Here Are The Worst Lexus GX 460 Years to Avoid and Model Problems

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Are you searching for a luxury SUV that combines style, comfort, and performance?

Look no further than the Lexus GX 460 – a popular model that’s earned a reputation for excellence. But before you purchase, it’s essential to know that not all model years live up to the high standards you expect from Lexus.

That’s why we’re here to provide valuable information on the Lexus GX 460 years to avoid, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Although the Lexus GX 460 is generally dependable, there are a few years to steer clear of based on problems or issues reported by owners and industry experts.

So, let’s dive into which model years to avoid and why and ensure you make the most informed decision possible.

Lexus GX 460 years to avoid

Model Years to Avoid

2009 and 2010 Lexus GX 460

The 2009 and 2010 Lexus GX 460 are considered among the years to avoid, mainly due to their stability control issues. The 2010 model year faced a temporary sales halt to address the problem.

These model years, among some others, have had higher rates of complaints from previous owners, which might be a cause for concern.

Besides stability control issues, previous owners also reported some brake problems, which could lead to damage if not addressed promptly. You must check service records for any potential 2009 or 2010 Lexus GX 460s you might consider purchasing.

2014 Lexus GX 460

Another year to avoid when looking at used Lexus GX 460s is 2014. Despite being praised for its off-road capabilities and luxurious features, the 2014 model year faced a few common problems.

These include minor electrical issues and brake malfunctions, significantly impacting your driving experience.

To ensure you get the best possible Lexus GX 460 for your needs, inspect service history records and pay attention to the listed common problems.

This will give you a clearer picture of what to expect from each model year and help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

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Reliability by Model Year

Best Years for Lexus GX 460

When searching for a reliable Lexus GX 460, a few model years stand out for their dependability and performance. These are some of the best years to consider for your purchase:

  • 2015 Lexus GX 460: This model year offers a comfortable ride, excellent off-road capabilities, and superb reliability ratings. Its fuel economy is also reasonable for a luxury SUV of this size.
  • 2020 Lexus GX 460: Praised for its upgraded interior amenities and improved driving experience, the 2020 GX 460 also performs well off-road. Owners and auto journalists alike have given this model year impressive reviews.

While these two model years stand out for their reliability, the Lexus GX 460 is generally regarded as a dependable vehicle throughout its production history.

Worst Years for Lexus GX 460

Although the Lexus GX 460 has a reputation for reliability, there are a few model years that may be best to avoid:

  • 2010 Lexus GX 460: The 2010 model year faced stability control issues.
  • 2013 Lexus GX 460: This model year experienced minor electrical problems.
  • 2016 Lexus GX 460: The 2016 model year had brake issues.

It’s important to note that not all units were affected, even for these problematic model years. However, when shopping for a used Lexus GX 460, looking into the vehicle’s service history is wise.

When selecting the best model year for your needs, balance reliability and features with your preferences and budget.

Recalls and Safety Issues

Brake Problems and Recalls

In 2016, the Lexus GX 460 experienced a significant brake issue, which prompted a recall of approximately 5,000 vehicles.

The issue was related to the vehicle’s brake actuator, a component of the anti-lock brake system (ABS) and vehicle stability control (VSC) system.

As a potential buyer, you should be aware of and address any existing recalls, including brake actuator concerns, to ensure your safety.

Transmission Issues

While there have not been many widespread transmission issues with Lexus GX 460, occasional reports of transmission-related problems may surface.

For instance, software updates may be needed to fix shifting irregularities. Stay proactive by regularly servicing your vehicle and addressing transmission concerns at the first sign of trouble.

Suspension Issues

You may encounter suspension issues in some Lexus GX 460 model years, like the air suspension system acting up, causing a rough ride or uneven tire wear. To avoid costly repairs, get your vehicle’s suspension system checked and maintained by a professional technician.

Safety Concerns

The airbag system is a typical safety concern with specific GX 460 model years.

