Lexus ES 350 vs IS 350: Performance Comparison Guide

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When shopping for a luxury sedan, you might find yourself torn between the Lexus ES 350 and the IS 350.

Each car offers a unique blend of style, performance, and comfort, making it tough to choose.

In this article, we’ll explore the key differences and similarities between these two popular Lexus models, helping you decide which one better suits your needs and preferences.

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Lexus ES 350 vs IS 350

Key Differences

Lexus ES 350

When considering the Lexus ES 350, you’ll find that it is designed with comfort and luxury in mind.

The ES 350 has a 3.5L V6 engine that offers a smooth and refined performance. Paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, it ensures a seamless and quiet driving experience.

In terms of dimensions, the Lexus ES 350 has greater overall passenger room (99.9 cubic feet) compared to the IS 350.

This translates into a more spacious interior, ideal for passengers seeking extra comfort on long drives. Especially in the rear row, the ES 350 offers more legroom at 39.2 inches.

Lexus IS 350

On the other hand, the Lexus IS 350 focuses more on sportiness and agility. Equipped with a powerful 3.5L V6 engine, it offers a more thrilling driving experience and faster acceleration.

The IS 350 also comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission, but its rear-wheel drive configuration gives it a sportier feel on the road.

When it comes to interior dimensions, the IS 350 has a slightly smaller passenger room (90.2 cubic feet).

Although the front row offers adequate headroom and legroom, the rear row is notably more cramped, with only 32.2 inches of legroom. This can be a compromise if you frequently have passengers in the back.

To sum up, the key differences between the Lexus ES 350 and the Lexus IS 350 include:

  • Lexus ES 350: Focused on comfort, spacious interior, 3.5L V6 engine, and front-wheel drive.
  • Lexus IS 350: Sportier driving experience, more agile performance, 3.5L V6 engine, and rear-wheel drive.

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Power and Performance

The 2023 Lexus ES 350 features a sturdy V6 engine that delivers an impressive 302 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque. Its powertrain consists of an 8-speed automatic transmission, making for a smooth ride.

This sedan offers front-wheel drive, which gives you more control in various driving conditions.

Now, let’s look at the 2022 Lexus IS 350. Sporting a V6 cylinder engine, it generates 311 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque.

The IS 350 comes with rear-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission, providing a balanced performance.

When it comes to fuel economy, the ES 350 gets an EPA-estimated 22 MPG city and 32 MPG highway while the IS 350 is a bit less efficient at 20 MPG city and 28 MPG highway.

So, your choice between these two Lexuses depends on your driving needs and personal preferences.

Exterior Features

When it comes to the exterior, the Lexus ES 350 and IS 350 both have their unique traits.

You’ll appreciate LED headlights and daytime running lights on both models, ensuring visibility during your drives. With 18-inch alloy wheels, they offer stability and a touch of elegance.

The ES 350 is a bit larger, measuring 195.9 inches in length and 73.4 inches in width, giving it a more spacious feel.

Meanwhile, the IS 350 sports a sleek rear spoiler, improving its aerodynamics and adding style. See how IS-350 stack up against Lexus IS-250!

As you drive through unpredictable weather, rain-sensing wipers make your life easier by automatically adjusting their speed.

And when it comes to handling, both models minimize body roll for a comfortable experience. With these features, your Lexus sedan will make a statement on the road.

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Interior and Comfort

The Lexus ES 350 offers you more interior space than the IS 350, with 99.9 cubic feet of overall room for passengers.

This translates to added legroom in the rear, with 39.2 inches compared to the IS 350’s 32.2 inches. The ES 350 also provides heating, cooling, and a moonroof for your comfort.

In terms of interior trim, you can enjoy choices like black, acorn, macadamia/bamboo, and palomino for the perforated NuLuxe seat trim.

Both vehicles come equipped with an infotainment system, with steering wheel audio controls for your convenience.

Technology and Infotainment

Both the Lexus ES 350 and IS 350 offer impressive infotainment and technology features. You’ll find navigation systems to guide your travels and user-friendly infotainment controls for easy access.

In terms of smartphone integration, both models support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, keeping you well connected while on the road. Not only that, but you’ll also enjoy the convenience of universal garage door openers in each car.

Last but not least, the digital instrument clusters provide clear, easy-to-read information, ensuring a pleasant driving experience for you.

Safety and Driver Assistance

When it comes to safety, both the Lexus ES 350 and IS 350 have impressive features.

