What Makes Cargo Vans The Ideal Solution?

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For small business owners, the cargo van is a lifesaver; it makes the job seamless and faster.

These vans provide you with the necessary space you need and save you from the stress of dismantling after each use.

After a hard day’s job, all you may need to do as a small business owner will simply be to shut your doors and you are safe to go.

Generally, Cargo vans have no definite interior structure in the cargo area, making it flexible enough to contain whatever design you may want to implement.

The cargo area and the passenger area are often separated.

These vans usually come with a sliding door and rear doors for users to load and unload their cargo.

Furthermore, some vans have windows at the back but they are often tinted or covered.

Most cargo vans are windowless one-piece vehicles. You can merge both the cargo area and passenger area as one. This merging makes it possible to access the cargo from inside the van.

They are great for small and medium-sized businesses like electricians, cleaners, delivery agents, mail carriers, and handypersons.

The use and how efficient the vans are creates the assumption that they have probably existed since the beginning. But this isn’t the case.

History of Cargo Vans

In 1960, Ford launched a forward control vehicle called Econoline.

This truck had a different bodywork combined into a unit and worked as the chassis frame with the running gear.

Another distinct feature of Ford’s cargo van was that it placed the engine between the front seats, unlike the Volkswagen Microbus that put the engine at the rear.

This change resulted in the use of existing drive train components.

The forward control layout allows for drivers to place their legs ahead of the front wheels.

The introduction of Econoline was upon its launch and instant success. It was an all-around and convenient motor vehicle.

The Econoline, in its success, produced over 50,000 cars per year. It made use of a 144ci six-cylinder that had about 85hp.

Reeling from the success of Econoline, Ford expanded the brand’s line to encompass a super van model that featured a body extension of about 18 inches and made an increase from 144ci, 105hp to 170ci,105hp.

This motor power would, in later years, become a standard. By the first quarter of 1967, Ford had sold about 400,000 vehicles and became the top of the game.

After Ford rolled out their van, General Motors entered the vans industry with its Corvan 95 rear-engine model with a 95-inch wheelbase.

The automaker also launched its front-engine FC van that existed under Chevy and GMC nameplates.

This product came before the introduction of Dodge to the industry.

Though a bit late to the show, Dodge rolled out their first van in 1963 called Dodge A-100.

It had a 90-inch wheelbase model powered by a slant six engine. In 1965, the brand launched its very own 108-inch (A-108) wheelbase model with the option of 318 V8.

A Change in the Structure of the Cargo Van

The season of vans had begun, and taken center stage in the US and gained some success.

However, with each passing year we kept seeing the hunger and drive for these vans to improve on the previous model.

During this time, the brand recognized the disadvantages of the forward control layout and redesigned the model.

In 1969 the engine moved forward just a bit for the new configuration.

This movement was called the semi-forward configuration, and it became the popular choice upon its launch.

And soon afterward, it became a standard as every van in the US used the semi-forward style.

Some cargo vans owners use the cargo van to carry a network of tools and provide any service required.

But others also used the van for recreational purposes as people could fit the van into a mobile home and so on.

It is worthy to note that the sleeper area of the van would conveniently fit almost anything that a person would need.

For instance, should the van be used for traveling, the back can fit in two pallets, refrigerators, microwaves, TVs, sound system, mini wardrobe, and much more.

The cargo vans’ design brings its user comfort and relaxation during use.

There has been significant improvement in cargo vans compared to the models from the 20th century.

And because of its versatility, more improvements are being made. Companies are still changing and evolving cargo vans for user comfort reassurance.

delivery guy moving packages

The Top Reasons Why Cargo Vans are The Best Solution

  1. Bad Weather

The structure of the van – being windowless – helps protect equipment from unexpected bad weather.

Built for tough conditions, the reinforced cargo van is several times more likely to shield the equipment it conveys than most other types of vehicles.

  1. Organization

The cargo space provided at the rear of the van allows you to arrange and organize tools and equipment in the cargo van.

By installing facilities like shelves, hooks, and other structures within the van, you make arranging items easier.

Once your van is organized, you can quickly locate and pick an item when you need it making work more efficient.

  1. Advertisements

Cargo vans come with a lot of external body space, which allows for posters to advertise your work.

The body space that is flat and somewhat even, can be customized to look like a fully designed all-around moving poster.

Using a cargo van gives you the opportunity to have a mobile billboard. When you get a cargo van for your business, you instantly subscribe to toll-free permanent outdoor advertisements.

