Where is the Toyota RAV4 Made? Uncovering Production Facts

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When looking to buy a Toyota RAV4, you might wonder where this popular SUV is manufactured.

The Toyota RAV4 is produced in several locations around the world, ensuring its availability to customers in various regions.

So, where are Toyota RAV4s made? The RAV4 is made in countries such as Japan, Canada, Russia, China, and now in the United States, at Toyota’s plant in Georgetown, Kentucky.

With a global manufacturing footprint, Toyota ensures high-quality production and widespread distribution for your favorite, reliable and best years for RAV4 models.

Where is the Toyota RAV4 Made

Global Manufacturing Locations


The Toyota RAV4 has a significant presence in Asia, with manufacturing plants in Japan and China.

In Japan, the RAV4 is produced at the Tahara Plant in Aichi Prefecture, and in Miyagi Prefecture at Toyota Motor East Japan.

In China, the RAV4 is assembled in Zhuhai. Both countries have a long history with this popular compact SUV, playing crucial roles in its production since its inception in 1994.

North America

North America is another key region for RAV4 production. In Canada, the Toyota RAV4 is manufactured in Woodstock, Ontario at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC).

In the United States, the RAV4 production recently expanded to Georgetown, Kentucky, at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) plant.

This expansion further strengthens the RAV4’s presence in the North American market, meeting the growing demand for this well-regarded SUV.


Although Europe is not a major hub for Toyota RAV4 production, some vehicles are still manufactured in Russia.

While European production may be more limited, the RAV4 remains a popular choice among consumers in the region, thanks to its reputation for reliability, utility, and fuel efficiency.

Remember, when looking to purchase a Toyota RAV4, it’s essential to consider the robust manufacturing network that supports its global presence.

Whether in Asia, North America, or Europe, you can rest assured that your RAV4 has been crafted with care and attention to detail. Read more RAV4 statistics here!

Generations of Toyota RAV4

First Generation RAV4

The first generation of the Toyota RAV4 was produced from 1994 to 2000 and was a pioneer in the compact crossover SUV market.

During this period, the RAV4 was exclusively manufactured in China (at the Zhuhai and Guangdong plants) and Japan (at the Motomachi and Tahara Toyota factories).

Designed with a focus on versatility and practicality, the RAV4 soon gained popularity for its combination of car-like driving dynamics and SUV capabilities. Unfortunately few models in this 1st gen of RAV4 had issues with rust and low level performance.

Second Generation RAV4

Between 2000 and 2005, the second generation RAV4 was introduced, offering an updated design and improved performance.

This generation saw the expansion of manufacturing to other locations such as Canada, Russia, and the USA.

The second generation RAV4 introduced various enhancements, including a more refined interior, additional cargo space, and increased engine power.

Third Generation RAV4

The third generation of the Toyota RAV4, produced from 2005 to 2012, brought significant changes in its design and performance.

The RAV4’s dimensions grew, providing more interior space and a more comfortable driving experience.

This generation also saw the introduction of new features, such as an optional third-row seating and a more fuel-efficient engine.

Being manufactured in multiple countries, including Japan, Canada, and the United States, the third generation RAV4 further solidified its place in the market.

Fourth Generation RAV4

From 2012 to 2018, the RAV4’s fourth generation saw a major redesign, emphasizing a bolder and more dynamic appearance.

New technologies and safety features were incorporated, enhancing the driving experience. Manufacturing continued at various facilities worldwide, including the recent addition of the Georgetown plant in Kentucky, USA.

Embracing the increasingly popular hybrid technology, the fourth-generation RAV4 introduced a hybrid model, showcasing Toyota’s commitment to sustainable automotive solutions.

As you’ve seen, the Toyota RAV4 has evolved significantly over its four generations and remains a popular choice among drivers worldwide.

From its humble beginnings to the modern powerhouse it is today, the RAV4’s unique blend of practicality, performance, and innovation has made it a compelling vehicle for those seeking a versatile and dependable driving experience and a RAV4 that can last over many miles!

RAV4 Hybrid and Prime Models

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and RAV4 Prime are known for their excellent fuel efficiency, with the RAV4 Hybrid achieving impressive fuel economy.

If you’re interested in a plug-in hybrid, the RAV4 Prime might be your best choice. Both models have received praise in the media, such as in Green Car Reports.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid offers you a balance of performance and efficiency, proving that hybrids can be more than just fuel savers.

On the other hand, the RAV4 Prime, a plug-in hybrid, unlocks the best of both worlds. You can enjoy even better fuel economy and the benefits of pure electric driving.

It’s worth mentioning that the RAV4 Hybrid production recently moved to Toyota’s Kentucky-based facility, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that your vehicle is made in America.

No matter which RAV4 model you choose, you’ll be getting a reliable, efficient, and environment-friendly vehicle. Read my fresh piece: Volvo XC60 vs Toyota RAV4: Which Should I Own?

Toyota Manufacturing Facilities

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky

At the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) facility, located in Georgetown, this massive plant employs over 8,000 team members.

