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Are you looking to understand what Mercedes-Benz 144 dimension is before you buy or rent? 

While this is not the largest sprinter van on the market, you’ll have a fantastic, iconic vehicle to fit your team and project needs.

What are the average Mercedes-Benz 144 Sprinter dimensions? See our stated facts below and carefully read other vital related points, like Width (interior and exterior), height in feet, and much more:

  • The length: 233.5 inches
  • Overall Width: 92.3 inches
  • Overall height: 96.3 inches
  •  Wheelbase: 144 inches.

sprinter 144 length

What is Sprinters 144 Length?

The Mercedes-Benz 144 Sprinter is the Benz model with a 144-inch wheelbase. So in terms of the wheelbase Sprinter size, the Mercedes-Benz 144 is 144 inches long.

The Mercedes-Benz 144 Sprinter interior span from the back door to the back of the front seats = 10.5 feet.

The overall length is 19.5 feet. So the cargo space behind a Mercedes-Benz 144 Sprinter is 10.5 feet.

The standard height of the van is 5 feet, 5 inches, while the height of the high roof version is 6 feet, 4 inches. Therefore, the 144 Sprinter has a cargo floor space with a reach of 10.5 feet and a height of 6 feet 4 inches.

The Mercedes-Benz 144 Sprinter has a smaller interior reach than the 170 Sprinter. The 170 Sprinter has an interior length of 14 feet, which is 4 feet longer than the 144 Sprinter, and can contain more toys and camping gear, so they serve both similar needs and a bit different needs.

However, it is essential to note that while the 144″ is smaller than the 170, it is much easier to drive. It is much easier to navigate because of its smaller size. It is especially true in city streets with high traffic. It is also much easier to park.

Furthermore, the Mercedes-Benz 144’s smaller length makes it lighter, meaning driving it is much more economical, especially if you don’t mind going over long distances. Anyway, both vehicles offer you a better choice and options.

What is Sprinter Van Length in Feet?

So how many feet long is a Sprinter van? The L1 van measures 17.2 feet in length, the L2 measures 19.4 feet in length, the L3 measures 22.6 feet, and the L4 measures 24.1 feet in length.

The difference between the shortest (L1) and the longest (L4) Mercedes-Benz van is approximately seven feet. The reach is closely related to its spread. It is because the longer the wheelbase, the longer the span.

The Mercedes-Benz model is available in three wheelbase lengths – 144 inches, 170 inches, and 170 inches extended. The 144-inch wheelbase is the 144 Sprinter, while the 170-inch Sprinter is the 170 Sprinter.

The 170 inches extended Sprinter is known as the extended 170 Sprinter. Generally, when people refer to the reach of a Sprinter, they talk about the 144 and the 170 Sprinter.

It roughly equates to the short and the long Mercedes-Benz because most do not know the four sprinter sizes in length (the L1 mentioned above, L2, L3, and L4).

sprinter van leather interior

What Are Overall Sprinter 144 Dimensions?

The internal and external Mercedes-Benz proportions vary greatly. Thus, the outer areas in feet of an average of 144 are as follows:

  • Exterior height (overall): 8.025 feet
  • Length (overall): 19.46 feet
  • Width with mirrors (overall): 7.69 feet
  • Wheelbase: 12 feet

On the other hand, the Mercedes-Benz bus interior areas of a high-roof 144 van also vary from different van proportions of the same model. Thus, the high roof depths are as follows:

  • Overall length: 8.95 feet
  • Overall Width (with mirrors): 7.69 feet
  • Overall height: 8.95 feet
  • Wheelbase: 12 feet

What is Sprinter Van Dimensions Inside?

The Mercedes-Benz 144 Sprinter Cargo van dimensions provide a lot of space within its interior. It also has excellent potential for fitting because of the inside proportions and the overall design.

The spacious inside allows room for storing a lot of cargo and installing tool holders, bins, and shelving.

The Sprinter van’s interior dimensions are:

  1. The interior height is 68 inches.
  2. The cargo bed length is 133 inches.
  3. The cargo bed width is 70 inches.
  4. The maximum cargo volume is 319 cubic feet.
  5. The load floor height is 28 inches.

The exterior areas of the vehicles are often ignored because they do not matter a lot. You only need to know that the Mercedes-Benz 144 Sprinter is smaller than the 170 Sprinter in terms of overall length.
However, if you still want to know the exterior depths, they are:

  1. The overall length is 233.5 inches long.
  2. The wheelbase is 144 inches long.
  3. The roof height is 96 inches.

Which Is the Largest Sprinter Van?

With a payload of 3,274 lbs, the 2500 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has indeed bagged the name of the biggest Sprinter van today.

The most extensive Mercedes-Benz line of vehicles measures 290 inches in length and 96 inches in Width and has a high roof that stands 111 inches tall.