  1. Fuel Consumption

You may think that the bigger a vehicle, the more likely it is to consume more fuel. But the cargo proves this logic wrong as it is one vehicle that definitely saves you some money on fuel.

This fuel efficiency hinges on the internal design structure of the van to do more work with less power, thereby making it very fuel-efficient.

  1. Reliability

Cargo vans today have a wide array of notable producers —Nissan, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz — all household names.

These are very reliable brands that manufacture vans that are built to perform in harsher conditions than normal. What more?

The bodywork protects against theft, harsh weather and internal security systems. All these and more make cargo vans quite appealing.

  1. Customization

The ample interior space of the cargo van is what makes it so attractive to its buyers.

It’s like a giant rectangle-shaped box just waiting for its owner to transform it into anything.

You can change the cargo space into a workspace, mobile library, and much more.

Externally you can add ladders to the back or side of the van, roof racks, tires, and even windows.

  1. Mobility

A business in a cargo van is a business on the go. Florists, handypersons, plumbers, and much more can be anywhere you want them to be because they are mobile. This is a primary reason to invest in cargo vans.

  1. Refrigeration

Most Caterers, florists, and food delivery services would find this feature very attractive.

You can turn the ample space in the cargo van into a large freezer. It keeps all items at the same temperature as the room.

Thereby taking preservation to a whole new level, ensuring unwanted heat and warm temperatures don’t damage your goods before getting to their owners.

The Best Businesses for Cargo Vans

Cargo vans have provided users space, size, fuel efficiency, customization options, and security. All these and even more prove that it is suitable for various kinds of businesses. However, here are the businesses that are a perfect fit for a cargo van.

  1. Florists

Many, if not all, florists consider temperature control and shelving options when getting and customizing their cargo van.

We know that flowers are delicate and fragile; therefore, the room temperature should be at a specific level. This setting prevents damage, leaving it cool and looking perfect.

And because flowers don’t always come in well-packaged bouquets and fitted wrappings, the storage capacity and fitting are crucial.

Some flowers come in giant pots or little pots; some grow over the top and can be considered tall.

  1. Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical Contractors

Plumbers, electricians, technicians, and other handy professionals alike need cargo vans to convey their equipment.

They also need the room, which these vans provide, for their tools to be arranged properly within the vehicle.

Proper arrangement of the tools within the van saves time and even money. It reduces the likelihood of having to comb the entire vehicle trying to get a particular tool.

With a cargo van, the professional can customize both internally and externally to spec.

Tools would be arranged on shelves and lined up in racks and drawers, providing a one-stop carriage for all and every device.

  1. Caterers

For caterers, they must have space and comfort for their food and equipment.

A vehicle that can smoothly transport these items without any hassle is most needed, and the cargo van is perfect for such business.

Interior customization options give you the chance to install refrigeration equipment and customize the interior of your van.

You can also include shelves and other storage items you would need to make loading and unloading food and serving equipment as easy as possible.

In addition to its specific and unique design, it also provides a smooth ride when on the move.

Delivery guy on duty

  1. Painters

Painters require space to keep painting equipment which include ladders, cans, and different sizes of brushes.

And the cargo van is just the best offer available. With its space customization options, storing equipment like these is a top priority.

You can place protection liners within the truck to avoid paint stains while in transit.

Using an interior ladder rack allows you to keep your ladder safely within the van to prevent damage.

Customizable sections allow you to organize supplies the way you want.

Hence, you can ensure paint cans are stored separately and more carefully from other collections.

You can also create spaces for hooks, shelves, drawers, bins to store tools, drop cloths, aprons, and brushes.

Thereby making grabbing of tools faster and more efficient.

  1. Delivery companies

Several retail businesses need delivery services that can assist them with immediate or last-minute deliveries to their customers.

Small businesses like appliance stores, thrift stores, mails, and even minimarts would use a reliable delivery service.

Therefore, the space and height of the cargo van and its customizable features only make it easier to provide a delivery service.

You can put delivery goods on shelves and different compartments for different items.

Furthermore, you may wish to even group them according to the pickup location. All this makes it more efficient for a store to deliver large and delicate items directly to customers’ homes.


Finally, irrespective of the brand of cargo van you decide to buy, one thing is certain, you will save cost and get your money’s worth.

If you are a small business owner, you should definitely consider getting one.


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