Where Are Toyota Tundras Made? American-Made Japanese Production Locations Unveiled

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When you think of Toyota Tundra trucks, you might wonder where they are manufactured. It’s fascinating to know that these powerful vehicles are made right here in the United States!

The Toyota Tundra is assembled in San Antonio, Texas, providing jobs and boosting the local economy.

The San Antonio plant has been producing Tundras since 2008, after moving production from the Princeton plant in Indiana.

This state-of-the-art facility incorporates the latest technology to ensure that your Tundra is built with utmost quality and precision. No wonder the best years Toyota Tundra continued to receive admirable reviews.

Where Are Toyota Tundras Made

History of Toyota Tundra Manufacturing

Origins in Japan

The journey of the Toyota Tundra manufacturing began in Japan.

As you might know, Toyota is a Japanese company, and in 1999, they introduced the Tundra as their first full-size pickup truck.

Later on, production expanded to the United States and the first-gen Tundra was built in Toyota’s plant in Princeton, Indiana.

In 2008, Toyota moved their Tundra manufacturing to the San Antonio, Texas plant. This plant currently builds the 2022 Toyota Tundra along with the popular Tacoma pickup truck.

Now, you can take pride in the fact that all Tundras on the road today are Made in the USA.

Toyota Tundra Production Locations

San Antonio, Texas Plant

The primary manufacturing location is the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas (TMMTX) facility in San Antonio.

This massive plant spans 2,000 acres and is responsible for assembling both the Tundra and the Toyota Sequoia.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of “Team Texas,” which includes over 3,800 employees and more than 20 on-site suppliers that employ an additional 5,600 people, a new truck rolls off the line every 60 seconds.

At TMMTX, you’ll find state-of-the-art operations producing full-size trucks designed to compete with popular models like Ford’s F-150 and Chevy’s Silverado.

By locating in Texas, Toyota is closer to their North American and Mexican dealers, contributing to more efficient distribution strategies. This facility also supports STEM education initiatives in the San Antonio community.

Princeton, Indiana Plant

Before moving production to San Antonio, Tundras were initially manufactured at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI) plant in Princeton, Indiana.

Established in 1999, the Princeton plant pioneered Toyota’s foray into the US market for full-size trucks. Today, TMMI focuses on the production of Toyota SUVs like the Toyota Highlander and Toyota Sienna.

In addition to TMMTX and TMMI, Toyota operates several other facilities and offices across North America.

They have research and development centers in Michigan and California, working on cutting-edge automotive technologies.

In Kentucky, you’ll find the Toyota Camry being manufactured, while General Motors has partnered with Toyota in a joint venture for other models.

All of the Toyota operations in North America contribute to a substantial investment by the company to ensure the best possible products for you, their consumers.

So, as you drive your Toyota Tundra, know that it has been built with care and dedication right here in the United States by an experienced and passionate team.

Toyota Tundra Models and Features

Current Models and Variations

This four-wheel-drive truck is available in several variations, including the popular 1794 Edition.

As a popular North American Truck of the Year, Tundra has made its way to other markets, such as Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Performance Specs

Under the hood, the Tundra features a powerful i-FORCE engine that delivers up to 389 horsepower and 479 lb.-ft. of torque. This powertrain allows you to tow up to 12,000 lbs. with ease.

The Tundra also incorporates advanced technology, such as the VVT-i system, improving its fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Designers and Creators

Behind Tundra’s impressive design, you’ll find talented individuals such as Craig Kember, Hideo Kondo, and Yusuku Fukushima.

As Japanese and American designers working for a Japanese automaker, they’ve managed to create a perfect blend of stylish design and functional features, making the Tundra an ideal choice for drivers in need of a powerful, green space-friendly vehicle.

Through their hard work and dedication, Toyota employees have helped the Tundra maintain its high position on the American-made index.

To learn more about the Toyota Tundra and its features, you can visit the official Toyota website or your nearest dealership.

The Tundra in Global Markets

Sales and Demand

Toyota Tundras hit the streets as an popular pickup truck in the global market mainly because of their reliable build and American roots.

As a proud owner, you can enjoy the hybrid version which boasts a blend of power and efficiency.

The strong demand for Tundras is apparent in the company’s $650,000 investment in neighborhood organizations, showing a commitment to their South Side plant in San Antonio, Texas.

Here’s a quick overview of Tundra production in Texas:

  • Annual production capacity: Over 200,000 trucks,
  • Local workforce: 3,200 employees,
  • President: Kevin Voelkel.


The Toyota Tundra faces stiff competition from other automakers in the market. To give you an idea:

  1. Volkswagen Colorado
  2. Nissan Titan
  3. GMC Sierra 1500
  4. Subaru Frontier
  5. Toyota Tacoma
  6. Canyon G

But despite the rival vehicles, Tundra holds its own among the competition.

The San Antonio facility is not only committed to producing high-quality Tundras but also to building the engines for other Toyota models such as the Highlander, Avalon, and Land Cruiser.

With reminders of the Lone Star State and a history that showcases the Tundra’s evolution, you can trust the “Made in Texas” label.

Nowadays, Toyota is heading towards electrified cars, with the Tundra holding a spot in this journey.

So, while driving your Tundra around, remember its unique place in the global market and feel confident in the company’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What components of the Tundra are made in the USA?

While the Toyota Tundra is assembled in San Antonio, Texas, it’s important to know that not all of its components are sourced from the United States.

Like many vehicles, the Tundra sources parts from different countries, depending on the supplier and the specific component.

Where are other Toyota trucks manufactured?

Toyota has a global manufacturing network, with plants located in different countries. The smaller Toyota Tacoma, for example, is assembled in San Antonio, Texas, and Baja California, Mexico.

What percentage of the Tundra is American-made?

Exact percentages may vary depending on the model year and specific components, but generally, the Tundra is considered one of the most American-made trucks in the market.

Are any Tundras still produced in Japan?

The Tundra was initially produced in Toyota’s Indiana plant and a facility in Japan, but production has since been consolidated to the San Antonio, Texas, plant.

Is Toyota more American than Chevy?

This is a subject of debate, but many people argue that Toyota contributes significantly to the American economy.

In recent years, General Motors has shifted some assembly of its Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks to Mexico, which has led some to argue that the Toyota Tundra is more American in terms of production location.


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