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Looking for small 5th wheel toy hauler brands that are compact, relatively affordable and easy to haul? Or looking for really smaller weight and length like between 25 ft and 35 feet tiny fifth wheel toy hauler models?

In this detailed guide, you will not only discover 5 of the smallest 5th wheel toy hauler or travel trailer brands of different size, but also short and lightweight under 35 feet size.

What Is A Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler is a trailer that has a front or rear external compartment for carrying men’s toys e.g. an ATV, a dirt bike, or a mountain bike and hauler for small vehicles.

They are perfect for adventurers who want to travel with their campers to a destination where they can not only enjoy nature but also get out there and have a real adventure.

Most toy haulers are long and big in size. This makes them not very easy to maneuver. However, a number of manufacturers are making small or compact 5″ wheel toy haulers that are easier to maneuver than the typical fifth wheel toy haulers.

Who Makes The Best Small Toy Hauler?

Forest River makes the best fifth wheel toy hauler. The very best one from the company is the Forest River XLR Nitro 351.

This trailer is about 40 feet long and comes with multiple exciting features such as a massive 18 feet long awning, a private bedroom with a big comfy bed, multiple storage areas, multiple drawers, a 14 feet garage for short vehicles, and a spring-assisted ramp door.

The Best Smallest 5th Wheel Models

Now we’ve curated a list of top 5 small fifth wheel toy hauler models from different companies allowing you with varied options, below:

  • Dutchmen Colemen Lantern 242BH

RV trailer floor plan

This small toy hauler is regarded as one of the most premium quality and amazing specs toy haulers on the market list today.

A lightweight size, it is built by a top toy hauler manufacturers, designed to last for a long time. It is at the same time compact and lightweight.

In length, it measures 28 feet long and in weight, it measures 5,867 pounds. It is, therefore, a truly small toy hauler.

Its payload capacity (or carrying capacity) is an impressive 1,733 pounds, which means you can haul just about any toy you have in it without straining it or straining your towing truck.

The freshwater capacity of this vehicle is 60 gallons, while the black water capacity is 42 gallons. I love three things about this Dutchmen Coleman camper.

First, I love how spacious it is. It is so spacious because it has a big automatic slideout that increases the area of its living room significantly.

And in case you are tired of staying inside it, it has an awning that allows you to enjoy the outdoors under a good shade. The awning is power-retractable. Second, I love the kitchen in this camper.

It has vinyl flooring (easy to clean), a U-shaped dinette, three burners, an overhead fan, a big refrigerator, a microwave, a big counter, a sink, and a faucet.

Lastly, I love this camper’s master bedroom. It is big and it has a full-sliding door for maximum privacy. In case you are wondering, of course, this camper has an external toy hauling compartment at the back. As you can see above, this is among the best 5th wheel RVs under 30-foot long.

  • InTech Explore Flyer

single axle motorhome

InTech is not a big brand name in the manufacture of RVs. However, it does make a pretty good compact and small 5th wheel toy hauler known as InTech Explorer Flyer.

Yeah, this tiny size fifth wheel toy hauler machine is definitely one of the smallest toy haulers. It weighs only 1,850 pounds and yet it is a strong machine perfect for carrying bicycles or dirt bikes.

It is also big enough for carrying an ATV. To make it easy to load your toys into it, this toy hauler has a ramp door.

You will literally find this pretty small toy hauler very easy to load any toy with wheels into it. This InTech Explorer Flyer comes with a side tip-out bed that you can deploy for spacious camping under its perfect 270 degrees awning.

Like many campers, this camper also comes with a relatively powerful 9,200 BTU air conditioner, entertainment center, plus a heat strip and a stereo.

So it is perfect for camping both in cold and hot seasons. While the interior of this trailer is not the best for spending time in, it does come with an external kitchen.

The kitchen (a front pull-out kitchen) has a small refrigerator and a 2-burner cooktop. It is perfect for preparing quick meals. What is very well-known about this trailer is that it is very strong and durable. You can take it through months of aggressive use and it will not show signs of significant wear and tear.

  • KZ Sportsmen Classic 160RBT

two tent bed rv design

KZ Sportsmen makes a list of amazing classic trailers and this model right here is one of the top toy haulers. It is a travel trailer cum a small 5th wheel toy hauler perfect for luxury camping.

