How Many Square Feet Is A Mercedes Sprinter?

There are four types of Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans in terms of length. There is L1, L2, L3, and L4. The L1 is the shortest while the L4 is the longest. The shortest Sprinter van is smaller in terms of square feet compared to the longest one.

The L1 is 34.4 square feet, the L2 is 50.1 square feet, the L3 is 82.8 square feet, and the L4 is 90.5 square feet. Averagely 86 square feet, so if you are looking for the biggest Sprinter in terms of square feet you should go for the Mercedes Sprinter L4.

The L4 is preferred by people who want to live the RV life (Recreational Vehicle life). This is because it has a lot of square feet for setting up a spacious mobile home.

However, to be honest you can have just about any type of Sprinter van converted into an RV and it will work just fine.

This is because Sprinter vans are generally much bigger than regular vans hence they have the same for setting up pretty solid mobile homes.

What are the dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van?

You now know how many square feet are in the different types of Sprinter vans. In this section, I will reveal to you the interior and exterior dimensions of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter van.

I believe that the measurements I will share with you will help you to better understand or appreciate the size of the Sprinter van.

The modern Sprinter van is available in three types – the cargo van, the crew van, and the passenger van.

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Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van dimensions

The modern Sprinter van is available in two roof heights – the standard roof height and the high-roof height.

The standard roof height of this vehicle is 97.9 inches, while the high-roof height is 109.1 inches.

The best one among them for cargo and conversion into an RV home is obviously the high-roof version because it has more space. The roof width for both roof heights is the same (95.5 inches).

The maximum interior width for this vehicle is 70.4 inches and the maximum height is 79.1 inches. The total cargo volume is 532.6 cubic feet. And the maximum payload is 6,735 pounds.

To summarize, the Sprinter cargo van is massive. It is ideal for cargo transport but can also be converted by an expert for use as an RV.

Among the three modern types of Sprinter vans, it is the biggest in terms of size/capacity. It is available in two wheelbase lengths – 144-inch and 170-inch.

Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van dimensions

How Many Square Feet Is A Mercedes SprinterThe Benz Sprinter crew van is quite similar to the cargo van but it has several differences.

Similarities include the similar standard roof height, high-roof height, roof width, and wheelbase sizes.

The biggest difference is in the cargo volume.

This Sprinter has a cargo volume of 370 cubic feet, while the cargo van has nearly double this cargo volume.

So if you want the Sprinter van with the biggest cargo volume go for the Sprinter cargo van. If you want a van that can carry both crew and cargo, the crew van is what you should get.

Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van dimensions

The Sprinter Passenger van is engineered to carry passengers safely and comfortably. It can carry fifteen passengers in total.

The vehicle’s exterior dimensions include a maximum height of 114 inches, a maximum width of 92.3 inches, and a maximum interior height of 75.5 inches.

Its cargo volume is way smaller than that of the Sprinter cargo van and that of the Sprinter crew van.