Volvo XC60 vs Toyota RAV4: A Friendly Comparison Guide

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When you’re comparing the Volvo XC60 and Toyota RAV4, there’s a lot to consider. Both vehicles offer a stylish design and reliable performance, but some key differences make each one unique.

As you explore these two models, keep in mind factors like cargo space, size, and electric options.

The RAV4 boasts more cargo space while the XC60 is slightly larger, making it suitable for families.

For eco-conscious drivers, take a look at the best RAV4 Prime and XC60 Recharge for electric options. Weigh these factors as you decide which SUV best fits your needs.

Volvo XC60 vs Toyota RAV4

Overview and Comparison

When considering the 2023 Toyota RAV4 and the 2023 Volvo XC60, it’s essential to compare key features to make an informed decision.

Plenty options

Both vehicles offer attractive options in the mid-size SUV segment.

The Toyota RAV4 provides more cargo space, with up to 37.6 ft³ with all seats in place and 69.8 ft³ when the second row is folded down.

The Volvo XC60 has 17.1 ft³ with seats in place and a similar 69.8 ft³ when folding the second row.

Engine power

When it comes to engine power, the Volvo XC60 has some advantages, offering up to 310 hp. This outperforms the RAV4’s engine, which delivers a lower torque, at 221 Nm @ 4400 rpm.

As you research your options for the perfect mid-size SUV, keep these differences in mind. Don’t forget to factor in both your preferences and your specific needs for your next vehicle.

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In terms of performance, the Toyota RAV4 offers a 2.5L inline-4 hybrid engine, while the Volvo XC60 comes with a 2.0L turbo inline-4 gas engine.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, both the RAV4 Prime and XC60 Recharge provide electric alternatives. However, be aware of the variations in engine power and torque between the two models. Also some worst Volvo XC60 years should be avoided.


As for the transmission, the RAV4 features a continuously variable automatic (CVT) transmission, in contrast to the XC60’s 8-speed automatic.

This difference impacts how smoothly the car shifts gears and adapts to your driving preferences. Both vehicles come with all-wheel drive, which enhances stability and control.

Consider the types of roads you typically drive on and how important a smooth transition between gears is to you when making your decision.

Fuel Economy and Efficiency

When comparing the Toyota RAV4 and Volvo XC60, you’ll notice differences in their fuel economy. The RAV4 boasts an impressive 27 MPG in the city and 35 MPG on the highway.

On the other hand, the XC60 offers slightly lower ratings, with 23 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway.

These numbers suggest that the RAV4 is more fuel-efficient in your day-to-day driving. However, both cars provide reasonable fuel economy, making them ideal for city drives and long road trips.

Additionally, consider each vehicle’s fuel type and emissions in your decision-making process, as they can also impact overall running costs.

Exterior and Dimensions


For the Toyota RAV4 and Volvo XC60, size matters when comparing their exteriors. The RAV4 has a length of 180.9 inches, while the XC60 is slightly longer at 185.4 inches.

In terms of width, the RAV4 measures 73 inches, and the XC60 comes in at 74.9 inches. The height of the RAV4 is 67 inches, whereas the XC60 stands taller at 67.4 inches.


When comparing the weight of these two vehicles, the Toyota RAV4 has a lighter curb weight, ranging from 3,370 to 3,655 pounds, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

The Volvo XC60 is slightly heavier, with its curb weight ranging between 4,105 and 4,685 pounds.

Feature Toyota RAV4 Volvo XC60
Length 180.9 in 185.4 in
Width 73 in 74.9 in
Height 67 in 67.4 in
Curb Weight 3370-3655 lbs 4105-4685 lbs


Interior and Comfort

Seating Capacity

Both the Volvo XC60 and Toyota RAV4 offer comfortable seating for up to five passengers.

When it comes to interior space and legroom, the XC60 slightly edges out with more front head and legroom, while the RAV4 provides more rear head and shoulder room.

Cargo Capacity

In terms of cargo capacity, the Toyota RAV4 outshines the Volvo XC60. With all seats in place, the RAV4 offers up to 37.6 ft³ of cargo space, while the XC60 provides only 17.1 ft³.

However, when you fold the second row of seats, both SUVs offer a maximum of 69.8 ft³.

To further enhance your comfort, both vehicles come with high-quality interior trim and a generous number of airbags for safety.

Infotainment and Technology

When comparing the Volvo XC60 and Toyota RAV4, you’ll notice differences in their infotainment systems.

In the XC60, you get a 9-inch touchscreen with Sensus, while the RAV4 includes a 7-inch display. Both vehicles come with standard features like Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration.

Additionally, the Volvo offers a customizable digital gauge cluster, giving you easy access to essential information.

On the other hand, the Toyota RAV4 focuses on user-friendliness with its straightforward layout.