Additionally, this Sprinter van comes with a 6-cylinder 4×4 diesel engine, 170-inch extended wheelbase, and cargo space of up to 533 cubic feet, making it spacious enough to accommodate a load of up to 11 passengers.

How Tall Is A Sprinter in Feet?

In terms of the overall height of this Mercedes-Benz, the standard cover is 8 feet tall, while the high-roof is 9 feet tall. In terms of interior height, the standard Sprinter is 5.6 feet tall, while the HR is 6.5 feet.

What Is The Longest Sprinter Van?

The Mercedes-Benz 2500 is the longest. It’s a High-Roof 170 extended wheelbase van with a remarkable interior length of about 16 feet 2 inches. It is often deployed for long journeys as a passenger van or bus!

How Wide Is A Sprinter?

The Sprinter van typically has a floor width of 70.1 inches and is 19.5 feet long on the exterior (from bumper to bumper). The interior Width is about 10.5 feet (from the back of the driver’s seat to the backdoor).

However, the exact Width can vary depending on the make and model of the van. Where the largest Mercedes-Benz width is measured up to 96 inches, it can be different for a crew van, a passenger van, or a cab chassis.

So, how wide is the inside of this Mercedes-Benz, owing to different models? Here is a quick look at it.

  Cargo Interior- inches (140 wheelbase) Interior- inches (170 wheelbase)
Height 79.1 79.1
Cargo bed length 132.9 173.6
Load height (ground to cargo floor) 27.4 27.4
Door opening-side (height) 71.6 71.6
Door opening-rear (height) 72.7 72.7
Door width-rear 61.2 61.2
Width at floor 70.4 70.4

Mercedes-Benz Dimension FAQ

What are 170 dimensions?

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van 170 interior is as follows:

  • Standing height- 79.1 inches max
  • Maximum floor width- 70.4
  • Cargo bed length- 173.6 inches
  • Door opening (rear)- 72.7 inches door
  • Door opening (side)- 71.6 inches
  • Load height, unloaded (ground to cargo floor): 27.5 inches
  • Cargo width at wheelhouse: 53.1 inches

What are sprinter vehicle high roof proportions?

The Mercedes-Benz 144 HR interior proportions are as follows:

  • Standing height: 79.1 inches
  • Maximum floor width: 70.4 inches
  • Cargo bed length: 132.9 inches
  • Door opening (rear): 72.7 inches
  • Door opening (side: 71.6 inches
  • Load height, unloaded (ground to cargo floor): 27.4 inches
  • Cargo width at wheelhouse: 53.1 inches

What is Mercedes LWB acreage?

The Mercedes-Benz bus LWB depth is as follows:

  • LWB length (overall): 6,967 mm
  • LWB sprinter wheelbase: 4,307 mm
  • Interior height: 152.4 mm

Sprinter 144 vs. 170 Length

The length of an average Sprinter with a 144 inches wheelbase is 233.5 inches, while that of 170 inches wheelbase is measured to be around 274.3 inches.

What is cargo-van inside breadth?

Mercedes-Benz bus specs depend on your choice of make and model. Generally speaking, cargo vans make them ideal for transporting goods due to their ample interior space.

For example, the Mercedes-Benz interior is:

  • Cargo bed reach (standard): 132.9 inches
  • Extended wheelbase: 173.6 inches
  • Cargo width floor: 70.4 inches
  • Maximum cargo volume: 319 cubic feet

What are Mercedes Sprinter Chassis?

These are the medium and Long vehicle length single cab Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

  • Medium (Vehicle length), with a single cab, 4490 kg, rear-wheel drive
Kerb weight [kg] at GVW1 2145-2150
Maximum towing capacity 3500
Vehicle height [mm] | Vehicle length [mm] | Vehicle width above folded-in exterior mirrors [mm] 2360 | 6104 | 2020
Wheelbase 3665
Turning circle Ø [m] | Track circle Ø [m] 13.2 | 12.3
Payload [kg] at GVW1 2409-2414
Perm. gross combination weight [kg] 6490
  • Long ( Vehicle length) with a single cab, 4490 kg, rear-wheel drive
Kerb weight [kg] at GVW1


Payload [kg] at GVW1


Perm. Gross combination weight [kg]


Maximum towing capacity [kg] 3500
Vehicle height [mm] | Vehicle lengths [mm] | Vehicle width above folded-in exterior mirrors [mm] 2351 | 6864 | 2020
Wheelbase 4325
Turning circle Ø [m] | Track circle Ø [m] 15.2 | 14.3

Other measurements apply for the 5000kg dual cab variants for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cab’s medium and long vehicle lengths.

What are Mercedes-Benz cargo specs (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)?

The Mercedes-Benz Benz bus is one of the most popular vans in the United States. It has been in production for many years.

