How Many Passengers Can Fit In A Sprinter Van?

If you are considering a Sprinter van for a trip somewhere, you need to know exactly how many people it can carry.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter van 2020 is massive. It is unlike most vans on the market in terms of size. Therefore, it can fit many people comfortably in addition to the driver.

But how many exactly? Well, it depends on the wheelbase style. The Sprinter 2020 with a 144-inch long wheelbase can fit 12 passengers comfortably.

In contrast, the bigger 170-inch long wheelbase Sprinter 2020 can accommodate 15 passengers. Simply put, the longer wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter can accommodate three more passengers than the shorter one.

Because the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2020 passenger van is big, every passenger gets a lot of legroom making it a comfortable vehicle even for long trips.

How many passengers can fit in a Sprinter van

Sprinter 2020 Also Fit Tall People

Even tall people do not complain about leg space when they travel in this van. In addition to plenty of legroom, the premium versions of this passenger van have other comforts such as seatback storage, overhead storage, and cup-holders.

The big size of this passenger van is not the only thing impressive about it. Even its safety features are very impressive.

It has several features that make it a much safer passenger van to use than the typical passenger vans you see on the road.

The safety features include a rear-view camera, a traffic sign assistance system, braking assistance, a blind-spot assist mirror, a packing camera, and active lane assist. All these things reduce the likelihood of this van getting into an accident.

The seating capacity, the size of this van, and its safety features make it one of the best passenger vans to use for road trips/normal transport.

How many kids can fit into this vehicle while it is standing?

While this passenger van is not moving, YouTube experiments have shown that it can accommodate up to 16 kids.

However, since everyone needs to be seated and strapped in to travel safely in this van, the longer wheelbase version of the Sprinter passenger van can only accommodate 14 kids (plus one adult driver for a total of 15 people).

The short wheelbase version of this passenger van can only accommodate 11 kids (plus one adult driver).

So if you have a group of eleven kids you want to move with them from one place to another, you only need the 144-inch wheelbase Sprinter. If you have 14 kids, you should opt for the 170-inch wheelbase.

Great features in the 2020 Sprinter van for the safety of passengers

Each seat in this passenger van has a seat belt. This means that all the people who are properly strapped in in this van will remain in their seats in case of a collision.

So if you want your passengers to be safe especially if you are going to travel on a busy or dangerous highway where collisions happen frequently, you better make sure they are in this van and they are well-strapped.

The seats in this van are also very ergonomic. They feel comfortable to seat on even after several hours. So if you want a vehicle that is not going to make your passengers feel exhausted or tired after a long trip, you should get this van.