How High Is A High Roof Van? The Answer May Surprise You…

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van has the highest roof among vans. I have never seen any other van with a roof as high as the highest roof on a Sprinter van.

Yes, I just said the highest roof on the Sprinter van. This implies that there are several roof heights, which is exactly what I mean. The Sprinter is available with a standard/regular roof, a high roof, and a super high-roof.

If you have ever browsed any online marketplace for Sprinter vans then you must have seen codes such as H1, H2, and H3 in the descriptions.

H1 denotes a standard/ regular roof Sprinter, H2 denotes a high-roof Sprinter, and H3 denotes a super high-roof Sprinter.

In this section, I will tell you how high each roof is.

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How high is the standard roof Sprinter?

To understand how high the standard roof Sprinter is, you must know the main models of the Sprinter vehicle.

Four main models exist based on the length of the wheelbase – they are the SWB, MWB, LWB, and XLWB Sprinters.

SWB stands for short wheelbase, MWB stands for medium wheelbase, LWB stands for long wheelbase, and XLWB stands for extra-long wheelbase.

Only the SWB and MWB models have a standard roof height. The standard roof of the SWB Sprinter model is 2.435mm high, while that of the MWB is 2,530mm high.

The other two types of Sprinters, the LWB Sprinter and the XLWB Sprinter, have high-roof and super high-roof variants only.

So the answer to the question: how high is the standard roof Sprinter depends on the model. For the SWB model, it is 2,435mm and for the MWB Sprinter, it is 2,530mm.

How high is the high roof Sprinter?

The answer to this question also depends on the Sprinter model. Because different models have different high-roof heights.

The SWB high-roof van is 2,720mm high, the MWB high-roof van is 2,820mm high, the LWB high-roof van is 2,815mm high, and the XLWB high-roof van is 2,820mm.

As you may have noticed above, the MWB, LWB, and XLWB high-roof vans do not differ significantly in terms of height.

The average height between them is approximately 2,820mm. So if you are asked how high is a high-roof Sprinter van and you say 2,820mm you will be exactly or somewhat right regardless of what model is being talked about.

How high is a high roof van?

How high is the super high-roof Sprinter?

The answer to this question also depends on the Sprinter model.

The SWB Sprinter does not have a super high-roof variant.

Only the MWB, LWB, and XLWB variants have super high-roof options.

The MWB super high-roof van measures 3,050mm in height, the LWB super high-roof van measures 3,045mm in height, and the XLWB super high-roof van measures 3,055mm in height.

What you can easily tell from the above figures is that the super high-roof Sprinter vans do not differ a lot in terms of height.

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What Van has the highest roof?

The highest Sprinter van or the van with the highest roof among Sprinter vans is the XLWB Sprinter.

The XLWB (extra-long wheelbase) Sprinter is very tall and lengthy. If you want the biggest Sprinter van to convert into an RV for vacationing or extended holidays, it is the one you should go for.

How spacious is the van with the highest roof?

As mentioned above, the XLWB Sprinter is the highest roof van. The load area of this van, which is the area starting from behind the driver’s seat to the backdoor, is quite spacious.

It is 2,140mm high, 1,780mm wide, and 4,700mm long. Its total volume is 17.0m3. No other Sprinter van is as big as this one is and no other type of van is as spacious as this one. It is the biggest cargo van and also the best van for conversion into an RV.

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