While the vehicle manufacturer tries to add new features and capabilities every year, some specs have remained the same for many years.

For example, just about all Mercedes-Benz vans between 2015 and 2021 have cab air conditioning, galley, driving assist, rearview camera, wide-opening cargo doors, comfy seats, USB charging ports, heating, large side mirrors, a powerful engine, and plenty of cargo space.

The 2021 Sprinter interior?

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter interior is pretty big. The vehicle has plenty of legroom and headroom in the cab. The interior depths reveal that it also has a very spacious cargo area.

The cargo area is 133 inches long, 70 inches wide, and 67 inches tall. The volume of the cargo area is 319 cubic feet. It makes the Mercedes-Benz van inside perfect for small and office moves.

Is it the tallest among similar brands?

The Mercedes-Benz tall van is not the tallest. The high-roof Ford Transit model is about 4 inches taller than the Mercedes-Benz tall van.

The maximum cargo volume for the Ford Transit is 358.7 cubic feet, while the maximum for SV is 222.5 cubic feet. So the Mercedes-Benz tall van is neither the tallest nor the biggest among similar vans.

Sprinter 170 floor plan Vs. 1.4.4 floor plan

The Mercedes-Benz 144 model is 3.5 feet shorter than the Mercedes-Benz 170 model. If you want a Sprinter van with more cargo space, a large galley, a camper with extra space, or more gear items, you should go for the Mercedes-Benz 170 model.

Similarly, you should go for the Sprinter 170 between the two versions to buy an SV to convert into a van RV. The extra feet in the 170 will enable you to fit in everything.

What is a cargo van inside?

The Sprinter crew van interior. The length of Sprinter vans varies depending on the model and the trim. The 2021 Sprinter crew van base model measures 233.5 inches long and has a 144-inch wheelbase. Its extended version measures 273.4 inches and has a 170-inch wheelbase.

Describe the passenger bus interior.

The Mercedes-Benz Passenger van is one of the most luxurious Sprinter vans. It has comfy seats with seatbelts and several cup holders.

Unlike most passenger vans, the vibe you get when you step into a well-maintained Sprinter van is one of luxury.

There is plenty of legroom for passengers in Sprinter passenger vans. Seat upholstery is available in black leatherette, column black cloth, and Maturin black cloth.

What is the Mercedes Sprinter van MWB?

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311CDI VS30 MWB FWD 2.1L is 2351mm tall, 2020mm wide, and 5932mm long. While it is the medium-wheel base Sprinter model, it is quite a big van that is perfect for turning into a van RV.

You can still build a van RV complete with a shower and a toilet using Mercedes-Benz MWB.

Dodge Sprinter vs. Mercedes – Any difference?

There is no significant difference between the Mercedes-badged Sprinter and the Dodge-badged Sprinter. The same manufacturer makes both.

The Dodge Sprinter used to be known as the Dodge Sprinter because it was previously sold in the US by Dodge when Mercedes-Benz was partnered with Chrysler (Dodge’s parent company). It is now known simply as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as it is known in the rest of the world.

Mercedes sprinter 313 LWB?

This vehicle is 2426mm wide – the exterior Width. The interior Width, which is a significant measure, is 1780mm. The car has a standard roof, a high-roof, and a super-high ceiling.

The standard ceiling is 1740mm, the high top is 2030mm, and the super high ceiling is 2260mm. The LWB has a 4325mm wheelbase. It is longer than the MWB and SWB versions.

Sprinter vs. 170 for conversion: one DIY vs pro design?

You can convert a 144 Sprinter and 170 on your own. You can also convert it by taking it to a professional who specializes in van conversion into RVs.

Both routes have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to save money, consider converting it on your own. Consider getting a professional to convert your 144 if you want a professional design.

The Sprinter 4×4 interior

The Mercedes-Benz 4 by-4 interior features cruise control, climate control, a lockage storage compartment above the windscreen, heated windshield.

The door handle, 115V socket, satellite radio, navigation system, smartphone charging tray, multifunction steering wheel, cup holders, and a comfort control panel.

What is the most popular long wheelbase?

The wheelbase of a van is the distance between the center point between its front wheels and the center point between its rear wheels. It is always shorter than the overall length of the vehicle.

The most popular wheelbase is the MWB wheel base. MWB stands for medium wheelbase. Other wheelbase abbreviations include SWB and LWB, standing for short wheelbase and long wheelbase, respectively.

What is Sprinter’s low-roof height?

How tall are low-ceiling Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles? The overall height of the LR, aka standard roof, is 96.3 inches. The interior height of the same is 67.7 inches.

An average-height woman can stand in a low Sprinter, but a taller woman may have to crouch a bit. It still has a lower profile than a high-roof Sprinter-van.

executive sprinter passenger van


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