BMW 2 Series Problems to Avoid, Common Issues and Solutions

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When considering a BMW 2 Series, you might be curious about potential problems that could arise.

Like any vehicle, the 2 Series has faced a few common issues, but overall, it’s a robust choice for luxury and performance. In this article, we’ll outline these problems to help you make an informed decision.

Despite a few minor issues with the crankshaft sensor and rear axle bolts, the BMW 2 Series remains worth buying.

Some drivers have also experienced power steering problems. As you continue reading, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of what to watch out for with this vehicle.

BMW 2 Series Common Problems

Common BMW 2 Series Problems

Engine Issues

The BMW 2 Series is generally considered a reliable car, but like any vehicle, it can have some engine issues.

One problem you might encounter is related to the fuel pump, which may cause engine stalling on some cars.

Another common issue with the 2 Series is its tendency to burn more oil than expected. To prevent this from becoming a significant problem, make sure to check your oil levels regularly and keep an extra bottle or two of oil on hand in case you need to top off.

Brake Problems

While this may not be a prevalent issue, it’s important to be aware of any potential brake problems with your BMW 2 Series.

Ensure that you have your brakes inspected regularly, and if you hear any unusual noises or feel any vibrations while braking, have it checked by a professional technician as soon as possible.

Acceleration and Performance

Although the BMW 2 Series delivers impressive performance overall, some drivers have reported minor issues with acceleration.

If you experience any irregularities during acceleration, this could be due to a variety of factors, such as a dirty air filter or a malfunctioning turbocharger.

It’s essential to address these issues promptly to maintain your vehicle’s performance and avoid costly repairs later.

Recalls and Faults

Crankshaft Sensor

Your BMW 2 Series may experience a crankshaft sensor issue. This problem can cause the engine to lose power or stall while you’re driving. It’s important to address this issue promptly to ensure your car continues to run smoothly.

Rear Axle Bolts

Another issue found in some BMW 2 Series cars is related to the rear axle bolts. If these bolts loosen or break, the rear axle may become unstable, affecting your car’s handling and safety. Make sure to have these bolts checked and tightened if necessary during your regular maintenance.


Airbag recalls have been known to affect several car models, including the BMW 2 Series. Your car’s airbags might be faulty, increasing the risk of injury during accidents.

Keep an eye on any recalls or notices related to your BMW 2 Series airbags, and contact your local BMW service center to have them inspected and replaced if needed.

Remember to stay informed about recalls and faults for your BMW 2 Series, addressing them as needed to ensure your car remains reliable and safe.

Vehicle Maintenance

Oil and Filter Changes

Maintaining your BMW 2 Series is essential to ensure its reliability and performance. Regular oil and filter changes are a crucial part of your vehicle’s upkeep. Check your owner’s manual or VIN for the recommended intervals.

To check the oil, make sure your car is on level ground and wait for the engine to cool down. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean, and reinsert it. The oil level should be between the minimum and maximum marks.

Filter changes help remove contaminants and keep your engine running smoothly. Regularly changing your filters can prevent possible repairs and extend the life of your BMW 2 Series.

Advanced Features and Problems

Traction Control

Your BMW 2 Series comes with traction control to help maintain control in slippery conditions. However, it might be overly sensitive at times, causing it to intervene more often than needed. Keep in mind to always check tire pressure, as low fuel can affect the system’s performance.

Lane-Keeping Assist

The lane-keeping assist feature actively helps you stay in the center of your lane. Some drivers have reported this system being too aggressive, making small corrections when not necessary.

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and use this feature as an aid, not a replacement for safe driving.

Automatic Shift Lock

Finally, the automatic shift lock system might sometimes fail to disengage in your BMW 2 Series, rendering the car immobile.

This could be due to a faulty sensor or intervention of other systems like the tire pressure monitoring system or fog lights. Double-check all these components if you experience this issue.

The Best BMW 2 Series Models

The BMW 2 Series is a popular line of compact luxury cars produced by the German automaker BMW.

While opinions on the best model may vary depending on personal preferences and needs, here are some highly regarded years and their individual strengths:

BMW M2 Competition (2019-present):

The M2 Competition is often considered the top-tier model in the 2 Series lineup. It features a powerful turbocharged inline-6 engine producing 405 horsepower, precise handling, and aggressive styling.

The M2 Competition offers a thrilling driving experience with its excellent acceleration and track-ready performance.

BMW 228i (2014-2016):

The 228i is praised for its balanced performance and affordability. It comes with a turbocharged inline-4 engine producing 240 horsepower, providing a respectable level of power and efficiency.

The 228i offers a comfortable ride, well-appointed interior, and the option for a manual transmission, which enhances the driving experience for enthusiasts.

BMW M240i (2017-present):

The M240i is the successor to the 228i, offering even more power and sportiness. It is equipped with a turbocharged inline-6 engine producing 335 horsepower, delivering strong acceleration and exhilarating performance.

The M240i benefits from refined handling, precise steering, and a comfortable interior, making it an enticing option for those seeking a balance between luxury and sportiness.