As the largest Toyota manufacturing facility in the world, TMMK produces up to 550,000 vehicles per year.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada

The Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) plant in Woodstock is another major manufacturing hub for the RAV4.

By maintaining high standards in this Canadian facility, Toyota ensures that your RAV4 is built with the same quality you’ve come to expect.

Tahara Plant, Japan

The Tahara Plant in Japan is a key Toyota facility responsible for producing RAV4 models. Established in 1979, it’s known for adopting advanced technologies and prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Asian and Russian Factories

In addition to the large facilities in the US, Canada, and Japan, Toyota RAV4 production extends to smaller factories in China and Russia.

These facilities cater to regional preferences and requirements, ensuring your vehicle meets your specific needs.

Keep an eye on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your RAV4, as it provides information about where your vehicle was manufactured.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing Toyota’s commitment to quality and advancement is reflected across these international manufacturing facilities.

Other Toyota Models Produced in the Same Plants

In addition to the Toyota RAV4, the same American plants produce several other popular Toyota models.

At the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. (TMMK) facility in Georgetown, you’ll find the production of the Camry, the Avalon, and their hybrid counterparts – the Avalon Hybrid and Camry Hybrid.

This plant is Toyota’s largest vehicle manufacturing facility and has produced over 11 million vehicles since 1988.

When it comes to the US market, more than just sedans are being manufactured there. For instance, you’ll find the Highlanders, one of Toyota’s most popular mid-size SUV models.

In fact, many of the famous Toyota models such as the Corolla, Prius, Tacoma, Land Cruiser, and the iconic sports car Supra, are all available in the US market, showcasing Toyota’s American presence and commitment to high-quality automotive manufacturing.

With a friendly tone, remember that Toyota’s dedication to the US market continues with their vast variety of vehicles catering to various consumer needs.

Special Editions and Versions

In the world of Toyota RAV4, you’ll come across various special editions and versions. One such intriguing addition is the 2023 RAV4 Woodland Edition, which takes the off-roading capabilities of the TRD version a step further.

As a RAV4 owner, this Woodland Edition offers you a unique off-road hybrid special edition SUV experience.

You might also be interested in the RAV4 EV, which is an all-electric version of the popular compact SUV. The RAV4 EV shared some components with the Tesla Model S and was an impressive environmentally friendly option for RAV4 lovers.

For those who enjoy the Toyota brand but prefer a larger vehicle, the Toyota 4Runner is another excellent option.

This mid-size SUV offers even more rugged off-road capabilities and shares some design cues with its compact crossover sibling, the RAV4.

So, whether you prefer AWD, environmentally-friendly, or off-road-focused variants, there’s a Toyota RAV4 version just for you.

How to Check Where a Specific RAV4 Was Produced

To find out where your Toyota RAV4 was manufactured, simply locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – this can be found at the lower-left corner of the windshield.

The first digit or letter of the VIN identifies the country of origin. If your RAV4 was made in the U.S., the VIN starts with 1, 4, or 5; for a Canadian-built RAV4, the VIN begins with 2.

Remember, the Toyota RAV4 is produced in multiple countries, including Japan, Canada, China, Russia, and the USA. So, by checking your VIN, you can determine where your specific RAV4 was made and better understand its origins.

Toyota’s Production Philosophy

Toyota’s production philosophy revolves around kaizen, a concept of continuous improvement and a focus on reliability and economy.

In their operations, they employ the Toyota Production System (TPS), which emphasizes “jidoka”, a form of automation with a human touch.

As you may know, some RAV4 models are assembled in the US as well, ensuring that Toyota stays true to its commitment to making cars close to where they are sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do they manufacture RAV4 hybrids?

Toyota manufactures the RAV4 hybrids in various locations, including Japan, China, Canada, the United States, and Russia. Production is spread across different facilities within these countries to better cater for regional preferences and requirements.

How can I tell if my RAV4 was produced in Japan?

To find out if your RAV4 was produced in Japan, you can check the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). If the VIN starts with “J,” it means your RAV4 was manufactured in Japan. This identification code can usually be found on the driver’s side windshield or inside the driver’s door jamb.

Are any RAV4 models made in the USA?

Yes, some RAV4 models are made in the USA. Toyota has a manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Kentucky, where they produce RAV4 models, including the hybrid version.

What are some RAV4 production delay issues?

Possible RAV4 production delay issues could include supply chain disruptions, parts shortages, and global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Toyota makes efforts to minimize disruptions to their manufacturing process.

Which year models of RAV4 should I avoid?

It’s generally recommended to avoid RAV4 models from the years 2006-2008, as they had transmission issues and faulty oxygen sensors. For better reliability, consider newer models that have improved features and technology.

Are Toyota Highlanders and RAV4s made in the same location?

Not all Highlanders and RAV4s are made in the same location. While the RAV4 is produced in Japan, China, Canada, the United States, and Russia, the Toyota Highlander is primarily manufactured at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI) plant in Princeton, Indiana, in the United States.


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