Do You Need A Car License or CDL To Drive A Sprinter Van?

A sprinter van is very popular in the transportation industry, including luxury van renting marketplaces.

It’s a lightweight vehicle that comes in various shapes and sizes.

The job of a sprinter van is quite simple; it focuses on the transport of cargo or passengers or delivering items.

Due to its size, and carrying capacity, it’s a favorite among drivers of commercial vehicles.

But many newbies wonder if it’s possible to drive a sprinter van on a car license.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about owning and operating a sprinter van for your business.

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What license do you need to drive a sprinter van?

Ideally, before you get behind the wheel of any vehicle, you should at least have a learner’s permit, and then, your driver’s license.

Driving a commercial vehicle is no different.

You need to obtain a commercial vehicle’s license before you can get your van/vehicle on the road.

However, when it comes to driving a sprinter van, you do not need to have a commercial vehicle’s license.

The prerequisites for operating a sprinter van are a good driving record, a driver’s license, driving skills, and the physical ability to unload and offload cargo.

That being said, if you intend to use your sprinter van to transport passengers professionally, some states may require you to obtain a chauffeur’s license.

Ultimately, you don’t need to get any special license before operating a sprinter van.

It’s almost the same as owning a regular car.

What jobs are available to sprinter drivers?

A sprinter van is multi-functional. As a lightweight vehicle, it can operate as both a passenger vehicle or a cargo vehicle.

Meaning as a sprinter driver you can offer the following services:

  • Delivery of goods to clients on a contract basis
  • Courier services
  • Shuttle service
  • Passenger transportation services.


How old do you have to be to drive a sprinter van?

The age at which you can drive different types of vehicles depends on where you reside.

For example, in the UK, you can drive a category B vehicle also known as a lightweight commercial vehicle if you have a full UK driving license.

Meaning from as young as the age of 18, you’re entitled to operating a vehicle that weighs up to 3.5 tonnes and has up to 8 passenger seats.

It’s a similar case in the United States, only that some states require you to have a commercial driving license or CDL.

For more information, check the laws of the state you live in to know the requirements of operating a lightweight commercial vehicle like a sprinter van.

Is there any state that demands a commercial license?

Many states don’t require you to obtain a commercial driver’s license or CDL before operating a lightweight vehicle. You’re allowed to operate one with your standard driver’s license.

But, in other states, you have to obtain a commercial vehicle’s license before owning or operating a commercial vehicle.

And to get this commercial vehicle’s license, you need to be about 18-21 years of age depending on your state.

States that have these requirements are; New York, South Dakota, Washington, etc.

Can I make money with a Sprinter van?

The transportation industry is so large that most vehicles can be utilized in providing services to earn some money. Sprinter Vans aren’t an exception.

As lightweight vehicles, they are especially multi-functional and can serve the purpose of a passenger vehicle and a cargo vehicle.

Meaning, you can operate it and work as a private chauffeur company, a driver for a touring or outdoor company, start your own freight company or work under another company, etc.

How much do Sprinter van loads pay?

Sprinter vans are currently in high demand especially for services like courier services.

As of 2021, the average annual pay for a sprinter van owner-operator in the United States was $84,358 a year.

Some salaries were even as high as $200,000 annually.

This means there is room for even more opportunities and growth for the sprinter van drivers/operators in the United States.

How much do Sprinter van drivers make per mile?

Although sprinter vans are in high demand, it’s still quite difficult to find jobs and most of the jobs expect you to work odd hours. Regardless, the pay is considerably good.

For other commercial drivers like freight truckers, they can make an average of $0.40 per mile, sprint van operators can make as much as $1 to $2 or even more per mile depending on cargo van load.

Can you drive a Mercedes Sprinter on a normal Licence?

The Mercedes sprinter is known as the king of passenger and cargo vans in the United States.

You’ll think a car with such prestige would require additional licensing to be operational.

But just like other lightweight or category B vehicles, you are not required to obtain a commercial vehicle’s license to drive the Mercedes sprinter.

You can operate it with your normal license.

But sometimes, depending on your region, you might be required to get a special license. Check with your state directory for more information.

Can I drive the Sprinter van on G2?

In Canada, sprinter vans are subject to additional requirements such as medical tests to deem the driver eligible to operate a large-capacity vehicle.

In the United States, on the other hand, it varies depending on the state.

But since a G2 vehicle allows you to operate a vehicle regardless of the time of the day or how many passengers are in your vehicle, you can also drive a sprinter van with your G2 license.

What license do I need to drive a 7.5-tonne van?

Expensive camper van interiorA 7.5-tonne van is nothing like a sprinter van.

While a sprinter van falls in with other lightweight category B vehicles, a 7.5-tonne van is considered to be a C1 vehicle.

It is a heavy-duty vehicle and as such requires a special license and other requirements to enable you to operate it.

To drive a 7.5-tonne van, you’re required to have a C1 category license.

This license isn’t anything like the category B car license.

That notwithstanding, you can still get your C1 license automatically if you already have a standard car license.

But, it largely depends on the date that you got your driving license.

What license do I need to drive a cargo van?

In most states, you’re not required to have a special CDL license to drive category B vehicles such as cargo vans.

Can anyone drive a Sprinter van?

Anyone of legal driving age, who has completed their driving courses, and obtained a valid driver’s license is eligible to drive a sprinter van.

Sprinter vans fall into the category B type of vehicle and don’t need any special license, training, or documentation.

But, in some states, if you intend on using your sprinter to transport passengers professionally, then you might be required to obtain a chauffeur’s license.

If you’re seeking employment with some companies or businesses, they may also require you to undergo a drug test.