So, when it comes to infotainment and technology, assess your preferences and weigh the pros and cons of each system in these SUVs to find your perfect fit.

Safety Features

When comparing the Volvo XC60 and Toyota RAV4, it’s crucial to consider their safety features. Both vehicles offer automatic emergency braking to help you avoid collisions.

Additionally, as a RAV4 driver, you’ll appreciate the roadside assistance feature that comes with ToyotaCare.

Good news for you, Volvo XC60 owners also benefit from complimentary roadside assistance through their Volvo on Call subscription service.

These safety features add peace of mind to your driving experience in both SUVs. Remember, your safety is a priority on the road!

Price and Affordability

When comparing the Volvo XC60 and Toyota RAV4, it’s crucial to consider their prices. The Toyota RAV4 often has a lower starting price, making it appear more affordable.

However, don’t forget to check TrueCar for updated pricing on both new and used cars, as prices can vary.

Keep in mind the features you value most; keeping an eye out for discounts or promotions can also help you find a great deal. Happy car shopping!

Trim Levels and Options

When comparing the Volvo XC60 and Toyota RAV4, you’ll have different trim levels and options to choose from.

The Volvo XC60 offers trims like Momentum, R-Design, and Inscription, while the Toyota RAV4 provides options like LE, XLE, and Limited.

Both vehicles have optional advanced safety features and tech upgrades for your comfort. However, Volvo vehicles typically have a more luxurious feel with higher-end materials.

Regarding warranty, both vehicles come with competitive warranties, including powertrain and basic warranties. Keep these factors in mind as you explore your options!

Towing and Cargo

You’ll notice some differences in their towing and cargo capacities.

The Toyota RAV4 offers more cargo space with 37.6 ft³ when all seats are in place, and a maximum of 69.8 ft³ when the second row is folded.

On the other hand, the Volvo XC60 provides 17.1 ft³ of cargo space with the seats up, and also 69.8 ft³ when the second row is folded down.

In terms of towing capacity, both vehicles are quite capable. However, specific towing capacities may vary based on each vehicle’s trim level and optional packages. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or consult the manufacturer for accurate information.


Wheels and Tires

Your Volvo XC60 comes with larger wheels (18-22 inches) compared to the Toyota RAV4 (17-19 inches), providing better stability and a more premium look.

The tires on both vehicles ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience.


Both the XC60 and RAV4 are equipped with reliable disc brakes to give you confidence during sudden stops.

They also share similar-sized brake rotors for efficient heat dissipation and overall braking performance.

Suspension and Steering

The Volvo XC60 boasts a refined suspension system giving you a smoother ride compared to the Toyota RAV4.

Steering in both vehicles is responsive, but the XC60 offers better maneuverability due to its advanced features like active dampers and electronic power steering.

In addition to these key specifications, other aspects such as fuel tank size, body materials, and power differ between the two models.

The RAV4 Prime is an eco-friendly option, while the 2023 Volvo XC60 provides more engine power and a luxurious feel throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the sizes of XC60 and RAV4 compare?

The XC60 and RAV4 are similar in size, but the RAV4 is slightly larger in overall dimensions. The RAV4 has a longer wheelbase and greater cargo space, making it more suitable for those who need extra room for luggage or outdoor activities.

Which brand is safer – Toyota or Volvo?

Both Toyota and Volvo are known for their safety features, but Volvo is considered a leader in the field. The XC60 has a 5-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA, while the RAV4 also holds a similar rating.

Always consider your driving habits, preferences, and the specific model when choosing a safe vehicle.

How do plug-in hybrid versions of RAV4 and XC60 perform?

The RAV4 Prime and XC60 Recharge are both plug-in hybrids that offer improved fuel efficiency over their traditional counterparts.

The RAV4 Prime has a combined MPGe of 94, while the XC60 Recharge has a combined MPGe of 57. However, the Swedish-made XC60 Recharge offers a more luxurious experience and advanced technology.

What are the differences between XC40 and RAV4?

The XC40 is a compact luxury SUV, while the RAV4 is a midsize SUV. The XC40 is smaller in size and suited for city driving, while the RAV4 offers more cargo space suitable for family trips.

Which brand has better reliability: Volvo or Toyota?

Toyota is renowned for its reliability and holds a higher reliability ranking compared to Volvo. However, Volvo is known for its luxurious and advanced features. Ultimately, it depends on your preferences and what matters most to you in a vehicle.

What are people’s opinions about Volvo and Toyota SUVs on Reddit?

Reddit hosts various discussion threads that compare Volvo and Toyota SUVs, with users offering their opinions on performance, safety, and reliability.

As preferences differ, make sure to do your research and test drive both vehicles to see which one suits your needs best.


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