What is Sprinter Van Mattress Size and Bed?

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What is van mattress size and bed in a Sprinter van? Multi-purpose and multifunctional are some of the words you can use when describing a sprinter van.

Not only can a sprinter van double as a cargo vehicle and a passenger vehicle, but it can also function as a living space when you need it for activities like camping.

If at any point in time you had wondered what item could fit on Sprinter van bed, then you’re in luck. In this article, everything related Sprinter van mattress will be discussed.

In that case, the best and most effective thing to do is to have a bed in your sprinter ready for a quick nap. Other reasons might be for recreational purposes like camping trips or maybe financial strain.

What sprinter van mattress size fit in different models of sprinter vans?

You’re probably wondering what kind of bed could fit into any kind of van? Well, there have been cases where a whole king sized bed / mattress was able to fit into a sprinter van.

This is because the size of the sprinter van could accommodate a bed of that size. As you probably already know, Sprinter vans come in different sizes. Some can measure up to 290 inches in Sprinter van length and others might be a bit smaller.

Like the Mercedes sprinter van can easily fit in a king-sized bed but most passenger vans won’t even be able to fit a queen-sized bed.

So before you go mattress shopping in Walmart, make sure you’re certain of the measurements of your van, or better still, you can customize your van to make it better and more spacious for accommodating a mattress.

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What’s the best bed orientation for fitting a mattress in a sprinter van?

The best orientation to fit your bed in your precious comfort on wheel would be in a side-to-side direction. This means your mattress will extend from one side of your vehicle to the next.

Although it’s bound to take up a lot of space, it’s the perfect orientation to fit your bed in a way that you’ll be comfortable no matter how tall you are.

How to get better bed space management

Putting in a mattress is going to take up a lot of space, but there are ways you can manage your space and still be able to make way for a mini table or even a small kitchen right in your van.

The first thing you should do is to plan your floor layout with accurate measurements to know what your van can accommodate and also to utilize the space.

A great way you can also make the most out of your space is to get a pull-out bed. That way, it’s only when you’re about to go to bed you’ll have your mattress out.

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Why Do People Choose To Have A Bed In A Sprinter Van?

There are many reasons why people decide to sleep in a sprinter van and while sleeping in one might sound uncomfortable, it’s not the case.

Most sprinter vans measure about 5 ft 9, meaning an average-sized person can comfortably lie down and relax. As to why anyone might want to do so, for one, if you’re in the business of cargo delivery, most likely you’ll be working late nights on the road making deliveries to far distances.


How long is the bed of a Sprinter van?

Depending on the model, the average sprinter van has a bed/cargo space that can offer 319.1 cubic feet of cargo space and up to 66 inches of standing space. the average Sprinter van carry a weight up to 3000lbs.

A great example of a sprinter van that has a lot to offer in terms of bed space is the model with a cargo length of 132.9 inches and a width floor of 70.4 inches. And they definitely, do accommodate a king-sized bed!

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Can you sleep across a Sprinter van?

If you don’t want your bed to take up all the space, then consider sleeping across in your van.

What this implies is instead of fitting in a mattress, you can simply buy yourself a hammock. Not only is this one of the best space management tips you can find, it actually can be very comfortable.

Can you sleep sideways in a sprinter van?

To manage space you might be wondering if you can sleep sideways? The simple answer is yes, you can sleep sideways. However, the average width of a Sprinter van is about 5 feet 9 inches.

That is, while an individual of average height can comfortably sleep this way, someone taller won’t be able to stretch out fully making for an uncomfortable sleeping position.

King size Vs Queen Vs Full Size Vs Custom Mattress

The type of mattress that will fit in your sprinter van is dependent on the carrying capacity or the cargo space available to you.

For example, in a standard sprinter van, a king-sized bed might fit in, but only at a certain angle.

A Queen size bed has a better chance of fitting in but there are some things to be taken into consideration such as if the wheel arches are taking up too much space.

But for the Mercedes sprinter van, a king-sized bed can conveniently fit into the cargo space.

That being said, if you have the option of getting a customizable mattress, then you should probably go with that option if you can afford it.

Why? Not only will you save up on valuable space, but you’re most likely to get the perfect fit.

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Will a king size mattress fit in a 9′ cargo van?

A regular king-sized bed will be difficult to fit into a 9′ cargo van. However, 9 inch long cargo vans are still able to accommodate other things.

For example, it is spacious enough to fit in a regular queen-sized bed and even a box spring conveniently.

What extras can be added to your van?

If you plan on turning your van into a mini living area then there are more things to add to it other than a mattress.

  • You will need a source of power to charge your electronics and the perfect option would be a solar panel.
  • When it comes to charging your phone you can’t fix an outlet into your van and that’s when a power bank comes in handy.
  • Another must-have item especially in the colder months is a heating pad.
  • For extra storage space, invest in roof racks.
  • A camp oven will come in handy for cooking your meals and boiling water.

These are some of the basic items you can add to your van for a comfortable van living experience.

Can you fit a double bed in a Sprinter?

A double bed can easily fit in a Sprinter. In fact, twin beds are the most common beds for camper vans. They have enough space for two people to sleep sideways. When choosing the twin mattress, make sure that it can fit the available space in your Sprinter.

Summary of van mattress size!

Whatever reason you decide to get a sprinter van bed  fitted in your van, ensure that you’re aware of the measurements of your van mattress size and cargo space to get the best fit and have enough space for other items you might want to add.

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