors of Black Cars

Maintenance Considerations

Black cars are gorgeous, but they require careful maintenance. Scratches and swirl marks are more visible on black paint.

To maintain your car’s shine, you’ll need to clean it more often, as dust and dirt show up quickly. It’s essential to be gentle when cleaning to avoid adding more scratches.

Weather Implications

Black cars tend to get hotter in the sun compared to lighter colors. You’ll notice the increased temperature during hot weather, making your car’s interior warm.

To reduce the heat, use sunshades or park in shaded areas. Conversely, black cars hide dirt and water spots better in rainy conditions. Keep these pros and cons in mind when selecting a black car.

Types of Vehicles in Black

Sports Cars

Black is a popular color for sports cars, giving them a sleek and stylish look. Black sports cars retain value better than other colors, especially regarding resale.


For sedans, black is a versatile choice. Depending on the particular sedan model, it can range from elegant and luxurious to sporty and aggressive. Plus, black sedans are pretty standard, meaning they will have a wider pool of potential buyers in the resale market.


Black trucks can suit various styles, from rugged to refined, depending on your preferences. But bear in mind that black pickup trucks tend to show dirt more easily than light-colored trucks. However, this color remains a favorite among truck enthusiasts.


Although not as common as other vehicle types, black minivans can provide a more polished and classy appearance. This choice might appeal to those wanting to differentiate their minivan from the lighter-colored options.


Last but not least, black SUVs hold a strong position in terms of popularity. Depending on the make and model, they can be stylish, sporty, or valuable. And just like sports cars, black SUVs often enjoy better resale value when compared to certain other shades.

Studies and Reports Related to Car Colors

iSeeCars Study

study by iSeeCars analyzed 6 million used car transactions from 2017 to 2020 to determine the impact of color on resale value. The findings showed that some colors hold their value better while others depreciate more quickly.

PPG Reports

PPG, a leading paint manufacturer, reports that 77% of cars sold in North America last year were white, black, silver, or gray.

Interestingly, these neutral colors are usually preferred in the luxury used car market. However, the study indicates that less typical colors like yellow might perform better in holding their value.

So, when choosing a car color, consider how it may affect your vehicle’s resale value, especially in the used car market.

Auto Sales and Dealership Insights

Findings from Car Buyers

When considering auto sales, you need to know that the experiences of Black car buyers may differ from those of other races.

Black consumers are twice as likely as White buyers to face dealer markups on vehicle purchases and may have a more challenging time getting approved for car loans.

Luxury Segment

In luxury vehicles, preferences and sales may vary depending on branding, design, and pricing factors. Knowing these elements can help ensure a successful transaction and better meet your buyers’ expectations in this premium segment.

Common Vehicle Sales

The market can sometimes be unpredictable regarding joint vehicle sales, as seen in the recent used-car market.

To navigate this fluctuating landscape, staying up-to-date with current industry trends and adapting your sales approach is beneficial.

Safety Considerations for Black Cars

Black cars tend to be less visible during nighttime driving, which could increase the risk of accidents.

Always use your headlights to improve visibility and ensure your car has reflective elements, such as taillights and license plate frames.

Remember that black cars are not as visible as lighter-colored ones but are not inherently dangerous.

You can enhance your safety on the road by staying attentive and practicing defensive driving techniques to avoid potential hazards.

Should You Buy a Black Car? Pros and Cons of Black Car Ownership

Here are some points to consider before you make your choice.


  • Above-average resale value: Black cars are pretty famous, which means they have an above-average resale value. If you plan to sell your black car in the future, you may expect less depreciation compared to other colors.
  • Executive looks: Black cars, especially mid-size sedans, can make you look sophisticated and professional. Think of a full-size SUV in black; it can give off the impression of power and importance.


  • Scratches and dings visibility: One downside of owning a black car is that scratches and dings are more visible than other colors. You must be extra careful when driving and parking to avoid them.
  • Dirt visibility: Black cars can get dirty more quickly. The dust and grime appear more on black paint than on lighter colors, meaning you might need to clean your car more frequently.
  • Heat absorption: Black cars get hotter, especially during scorching summer days. Black surfaces absorb more heat than lighter colors, creating a warmer interior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do black cars have lower resale value?

Black cars can have high resale values since they are pretty popular. Last year 22% of cars sold on DoneDeal were black. However, resale value can depend on make, model, and condition factors.

What is the hardest color of car to sell?

There is yet to be a definitive answer as it varies depending on the market and consumer preferences. However, some experts suggest that niche colors like bright orange, green, or purple can be harder to sell than more common colors like black, white, or silver.

What color car retains value best?

Generally, cars in neutral colors like white, black, and silver retain their value better than cars with bright or unusual colors. These colors are seen as timeless and tend to appeal to a broader range of buyers.

What color cars have the lowest resale value?

According to industry reports, cars in bright or unusual colors, like gold, yellow, or bright green, may have lower resale values than neutral colors. However, the resale value depends on the make, model, and vehicle condition.

Is the worst color car to keep clean?

Keeping black cars clean can be challenging because they show dust, dirt, and scratches more easily than lighter-colored cars. But if you use the right car care products, you can maintain a clean appearance.

What color car is easiest to resell?

Neutral colors like white, black, and silver are usually the easiest to resell. They have a timeless appeal and tend to attract a broader range of buyers. That being said, the ease of resale also depends on factors like car make, model, and condition.



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