BMW 235i (2014-2016):

The 235i stands out for its potent engine and engaging driving dynamics. Powered by a turbocharged inline-6 engine producing 320 horsepower, it offers impressive acceleration and a thrilling driving experience.

The 235i also features precise steering, strong brakes, and a well-designed interior, making it a highly regarded option among driving enthusiasts.

BMW M235i (2014-2016):

The M235i is the performance-oriented variant of the 2 Series. It shares many similarities with the 235i but comes with added performance enhancements.

With its turbocharged inline-6 engine producing 322 horsepower, the M235i delivers exhilarating speed and agility. It boasts numerous sporty design elements, enhanced brakes, and sport-tuned suspension for improved handling and driving dynamics.

Power Steering and Suspension Issues

In your BMW 2 series, you may encounter issues with the power steering system. Some drivers have reported problems with this system, which could lead to difficulty maneuvering the vehicle.

Pay close attention to any abnormal sound coming from the steering system, as it might be an indication of a potential issue.

Another area to watch out for is the suspension. Instances of the Chassis Stabilization Malfunction have been reported, which may be caused by problems with the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), engine, or transmission.

In some cases, the malfunction might cause the car to go into limp mode, limiting power and affecting transmission shifting.

Stay alert to changes in your BMW 2 series’ performance, and address any concerns with a qualified professional to ensure a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

Timing Chain and Resale Value

Your BMW 2 Series can face some issues with the timing chain tensioner, causing engine damage and impacting its resale value.

This is due to a design flaw in early models which may require an engine replacement if not addressed promptly. Keep in mind that certain BMW models like 1, 3, and 5 series manufactured between 2007-2011 are more prone to these problems.

Stay proactive in addressing timing chain concerns to maintain your BMW’s performance, and preserve its resale value.

Reliability and Warranty

Your BMW 2 Series is known for its reliability. Most issues you may encounter are addressed by BMW, ensuring a smooth driving experience. It’s important to note that your 2 Series might burn more oil than expected, but simply keep an extra bottle or two in your car.

As for the BMW 2 Series reliability, it’s worth mentioning that the 2021 model has been recalled 4 times by NHTSA. When maintaining your car, make sure mechanics use new bolts for the rear axle instead of reusing old ones.

Lastly, don’t forget about the warranty that BMW offers, which will cover potential issues and keep your 2 Series performing at its best.

BMW 2 Competitors

Audi A3

The Audi A3 is a popular rival to the BMW 2 Series with its sophisticated appearance and refined interior.

Although you may find that the A3 has a slightly higher starting price, it offers a more competitive fuel economy than the 2 Series.

Keep in mind, however, that the A3 is available only as a sedan, lacking the coupé option you may have been drawn to in the BMW lineup.

However, some years like the 2015 Audi A3 should be avoided due to 34 complaints about excessive oil consumption and sudden power loss.

Chevrolet Camaro

For an American touch to your luxury sports car, consider the Chevrolet Camaro. With its powerful engines and unique styling, the Camaro offers a compelling alternative to the 2 Series.

While the Camaro shines in performance and handling, remember that its interior materials and general refinement might not match the European elegance you’ll find in the BMW 2 Series.

Also, some used models like the 2010-2015 Camaro suffered timing chain wear, poor performance, decreased fuel efficiency.

Cadillac CT4

Lastly, the Cadillac CT4 brings modern American luxury to the compact sports car segment. Featuring a rear-wheel-drive platform and a host of performance variants, the CT4 delivers engaging driving dynamics.

However, be aware that it might not offer the same balance between luxury and performance to which you may have become accustomed in the BMW 2 Series. Additionally, the CT4 might not have the same level of overall vehicle reliability seen in its European rivals.

Remember, each of these competitors comes with its own unique set of differences and similarities, and realizing your priorities and preferences is essential when choosing the perfect car.

Frequently Asked Questions

BMW 2 series or 3 series?

The choice between a BMW 2 series and a 3 series depends on your preferences and priorities. The 2 series offers a smaller, sportier design with a focus on performance.

The 3 series is more spacious and comfortable, providing a better family car option. Consider what’s most important to you before making your decision.

Expensive to maintain?

Maintaining a BMW 2 series can be more expensive than maintaining other economy cars. However, it’s still manageable with routine maintenance and care. Be prepared for higher costs on parts and labor when compared to non-luxury brands.

Any recalls?

There have been recalls on some BMW 2 series models, such as an issue with the fuel pump on cars produced until April 2014. Always check for recalls before purchasing a used vehicle.

Reliability of 2 Series Active Tourer?

The 2 Series Active Tourer is generally a reliable vehicle, but it may have some minor issues like crankshaft sensor problems and rear axle bolt concerns. Keep up with regular maintenance to ensure the best performance.

Automatic gearbox problems?

Some older BMW 2 series models may experience issues with the automatic gearbox. Although these cases are rare, it’s essential to monitor your vehicle’s performance and address any problems as soon as they arise.


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