How Much Is It To Test Drive a Lamborghini? Or Can I Have It Free?

How Much Is It To Test Drive a Lamborghini

Oh, we know how thrilling supercars are, and anyone who can afford it will pay to sit behind those wheels.

Lamborghinis, popularly called “Lambos”, are one of the most expensive cars in the world, even renting cost some dough, and test driving any of those bad boys doesn’t come cheap.

Test driving prices vary according to cities, states, and company offers, but we’ve got you covered.

Are you ready to find out how much test drive lamborghini would cost you? Why don’t you hop into our imaginary Lamborghini Aventador and take a ride with us!

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Test Driving Prices and Process: Get Familiar

You can test drive any of your favorite Lamborghinis, new or pre-owned, at any Lamborghini dealership near you.

You can start this process by filling a form on the dealership’s website or walking into any of their locations.

When filling the form online, you will schedule a date and time you would like to test drive the Lambo.

On getting to the dealership, you will be asked a series of questions to know if you have what it takes – both in terms of finances and qualifications.

This usually involves you providing your valid driver’s license and proof of insurance in an amount equal to the value of the Lamborghini being test-driven.

The thing is, there’s no particular cost to test driving a Lamborghini.

Most dealerships in the United States do not offer test drives until the Lamborghini is sold or approved financing is in place for the buyer.

However, you can still drive a Lamborghini without having to buy one.

With Exotic Racing and Xtreme Xperience, you can drive the Lamborghini of your choice on racetracks in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, and many more cities.

You will be charged $200 upwards, depending on the Lamborghini model and the number of laps you take.

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Can You Test Drive For Free?

Test driving Lamborghinis for free is very rare. The only way you can enjoy this privilege is if you’re a well-known client at a dealership.

This means you must have bought a couple of exotic cars from them before.

This doesn’t mean you can automatically test drive Lamborghini for free, but if anyone is going to have a chance at all, it’s well-known clients.

Popular FAQ

Does Lamborghini let you test drive?

Lamborghini lets you test drive only if you’re a serious buyer. That being said, payment must have been made or being arranged before you are allowed to take the Lambo for a spin.

How much does it cost to drive a Lamborghini?

The surest way of driving a Lamborghini is to own one. New Lamborghinis have a price range of $220,000 – $512,000 while pre-owned ones cost between $100,000 and $200,000.

These prices could be higher or lower, depending on the model and year of make of the Lamborghini you have in mind.

You can also drive Lamborghinis at racetracks starting from $200.

Can you test drive a Lamborghini in Italy?

Yes, you can. You can test drive a Lamborghini on urban streets or race tracks for up to an hour.

If you’re from the EU, you’ll have to present a valid driver’s license and must be at least 19 years old.

The age requirement for test driving on the track is a minimum of 18 years. In addition to these requirements, foreigners will need an international driving license. Other terms and conditions may apply.

What are the qualifications to test drive a Lamborghini?

This varies based on location. In Italy, some companies provide supercars factory tours and test drives!

All you have to do is to provide a valid driver’s license and/or international driving license and meet their age requirements. In the USA, it’s different.

You’ll have to go through a dealership and present a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance in an amount equal to the value of the Lamborghini being test-driven.

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Who is Lamborghini test driver?

Valentino Balboni. He was the chief test driver for almost two decades and has since retired, but continues to act as a consultant.

Does Lamborghini Let You Test Drive?


Test driving a Lamborghini isn’t as easy as it sounds; you need to have the qualifications and the finances to back it up.

If you go through dealerships, paying for test driving is equivalent to paying for the car.

Luckily, you don’t have to own one before you can drive one. There are racetracks that charge a small amount for you to take your favorite Lambo on a spin.

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