Facts about Sprinter 144 Dimensions Vs 170″ Length Wheelbase

How long is a 144 sprinter?

The 144 Sprinter is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van with a 144-inch wheelbase. So in terms of the wheelbase size, the 144 Sprinter is 144 inches long.

In terms of the interior length from the back door to the back of the front seats, the 144 Sprinter is 10.5 feet. The overall length is 19.5 feet. So if you wanted to know the length of the cargo space behind a 144 Sprinter, it is 10.5 feet.

The standard height of the van is 5 feet 5 inches, while the height of the high roof version is 6 feet 4 inches. Therefore, the biggest 144 Sprinter has a cargo space with a length of 10.5 feet and a height of 6 feet 4 inches.

The 144 Sprinter has a smaller interior length than the 170 Sprinter. The 170 Sprinter has an interior length of 14 feet, which is 4 feet longer than the 144 Sprinter.

However, it is important to note that while the 144″ is smaller than the 170 Sprinter, it is much easier to drive. It is much easier to drive because of its smaller size. This is especially true in city streets with high traffic.

It is also much easier to park because of its size. Furthermore, its smaller length makes it lighter meaning driving it is much more economical especially if you like driving over long distances.

sprinter 144 dimensions

What are the inside dimensions of the 144″ sprinter?

The 144 Sprinter Cargo Van provides a lot of space. It also has great potential for upfitting because of the inside dimensions and the overall design.

The spacious inside dimensions allow room for storing a lot of cargo plus room for installing tool holders, bins, and shelving.

The inside dimensions are:

  1. The interior height is 68 inches in length.
  2. The cargo bed length is 133 inches in length.
  3. The cargo bed width is 70 inches.
  4. The maximum cargo volume is 319 cubic feet.
  5. The load floor height is 28 inches.

The exterior dimensions of the vehicles are often ignored because they do not matter a lot. You only need to know that the 144 Sprinter is smaller than the 170 Sprinter in terms of overall length.

However, if you still want to know the exterior dimensions, they are:

  1. The overall length is 233.5 inches long.
  2. The wheelbase length is 144 inches long.
  3. The roof height is 96 inches.

The seating and cargo capacity of the 144 Sprinter

As of now, you only have information about the interior and the exterior dimensions of the 144 Sprinter. You also know the cargo volume of the van.

However, you do not know the seating capacity and the payload capacity yet these details are also important if you want to use this van for transport or to convert it into a recreational vehicle.

There are three front seats in this van. So it can seat up to three people. The payload capacity is 3,850 pounds. So you can use this vehicle to carry significantly heavy cargo. And the towing capacity is 5,000 pounds.

144″ vs. 170″ Sprinter Van – which one is better?

In terms of driving and parking the 144” Sprinter is better than the 170” Sprinter. This is because it is smaller and easier to maneuver. It is also much more economical to drive since it has better gas mileage.

In terms of interior space, the 170 Sprinter is better because it is bigger in terms of volume and payload.  So if you want a better van to drive go for the 144” Sprinter and if you want a more spacious van go for the 170” Sprinter.