Digital Cay Buying – Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing Digital Car Shopping Industry

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The auto industry is one of the sectors that enjoy rapid technological advancements.

Things have changed immensely from the way they were a decade ago, and car buyers can now access car information, take test drives, and pay for cars online.

The Covid-19 pandemic has played a major role in making the car buying process what it is today. Let’s look at five ways digital transformation is revolutionizing digital car buying.

More Consumers Now Trust Digital Car Buying

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The increase in digital advertising has changed how people search for cars. One survey reveals that about 80% of shoppers start their car buying process online.

But despite the surge in digital car shopping, a majority of car buyers still get recommendations from a third party before heading to a dealer’s website.

Advertisers should note that shoppers use different devices and platforms in their research. Therefore, they need to use more digital marketing channels, not just one.

Partnerships with social media influencers, car review websites, video marketing platforms, and other stakeholders can help them connect with more car buyers.

Buy Marketing Car Via Virtual Shopping

Virtual car shopping is increasingly becoming the norm even as social distancing pandemic protocols ease up. More technologies are coming up to make virtual shopping more seamless and convenient for shoppers.

For instance, it’s now possible to view all vehicle features using a car customizer app. Auto buyers can change different vehicle features using their smartphone or computer–without leaving their home.

They can see video demonstrations and participate in Q&A sessions as well. Shoppers can even take virtual driving tests and make payments remotely through convenient and secure methods offered by dealerships.

The whole car buying process can now be completed online without the customer stepping into a dealership.

The Rise of Mobile Phones on Online Car Buying Industry

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Mobile phones are no longer just standard communication devices. They are easily accessible research tools many people use whenever they want to get information about anything.

Statistics show that 43% of Americans consider their phone their most valuable possession. It’s easy to see why a whopping 60% of all automotive searches come from mobile devices.

Car buyers visit websites, view vehicle images, respond to emails, and make calls directly to dealerships using their mobile phones.

Due to the popularity of mobile phones, many automakers and dealers have made their websites mobile-friendly to ensure their clients get the best possible experience.

Car sellers and buyers can use mobile to communicate at every stage during the car-buying process.

Less Friction

In days gone by, people would spend long hours at dealerships haggling and signing a lot of paperwork before buying a car. The internet has changed that.

People are less patient now and hate long wait times. Digital services have streamlined online car buying and made the process more convenient.

Dealerships know that people want a seamless online car-buying experience and offer it. Auto shoppers say they would buy a vehicle sooner without visiting a dealership if they could find enough information online.

A friction-free customer experience has become a top priority for dealerships looking to close sales without spending much time and resources.

Easy access to all deals

Due to the rise of technology, every person has easy access to online deals. If anyone is interested in buying a car, they can check out prices and the offers of different dealers or companies easily.

You don’t even have to leave your home to check what’s new or available in the market. There are now marketplaces on your social media as well.

You can just check what type of cars are available in your local area. Moreover, the latest technology has also risen the interest of people in the auto market.

Improved communication

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The technology has no doubt improved the experience of the customers. But another thing it did is the effective communication of buyers and sellers.

Now, people can easily do dealing online avoiding the traditional methods. There are great tools at their disposal due to the advancement in technology.

Both parties can enjoy this and make sure that they get to know everything for the sale. Moreover, auto companies are leading due to their use of AI technology and improved communication systems.

Long-term control:

Buyers have now all the control they could have in their purchase. If we talk about the traditional methods, you have to survey the market and you are not sure all the time.

It takes a lot of time to search for the right car for you. Maybe you don’t have the time due to the hectic routine to do the survey now.

You might be looking for a car and talk to the dealer online and decide a day on which you can meet. Get the pictures and videos online of the car and make the process easier for you.

So, you will be having all the control of the purchase and won’t make rash decisions. This technology will be long term making everything easier for both parties.

The rise of marketing

Well, there is no doubt that all the sales around the world are now happening due to effective marketing. There are a lot of strategies now that are helping even the startups to rise.

Your content is now even reaching out to those people who could be your potential customers in the target market.

An effective marketing campaign can go a long way and even it has blurred the global boundaries. Even from a country, you can target the whole world. If we talk about the famous car companies, they ship auto the whole world.

So, today both parties are enjoying the benefits of marketing. Buyers can easily get access to what they want and see the ads online. The seller is making big profits by getting their potential costumes.

Moreover, communication has become easier and the seller can know about the actual needs of their customer. The buyer on the other hand can know who to trust through the effective communication skills of the seller.

One thing more that every seller should know is that the car-buying process becomes easier when you are marketing yourself. Today, people only trust those who have an online presence.


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