Lexus Safety System+ 2.5 comes standard in the 2023 ES and provides you with advanced driver assistance technologies, such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure alert (LDA).

A highlight of Lexus safety is its comprehensive airbag system, which protects you and your passengers.

Furthermore, these models come with reliable brakes and various safety features, ensuring a secure driving experience. Remember, safety is a top priority for Lexus, and you can trust these sedans to keep you protected on the road.

Models and Trims

In the 2023 lineup, both the Lexus ES 350 and IS 350 offer distinct trim levels to suit your preferences.

The ES 350 comes in five trims: Base, F SPORT Design, Luxury, F SPORT Handling, and Ultra Luxury. On the other hand, IS 350 offers a standard trim as well as the sportier IS F SPORT.

For eco-friendly drivers, the ES is available in a hybrid option, while the IS lacks this choice. Both F SPORT trims give you a dynamic driving experience with enhanced handling and sport-tuned suspension.

Customize your car with various colors and materials for a tailored experience.

Enjoy comfortable steering regardless of your choice, as both models feature premium leather-wrapped steering wheels. So, pick the one that aligns with your style and enjoy the ride!

Pricing and Ownership

When considering the Lexus ES 350 and the IS 350, the IS 350 has a higher MSRP, making the ES 350 more affordable.

The ES 350 is also more fuel efficient, saving you money on gas in the long run.

Both models come with a warranty that includes basic coverage for 4 years/50,000 miles, powertrain for 6 years/70,000 miles, and corrosion protection for 6 years.

Plus, they provide roadside assistance during the warranty period. Regarding emissions, both cars have similar CO2 emission ratings.

Although the ES 350 has a slight edge in terms of fuel efficiency, your choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and priorities.

Dimension and Cargo Space

When comparing the Lexus ES 350 and the Lexus IS 350, you’ll notice differences in their dimensions and cargo space.

The ES 350, a midsize car, offers more interior volume, which translates to more rear headroom, rear shoulder room, rear leg room, and cargo space.

On the other hand, the IS 350, a compact car, gives you more front headroom and front legroom.

In terms of cargo space, the ES 350 boasts a spacious 13.9 cubic feet, while the IS 350 offers a slightly smaller area with 10.8 cubic feet.

Key Facts Lexus ES 350 Lexus IS 350
Rear Headroom More Less
Rear Shoulder Room More Less
Rear Leg Room More Less
Cargo Space 13.9 cu.ft. 10.8 cu.ft.
Front Headroom Less More
Front Legroom Less More

Remember, it’s essential to consider these dimensions and cargo space differences when deciding which car suits your needs best.

Find the balance between comfort, passenger space, and storage capacity that works for you and enjoy your Lexus experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which model has better performance, ES 350 or IS 350?

The Lexus ES 350 and IS 350 have similar powertrains, but the IS 350 tends to offer more sporty handling. With a slightly more powerful engine, the IS 350 provides better acceleration than the ES 350.

If you prioritize ride comfort, you might prefer the ES 350’s smoother and more relaxed driving experience.

How do their interiors and features compare?

While both vehicles offer luxurious interiors, the ES 350 has more rear head- and legroom, making it a better choice if you frequently have passengers in the back seat.

The IS 350, on the other hand, offers greater front head- and legroom, making it more comfortable for taller drivers.

As for features, both models come with similar standard equipment, including advanced infotainment systems, premium audio options, and various driver assistance technologies.

Which one is more fuel-efficient?

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the ES 350 has a slight edge over the IS 350. According to the EPA estimates, the ES 350 achieves better fuel economy in both city and highway driving compared to the IS 350. This may be an important factor to consider if you’re looking to save on fuel costs.

What are the price differences between the two models?

The starting price of the 2023 Lexus ES 350 is around $41,940, while the 2022 Lexus IS 350 has a slightly higher starting price.

However, as you explore different trim levels and add options, the price gap between the two models may change. It’s essential to check current prices and available discounts at your local dealership to find the best deal for your needs.

How do the safety ratings of both models compare?

Both the ES 350 and IS 350 have received high safety scores and offer a range of advanced safety features; however, the specific ratings might vary depending on the model year and package.

To get the most accurate comparison, it’s recommended to check the latest safety ratings for both vehicles before making a decision.

What are the main differences in exterior design?

The Lexus IS 350 has a sportier, more aggressive exterior design, with sharp lines and a bold grille. In contrast, the ES 350 features a more elegant and sophisticated look with smoother curves and a more refined appearance.

Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to your personal design preferences and the image you’d like to portray on the road.


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