What is CarMax Biggest Competitor? Here Are The Top Rivals in the Auto Industry

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CarMax is a prominent used car retailer in the United States, with a wide range of pre-owned vehicles spanning numerous makes and models.

While the company has achieved considerable success, it faces stiff competition from other industry players. One such company stands out as CarMax’s biggest competitor.

Penske Automotive Group is known to be the most prominent car dealership company in the United States regarding revenue and is ranked as the third-largest retailer of used cars.

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Penske Automotive Group has established itself as formidable competition in the used car marketplace.

Key Takeaways

  • CarMax faces intense competition from Penske Automotive Group.
  • Penske is the largest car dealership company in the U.S. by revenue.
  • Many other companies compete in the used car marketplace as well.

What is CarMax biggest competitor?

What Is CarMax’s Biggest Competitor?

CarMax is a well-known automotive retailer but faces competition from other large dealerships. In terms of revenue, their biggest competitor is Penske Automotive Group.

Founded in 1990, Penske is based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and boasts a 2019 revenue of $23.17 billion. As you decide where to shop for your next vehicle, consider CarMax and Penske’s unique offerings.

Other Competitors of CarMax


AutoNation, founded in 1996, is a giant in the American auto retail market with over 300 retail locations. Offering new and pre-owned vehicles, they’ve become a significant competitor to CarMax.


One of CarMax’s newer rivals, Carvana, specializes in being an online marketplace for used vehicles. Their unique touchless car vending machines and home delivery services have made them popular among customers seeking a convenient car-buying experience.

Penske Automotive Group

Penske Automotive Group stands as CarMax’s biggest competitor. They are the most prominent car dealership in the U.S. by revenue and the third-largest retailer of used cars. Established in 1990, their strong presence and high revenues make them a prominent player in the industry.


Drivetime is another competitor in the used car market, focusing on providing financing and payment options for customers.

This approach has set them apart, making them an appealing choice for those needing a more customized car purchasing process.

Asbury Automotive Group

Asbury Automotive Group, founded in 1996, operates numerous high-quality new and used car dealerships, offering various brands and models to appeal to a broad range of customers.


Vroom is an online retailer of used cars, similar to Carvana. They emphasize a seamless buying process and hassle-free delivery, catering to the growing trend of online shopping.

Enterprise Car Sales

Not just known for their car rental services, Enterprise, like CarMax, also sells used cars. With its reputation for reliability and excellent customer service, Enterprise Car Sales has become a destination for pre-owned vehicles.

Other Competitors

You should know that the used vehicle market is vast, with many smaller competitors. Companies like Lithia Motors also contribute to the competition in this $153 billion industry.

Staying informed about these diverse competitors might help you make the best decision when purchasing a used car.

Analyzing the Competition

Assessment of Competitors

CarMax faces competition from companies such as AutoNation, Penske Automotive Group, and Vroom.

Each competitor has its strengths and weaknesses in the thriving pre-owned vehicle industry, which generates $153 billion in annual revenue.

SWOT Analysis

To better understand the competition, it’s helpful to conduct a SWOT analysis:

  • Strengths: CarMax is known for its vast selection of used cars, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service.
  • Weaknesses: CarMax may have higher prices than its competitors and limited negotiation options.
  • Opportunities: CarMax can leverage its strong brand reputation to expand into new markets and capitalize on online sales.
  • Threats: The rise of competitors like Carvana that focus on online sales could pose a challenge.

Automotive Retail Market Forecast

In the future, competitors can continue improving their online presence and utilizing automotive comparison tools to attract customers.

Market share will likely be a key focus for these companies as they strive to outdo one another in the constantly evolving industry.

CarMax Financial Standing


CarMax, a significant player in the used car industry, generates a substantial annual revenue of $28.1 billion. They owe their success to their vast dealer network and expansive reach within the United States.

Net Income

Keeping track of your net income is essential to understanding the financial health of any company. CarMax has demonstrated consistent stock growth and stability, providing a solid foundation for continued success.

Nonetheless, stay updated on their financial performance to better understand their position among competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Carvana compare to CarMax?

Carvana is primarily an online platform, while CarMax has both physical locations and an online presence. Both companies offer a wide selection of used cars, but Carvana emphasizes buying and delivering them online to your doorstep.

Carvana also provides a 7-day return policy, while CarMax has a 30-day limited warranty on most vehicles. The choice between these two competitors will depend on your preference for online shopping or visiting a physical store and the warranties offered.

Which is more affordable: AutoNation or CarMax?

Both AutoNation and CarMax provide competitive pricing on used cars. Pricing may vary depending on the specific car, location, and availability of promotions.

It’s recommended to compare the prices of the same vehicle model at both retailers to determine the more affordable option for your needs. Factors like customer service, financing, and warranties may also influence your decision.

What alternatives to CarMax does Penske Automotive Group offer?

Penske Automotive Group is CarMax’s biggest competitor. As the most prominent car dealership company in the U.S. in terms of revenue, they offer a variety of new and used cars from multiple brands and manufacturers.

Penske Automotive Group has physical locations nationwide, providing an alternative for customers who prefer visiting a dealership for their car purchase.

How does Autotrader compete with CarMax?

Autotrader is a popular online platform for buying and selling new and used cars offered by dealers. Unlike CarMax, a retailer, Autotrader is a marketplace that connects car buyers and sellers.

When comparing Autotrader with CarMax, consider the differences between purchasing from a third-party dealer versus a retailer with guarantees on vehicle quality.

Are there any better options than CarMax in the USA?

There are several alternatives to CarMax in the USA. Apart from the options above, like Carvana and Penske Automotive Group, other competitors include AutoNation, Copart, and Inchcape.

Each offers unique advantages, so it’s essential to research different companies to find the best one for your needs.

Which is cheaper: Carvana or CarMax?

Carvana and CarMax offer competitive pricing, and the cheaper option will depend on the specific vehicle and location. Since prices vary, comparing both companies for the same car model is best to see which offers a better deal.

Factors like customer service, financing options, and the buying process may also impact your decision between these two retailers.


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