What I really like about this RV is that it comes with four stabilizer jacks. You can use them to make it level and to stabilize it for a very comfortable camping experience.

I also really like the fact that this small 5th wheel toy hauler comes with plenty of features and amenities, including 20 Lb. LP fuel tank.

It has a fully-equipped kitchen, a decent living area, a decent bedroom, and a fully-equipped bathroom. It is an RV that you will really enjoy camping in as it will make you feel as if you are booked in a lovely tiny AirBnB apartment.

I also like the furnace in this recreational vehicle. It is a truly powerful 20,000 BTU furnace. It can warm the entire living area very nicely to make you feel warm and cozy even on a snowy night.

This trailer’s 13,500 BTU air conditioner is also something I like about it because it provides great cooling on hot days.

From the above information, it is easy to see why I consider this one of the best lightweight toy hauler models.

  • Heartland Lithium 2414

plan for rv construction

This best quality 5th wheel toy hauler from Heartland will enable you to have a fun and adventurous camping experience. This is because it will allow you to bring your toy or toys with you wherever you are going.

A small 5th wheel toy hauler, with a full kitchen with an oven and three burners, a full bathroom with a flush toilet and a shower, and a master bedroom with a big bed and a separate entrance to the bathroom.

In the living area, this unit has a sofa-bed, a lounge chair, a stereo system, a TV, and very good speakers.

Other great features in this toy hauler include a heated underbelly, power stabilizing jacks, a king bed, a power awning (LED lighted), a generator prep, a fuelling station, a tall ceiling, plywood flooring, and a wide frame.

The manufacturer of this best smaller toy hauler sells it in several packages. You can choose the package based on what additional features you want.

For instance, if you choose the Lithium Convenience Package you will get a LED lighted exterior carriage, a spare tire, power stability jacks, a power tongue jack, and a power awning with an LED light strip.

Note that a bigger 5th wheel travel RV, then go for the modern Heartland Fuel and Momentum G-CLass by Grand Design.

  • Jayco Octane 161

king size bed RV plan

This is an under 25 foot 5th wheel toy hauler that measures about 20-feet tall and weighs under 5000 pounds. And, currently rank one of the coolest lightweight toy haulers.

A cool small 5th wheel toy hauler with a sleeping capacity of four people and can hold up to 53 gallons of freshwater. These facts about this trailer show that it is a fairly compact trailer that is suitable for less than five individuals.

The trailer has a big rear door and sufficient room for hauling a big ATV or golf cart, or a couple of motorcycles or dirt bikes.

The front of this vehicle has a kitchen with a solid countertop, a sink, a faucet, overhead cabinets, a microwave, and so on.

It is a pretty decent kitchen for individuals who want to use this vehicle more as a toy hauler than as the main camper. From the product information above, it is clear that this is one of the lightest 5th wheels.

FAQ about 5th toy hauler with varied length

We have put together some of your consistent queries about small fifth wheels toy hauler options and specifications, below:

What is the smallest weight 5th toy hauler?

As stated above, the shortest 5th wheel toy hauler is the inTech Flyer Explore. This model is not custom built, designed as extremely compact toy hauler of dry weight of 1500 – 2000 lbs, cargo capacity of average 1450 lbs and under 14 feet long.

The Flyer Discover toy hauler, also by InTech is another very short model and both are among the lightest 5th wheel toy hauler on the market, today.

Can 25 ft 5th wheel toy hauler contain one couple?

A 25 feet fifth wheel toy hauler can accommodate up to three people. It also has enough room for a bathroom, kitchen, a fairly large cargo space, and sleeping area for all three people. So, it can comfortably contain a couple. 

Who makes the lightest fifth wheel camper?

The 19 feet Scamp wheel trailers weighs around 2,000 to 2,400 lbs in curb weight. The deluxe weighs a little more at 2,400 lbs to 2,900 lbs. Both the standard and deluxe versions are the lightest fifth wheel campers on the market. 

Summary of small 5th-wheel hauler options!

The small toy hauler are for individuals who want to go travel and camp in luxury in their own mobile home and at the same time they want to take their toys with them for adventures.

In this post, you discovered varied options of the best small 5th wheel toy hauler brands. You also discovered key features of every fifth-wheel reviewed.


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