Issues reported include the SRS light glowing without a reason and airbag inflator bag malfunctions, which can pose serious safety threats in worst-case scenarios. Other issues you may encounter include:

  • Remote starter failures: An occasional problem with premature remote starter failure in some Lexus GX 460 model years, often requiring a battery change but sometimes resulting from technical issues.
  • Heated seat complaints: Some owners have reported heat seats not functioning correctly or unevenly distributing heat.
  • Side mirror-moving problems: Some Lexus GX 460 models may exhibit issues with side mirrors not adjusting or moving correctly.

In conclusion, when considering a Lexus GX 460, consider recalls, safety issues, and any reported problems in specific model years.

Regular maintenance and prompt addressing of issues will keep your vehicle in the best condition and ensure your safety on the road.

Comparing Other Lexus GX Models

While it’s essential to consider the Lexus GX 460 years to avoid, such as 2010, 2013, and 2016, you should also look at other model years that better suit your needs. Here’s a quick comparison of other Lexus GX models.

Highly Recommended Years

The 2019 Lexus GX 460 is popular due to its high reliability, lower depreciation rate (48% over five years), and the potential to last for over 200,000 miles with proper maintenance.

Another excellent choice is the 2014 Lexus GX 460, which received positive feedback due to its reliability and performance.

Recent & Upcoming Models

Consider the newer 2022 and 2023 Lexus GX 460 models, as they maintain high-quality standards, technological advancements, and impressive performance.

Comparing Key Features

Here are a few key features of the Lexus GX models that you may find helpful to consider:

  • Reliability: Lexus vehicles are known for their reliability, and while some specific years have had reported issues, the overall reputation for the GX models remains strong.
  • Off-Road Capability: The Lexus GX series has features that make it practical for both on- and off-road driving.
  • Luxury & Comfort: Lexus is known for its upscale interiors and attention to detail, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious experience for you and your passengers in most GX models.

In sum, when choosing the best Lexus GX 460 for your needs, avoid the years known for issues, such as 2010, 2013, and 2016, and consider recommendations for more reliable years, like 2014 and 2019, or recent models, such as 2022 and 2023.

Lexus GX 460 Competitors

This section discusses four notable competitors to the Lexus GX 460: the Audi Q8, Lexus RX 350, Toyota 4Runner, and Volvo XC90.

Audi Q8

The Audi Q8 offers a sleek, modern design and excellent performance. With spacious seating and the latest technology features, this luxury SUV is perfect for those seeking luxury and comfort.

The Audi Q8 has a standard all-wheel-drive system, perfect for off-road adventures or tackling rough terrain.

Compared to the Lexus GX 460, the Q8 boasts a more sophisticated interior and a higher towing capacity. However, the high maintenance cost is a common issue with the Audi Q8.

Lexus RX 350

As a cousin to the Lexus GX 460, the Lexus RX 350 shares a brand heritage of luxury and reliability. This midsize luxury SUV offers a smooth ride, excellent fuel efficiency, and many advanced safety features.

While the RX 350 is built on a unibody platform compared to the GX 460’s body-on-frame construction, it still provides a comfortable and composed ride. One common problem with Lexus RX 350 is the infotainment system’s clunky interface.

Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is famous for those seeking a rugged, dependable off-road SUV.

While not as posh as the Lexus GX 460, the 4Runner offers similar body-on-frame construction, making it a durable and capable off-roader.

Toyota’s reputation for reliability is well-known, ensuring you can expect years of trouble-free ownership 4Runner.

Unfortunately, like every car, the used Toyota 4Runner has one common issue you may encounter with the Toyota 4Runner the dated interior design.

Volvo XC90

Lastly, the Volvo XC90 offers an elegant, Scandinavian design and advanced safety features. The XC90’s three rows of seating and impressive safety features make it a top contender for a family-friendly luxury SUV.

Search and buy the most reliable 2016 and 2023 XC90 models to not avoid issues but experience more premium goodies it offers.

In contrast to the Lexus GX 460, the XC90 provides a modern, minimalist interior design and a more fuel-efficient engine lineup. However, one common problem with the Volvo XC90 is the initial high purchase cost.

In conclusion, as you research your luxury SUV options, consider these four competitors to the Lexus GX 460. Each offers its unique blend of luxury, performance, and reliability. Enjoy the process of finding the perfect SUV for you.


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