Where is Buick Envision Built? A Short Exposition of Envision’s Origin

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Discovering where a car is manufactured can be an interesting fact to learn. When it comes to the Buick Envision, you might be surprised by its origin.

The vehicle is exclusively manufactured in China, produced by the SAIC-GM joint venture.

As a stylish and modern crossover, the Buick Envision has been assembled in different parts of China over the years.

Initially, best Envision models before 2020 were made in Yantai, Shandong, while the second generation is assembled in Jinqiao, Shanghai.

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Where is Buick Envision built?

Buick Envision Overview

The Buick Envision official site explained is a luxury compact SUV with stylish design and advanced technology features. As a crossover SUV, you get both performance and practicality.

This second-generation Envision focuses on providing a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

You’ll find a fuel-efficient 228-horsepower four-cylinder engine with a nine-speed automatic transmission under the hood. Plus, its compact size enables easy maneuvering for city driving.

Don’t forget to explore the Envision’s modern interior and sleek exterior, as they truly highlight the essence of Buick’s luxury branding.

Production and Market

Your Buick Envision is manufactured in Shanghai, China by the SAIC-GM joint venture. This partnership allows the brand to cater to both the Chinese and North American markets.

The Envision has seen several updates since its introduction in 2011 as a design concept.

The engines for your Envision come from both Shanghai and Spring Hill, Tennessee, ensuring quality performance.

When you drive an Envision, you’re participating in a global market, as Buick continues to expand its reach to international customers.

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Where Are Buick Envisions Manufactured?

Buick Envisions are exclusively manufactured in China through the SAIC-GM joint venture.

Previously, they were assembled in Yantai, Shandong, but now, the second generation is built in the Jinqiao, Shanghai facility.

However, it’s worth noting that their engines come from either Shanghai or Spring Hill, Tennessee, while transmissions in the first generation have origins in Mexico, Belgium, or Toledo, Ohio.

Trim Levels and Pricing

The Buick Envision is available in three main trims: Preferred, Essence, and Avenir. The Cars.USnews reported that the base Preferred trim starts at an affordable price of $33,400. It provides a comfortable and well-equipped option.

The Essence trim, priced at $36,700, offers you additional features and an even more upscale experience.

For a premium feel, the Avenir trim is your best choice, with a base price of $47,460. A sport touring option is also available, adding unique styling elements to any of the trims.

Here’s a table highlighting the key facts:

Trim Level Base Price Key Features
Preferred $33,400 Comfortable, well-equipped
Essence $36,700 Upscale experience, additional features
Avenir $47,460 Premium feel, top-tier features

Design and Style

The Buick Envision offers a stylish and modern design, both inside and out. You’ll appreciate the sleek exterior styling, which showcases the iconic Buick logo front and center.

Inside, the cabin is designed with your comfort in mind. High-quality cabin materials create a luxurious atmosphere that feels welcoming.

The well-appointed interior ensures all your drives are enjoyable and effortless. Your passengers can also enjoy a cozy, spacious cabin on every journey you take together. So, feel free to show off your new Buick Envision with pride!

Powertrain and Performance

Your 2023 Buick Envision comes with a 228-horsepower four-cylinder engine, delivering a friendly and comfortable driving experience.

You’ll enjoy the power of its turbocharged engine, seamlessly paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. Buick offers both front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive configurations to suit your preference.

According to carbuzz findings, fuel economy is decent, achieving up to 26 mpg combined with front-wheel drive. Although it’s not the most thrilling vehicle to drive, it boasts a smooth and stable handling.

Technology and Connectivity

The 2023 Buick Envision boasts advanced technology for your convenience. You’ll love its seamless infotainment system, which supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Even better, wireless Apple CarPlay is available, allowing for a tangle-free experience! Your favorite tunes on Spotify or the built-in navigation system will look fantastic on Envision’s modern instrument cluster.

Although the Envision doesn’t include Super Cruise, you can still enjoy a comfortable drive. Remember, technology should make your life easier, so sit back and embrace the Envision’s impressive features.

Future Updates and Releases

In the coming years, you’ll notice significant changes in the Buick Envision. Production for the 2024 Buick Envision is set to begin on October 30th, 2023, at the SAIC-GM plant in Beijing, China. The new model takes design inspiration from the stylish Wildcat concept.

The 2024 Envision offers modern features like a head-up display, upgraded headlights, and improved rear suspension.

It will also maintain its reliable 9-speed automatic transmission. Keep an eye out for the latest models at your local dealer lots from 2022 to 2024. Enjoy the exciting updates in store for your favorite Buick Envision.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which country is the Buick Envision produced?

The Buick Envision is produced in China. It is manufactured by the SAIC-GM joint venture, a collaboration between General Motors and a major Chinese automotive company.

What is the production location for the Buick Envision?

The first-generation Buick Envision (2014-2020) was assembled in Yantai, Shandong. The second-generation model (2020 onwards) is assembled in Jinqiao, Shanghai by the same SAIC-GMC company.

Where does Buick assemble the Envision model?

Buick assembles the Envision model in China, with both first and second-generation models being produced by the SAIC-GM joint venture. The exact locations are Yantai, Shandong for the first generation, and Jinqiao, Shanghai for the second generation.

Is the Buick Envision made in the USA?

No, the Buick Envision is not made in the USA. It is exclusively manufactured in China by the SAIC-GM joint venture and is imported for the North American market.

Which factory builds the Buick Envision?

The Buick Envision is built by the SAIC-GM joint venture in China. The first-generation model was made in Yantai, Shandong, while the second-generation model is made in Jinqiao, Shanghai. This partnership enables Buick to continue providing high-quality SUVs to its customers.


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