Sprinter 170 Extended Length, Dimensions and Capacities Explained

How Many Square Feet Is A Mercedes Sprinter

How long is a sprinter 170 extended?

The Sprinter 170 extended is 289 inches long. This is the external length. The internal length of this Mercedes van is 180 inches. So it is a pretty long vehicle in terms of internal length.

In fact, it is longer than the regular Sprinter 170 by about 15 inches. The fact that it is longer means it is more spacious as a cargo van.

It also means that it can be used to make a bigger/more spacious camper than the standard Sprinter 170 and many other vans.

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Its Dimensions and Capacities…

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter van is one of the largest and most technologically-advanced passenger/cargo vans on many rental sites. This is because it is spacious and it drives like a dream. It is not difficult to maneuver like most big vans.

There are two popular types of the Sprinter based on the length of the wheelbase – the 144-inch long Sprinter and the 170-inch long Sprinter.

The 144-inch Sprinter is also called Sprinter 144, while the 170-inch long Sprinter is also called Sprinter 170.

A third type of Sprinter also exists. It is called the Sprinter 170 extended length. There are several differences between this Sprinter van and the regular or popular Sprinter 170.

sprinter 170 extended length

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170 Extended vs. Sprinter 170 (Regular)

In terms of overall length, Sprinter 170 measures 274 inches. Sprinter 170 extended is a bit longer with an overall length of 289 inches.

With regard to internal length, Sprinter 170 measures 165 inches from the back of the front seats to the start of the back door. The internal length of Sprinter 170 extended is 180 inches. In other words, the extended Sprinter 170 is approximately 15 inches longer inside than the normal or regular one.

Because the regular Sprinter 170 is shorter than the extended one, it is easier to navigate on city streets. It is also easier to park.

The advantages of the Sprinter 170 extended include extra cubic feet of storage space and the possibility of making a bigger mobile home with more features if converted into a recreational vehicle.

So clearly if you want a cargo van with more space you should go for the Sprinter 170 extended. The extended Sprinter 170 is widely available as a cargo van while the regular Sprinter 170 is available both as a cargo van and as a passenger van.

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Compared With Other Extended Brands / Models

Mercedes-Benz is not the only van manufacturer that makes extended vans. Other companies such as Ford and FCA Group also make extended vans.

The three most popular types of extended vans in the United States market are the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter extended cargo van, the Dodge RAM ProMaster 350 High Extended, and the Ford Transit 350 Extended Cargo Van.

All of these three popular extended vans are highly regarded and have got unique and interesting features.

However, the best one among them is the Sprinter 170 extended. This is because this German van is much easier to maneuver and has much more cubic feet in space compared to the other two.

The volume of space in the Dodge High Extended van is 423 cubic feet. The length is 160 inches. The volume in the Ford Transit 350 extended is 487 cubic feet and the length is 172 inches.

In contrast, the Sprinter 170 extended has a much larger volume than the two vans (530 cubic feet), and a longer length than the two vans (194 inches).

So frankly, if you need a big and long van for cargo, go for the Sprinter 170 extended. There is no widely available van much better than it to be honest.

By renting or purchasing the king of big and long cargo vans, the Sprinter 170 extended, you will not only be able to accommodate more cargo but also have more space to organize your cargo, protect it, and carry the tools you need for offloading or for the work you need to do.

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Mercedes Sprinter High Roof Dimensions

You now know about the sprinter 170 vs. 170 extended. You also know about the 170 extended vs. other extended vans.

It is time you know the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 extended high roof dimensions. This will give you the complete picture of the Sprinter floor plan to allow you to know exactly what to expect when you rent, lease, or buy this van.

The 170 extended has a high root with a maximum height of 109.1 inches and a maximum width of 96 inches. It is a big van.

In contrast, the standard roof has a maximum height of 98 inches and a maximum width of 96 inches. In case you’ve not noticed, the width of the roof is the same. The high roof only differs from the standard roof in terms of height.

How long is a Mercedes Sprinter van extended

Popular Sprinter 170 E FAQs

How long is a Mercedes Sprinter van extended?

Its internal length is 180 inches and its external length is 289 inches.

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How many miles can you get out of a Sprinter van?

You can get as many as 300,000 miles out of a diesel Sprinter van. It is a very reliable and tough vehicle.

What is the longest Mercedes Sprinter?

The longest Sprinter is the Sprinter 170 extended, which measures 180 inches internally (the distances between the back of the driver’s seat to the back doors.

How wide is a 170 Sprinter van?

The 170 Sprinter van is 92.3 inches wide. This is no different from the width of the 144 Sprinter van.

What is the shortest Sprinter van?

The 144 Sprinter van is the shortest Sprinter van. It measures 234 inches in length from bumper to bumper. Its internal length is 126 inches.

This internal length is the distance between the front seat and the back door aka the length of the cargo bay. Compared to the longest Sprinter van, it is about 50 inches shorter internally.

Do Sprinter vans hold their value?

Yes, they do. Sprinter vans are far superior to most vans out there. They are superior in terms of engine power, driveability, maximum load capacity, durability, and reliability.

This is the reason why many camper manufacturing companies are using them to build van campers. When used to build a camper, they make very nice campers perfect for solo travellers and for those traveling with a small family.

According to various vehicle associations, Mercedes Sprinter vans can still be sold at a very high price even three years into use because they retain the highest percentage of their selling price.

For example, if you purchase one at $40,000, you can expect to sell it for more than $25,000 or even $30,000, two or three years down the line.

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How much does it cost to convert a Mercedes Sprinter van?

The cost varies widely. You can pay as little as $20,000 or as much as $150,000 to convert a Sprinter van into a camper van. The cost depends on what you want.

If you want a very basic camper van without many luxury features, you should not expect to pay much.

But if you want a really luxurious camper with all premium features and amenities that can be fitted in a Sprinter, you should expect to spend a lot of money. And there are many local conversion companies like the popular The VanSmith in Colorado.

Which Sprinter van is best for conversion?

If you want a very spacious camper van, you should convert the High Roof V6 Sprinter 3500 Extended Cargo van. This is because it not only has a powerful engine but also because it has a very spacious cargo bay.

The powerful engine makes it fun and reliable to drive especially over long distances. This is perfect because most camper vans cover considerable mileage every year.

While the spacious cargo bay makes sure that you can fit in it as many camper amenities and features as possible without making it to feel crowded.

How many feet long is a Sprinter van?

How many feet long is a Sprinter van?There are three Sprinter van wheelbases – the 144-inch wheelbase, the 170-inch wheelbase, and the 170-inch extended wheelbase.

In terms of feet, the 144-inch wheelbase is 19.4 feet long, the 170-inch wheelbase is 22.8 feet long, and the 170-inch extended is 24.2 feet long.

What are the inside dimensions of a Sprinter van?

There are various models of the Sprinter van on the market. It is difficult to state the inside dimensions of every Sprinter van model in the space below.

However, there are some models that are more popular than others. One of them is the Sprinter Cargo 144” wheelbase van. By knowing its inside dimensions, you will roughly know what to expect from a similar Sprinter model or a bigger one.

The Sprinter Cargo 144” wheelbase has a cargo bay length of 128.6 inches, a cargo bay height of either 65 inches or 78.2 inches, and a cargo bay width of 92.3 inches. It is a fairly spacious van.

What is the inside height of a Sprinter van?

It depends. Sprinter vans are available with a standard roof, a high roof, and a super high roof.  The standard roof of the latest Sprinter models is 68.5”, the high roof is 79.9 inches high, and the super high roof is 89 inches high.